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  1. Do they have standardized pricing among the ladies or does each lady have her own pricing? I know the relaxation rates are across all ladies.
  2. Danika is not a short provider, she is over 5’ 7”. Also Danika is at least 45 years old.
  3. I was never at Phoenix, will I leave happy? PM if you want Thanks
  4. Was posted on another site that she has passed away. RIP
  5. Give us an idea what type of girl you are looking for. Age range?
  6. Saw this ad on LL https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_felina_rose_mature_mexican_seductress-4684174 Could it be??
  7. If you do a little investigating, you will save yourself a trip. Google and FB are your friends
  8. Any info on this lady? Has 3 recent ads with this number and several previous ads with a different number. https://escortalligator.com.winnipeg...28247014/sweetThanks
  9. Seen her recently, very nice massage room. Massage was ok, but I am spoiled by my RMT. She says she was taken some massage courses. Menu is à la carte so can get expensive. There are other options I am going to explore before I would repeat.
  10. Thanks for the clarification on who Katharine is. Helped me make my decision whether to visit or not.
  11. Could anyone PM me the tipping rate? Thanks
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