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  1. easyrider

    Hey There. Remember Me?

    Of course we remember you. Hope you are doing well. Let us know if you are planning a visit.
  2. easyrider

    looking for some intel on this bp ad

    Based on first hand experience, she is legit and definitely worth seeing.
  3. easyrider

    Payton from CL

    She's legit. She previously advertised on BP as Princess Peyton. A worthwhile experience.
  4. easyrider

    OXXXNA from BP

    I've saw her a few months back - PM me if you would like more info.
  5. easyrider

    Lili Love

    She was absolutely fabulous - one of my all time favorites. I think about her all the time
  6. easyrider

    Has anyone seen this lady

    I have seen as well and concur with Danny. A pleasant experience - I would repeat.
  7. easyrider

    What if question...

    Lily Love and Alycat - Oh the memories!!!
  8. easyrider

    Melissa bp

    If you do an image search, it doesn't look good.
  9. easyrider

    34ff Chica BP??

    She's reviewed on another board as Miss South Shore.
  10. easyrider

    Sandra on BP

    Did a quick check on TinEye - doesn't look promising Joe.
  11. easyrider

    Samantha - BP

    Pretty clear from the pics - one's a B the other DD, not to mention the tatts.
  12. easyrider

    Samantha - BP

    I'd appreciate any feedback as well
  13. easyrider

    bp masha

    She is real and was very well reviewed last year on this site when she was known as Melissa and advertised in Le Droit.
  14. easyrider

    Taylor BP

    I'd appreciate any intel as well
  15. easyrider

    Sola - BP?

    I saw here a few months back. Pics are accurate, but service was not as advertised. PM me if you want more details.