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  1. atworkboy

    Is Felina back??

    Hey guys, can any of you speak to the current Felina? Saw her a few times about 3 years ago before moving out of Winnipeg. Still look the same? I’m assuming still the great service? In Winnipeg for the weekend and thinking of catching up with her.
  2. atworkboy

    Felina vs CapitalCforCougar

    I've had the pleasure of seeing Felina about 5 times in the last 15 months or so and from the first to fifth meeting, she has been AMAZING! You can't possibly go wrong with spending time with her! After a crazy and wild first of passion and sex, it's so enjoyable to spend that 2nd hour face down on her massage table with her hands rubbing all over! Damn near puts me to sleep!
  3. atworkboy

    Touring to Winnipeg

    Victoria...we'd really love to see you a bit further west in Regina!
  4. atworkboy

    Touring Ladies

    Just an opinion related question: Who would be the Top 3 touring ladies who visit MB/SK? Looking to book some time with a popular touring lady and just want to make sure she is the right decision and the reviews are right.
  5. atworkboy

    Any Good Non-Rushed SP's?

    Perhaps one of the best things you can do prior to choosing a SP to spend time with is research. Good research will lead you to an unrushed provider who actually enjoys your company. I researched Felina Rose for almost a year by checking out her website and reading every review before initiating contact with her via email. Definitely not a clock watcher as long as you respect her time. Text her outside her incall about 2 minutes prior to start time and she'll text you right back giving you enough time to get to her door right on time. Squeeze out 60 minutes of fun and just make sure you're walking back out her door at the top of the hour and I'm sure she'll have no problem with you. Dozens of positive reviews couldn't possibly be wrong....GO WITH FELINA!
  6. atworkboy

    Recommendations for

    You absolutely can't go wrong with Felina. Having seen her on a few occasions, I can guarantee that you'll have a great time. She's friendly, understanding and a ball of fun. After the first 5 minutes I was at ease and having a great time. Seeing her the next time around, there wasn't an ounce of nervousness or shyness in my body.
  7. atworkboy


    If you're talking about local wannabe pornstar Oshean, she hasn't been around for years...as far as I know..
  8. atworkboy


    Was cruising thru one of the local shopping centres yesterday afternoon, when I look up and who's turned the corner in front of me but Oshean (or the lady once known as Oshean). Kinda caught me off guard and once I realized it was in fact her, only had a split second look at her. Had it not been for the fact that I was with a family member, I would have turned around and done some covert surveillance. I can tell you though, that she was walking hand in hand with a guy who wasn't the Duke, Prince or Royal Heiness she used to be married to. She was dressed down and covered up with no makeup on but looked the same as I remembered her to be. Oshean was the only SP I ever saw and had the pleasure of seeing her a few times over the years. It was kind of a dream to see her the first time. She and the Prince used to shop for groceries (in the mid 90's) at the local grocery store I worked at as a horny teenager. She come dressed in tight jeans, 6" heels and many times a tight white tank top that displayed her ample assets very well. The "fake boob lady" was the highlight of the day many times! It wasn't until many years later that after cruising the Internet that I put 2 and 2 together and figured out what she did for a living and took the plunge! She was an awesome SP to be with considering I was in my early 20's! I didn't have the opportunity to see her one last time before she retired but long for the day that she will make a comeback tour! Anyways, sorry for babbling on but I just wanted to tell the story. She's obiviously moved on in her life, she looked happy with the dude she was with and I wish her all the best in wherever her new life leads her.
  9. Does anyone know what has happened to Oshean? Is she still working? Any contact info? Last remember seeing her post some new pics on e-c about a year ago and than vanished the next day. Anyone know what's happening with her.
  10. This maybe geared more towards SP's but feel free to chime in guys. I just want to get some opinions on SP expectations (maybe not the right word) of clients when it comes to physical appearance. Here's the situation: I'm the first to admit that i'm not Brad Pitt, a little out of shape, little bald spot, glasses but generally not a bad looking guy. Typically, not the guy that women/girls give a second look to. Basically every girls friend but that's it. Terrible shyness doesn't help the cause either. The only Sp experience i have is that i'd seen a local who now appears to be retired as i cannot get in contact anymore. She made me feel comfortable the first time so i went back a numerous times. But the more well respected local and numerous travelling girls are so attractive that i feel out of their league. Does a clients physical appearance matter more to a SP than a guy who is nice and respectful but slightly inexperienced? Any thoughts?
  11. Does anyone out there know if Oshean is still taking bookings? Her website is down and her email address is down as well. Just returned to the city after a few years and was looking for the novelty experience that is Oshean.
  12. Hey everyone, just curious if anyone has any updated info for Winnipeg's own Oshean? She was my first sp experience 6 or 7 years ago and haven't seen her in about 3 years. I am thinking of visiting her again but she hasn't updated her E-C ad in quite a while. Short hair/long hair...blond/brunette...thinner/heavier...same service? Any help is appreciated!