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  1. If you have an unlocked GSM phone then get a SIM pay as you go with either 7-11 or PetroCanada. They both piggy-back on the Rogers network and provide affordable text/call/data. Although I prefer 7-11 PetroCanada is Canada wide. 7-11 has withdrawn itself from some Canadian cities e.g. Ottawa.
  2. Personally no. At the end of the day only put up pictures you are comfortable with especially given how long something can linger on the Internet.
  3. Dude! You have friends here and you always have a place with us.
  4. I'm super fussy on who I see, usually after a long time reading recommendations (and potentially talking to them on chat). Due to this I always tip as I am certain we would get along and have a wonderful time.
  5. Just mean you have to throw another party. With yummy gummy bear!
  6. As swampgas noted don't expect more then a HJ from a MP. If you are looking for more then perhaps visit a SP, Peachy would be someone I would recommend.
  7. All the best to you! If there is one thing I admire about the Royal Marine is their tenacity in the face of an enemy any enemy. Fight on spud!
  8. Cerb has a 1 post every 12 hours per city limit. This cuts down on the spam considerably. Outside Cerb it tends to be a free for all. A common complain is needing to multi-post a day to avoid having their ads buried.
  9. etasman2000

    You look amazing Eva!
  10. When I first started out Recommendations were very important to me. There was a core set of posters whom I followed closely, typically someone they seen was someone I know I would have a connection with. Since then I was more willing to venture out, Cerb chat playing an important part of how I got to know a SP. Regarding the satisfied client / shrill issue. Honestly if some time has passed since you wrote a recommendation for your favourite SP write again.
  11. Unfortunately it isn't truly a two way street. If the SP negotiated rates upwards the client could choose to avoid the transaction without financial repercussions, while the SP would be out one client. I suspect but can't prove that it is this unequal relationship which prompt certain clients to negotiate. Personally, visiting a SP is a treat. As a treat I ensure I set aside enough funds to engage in it in an enjoyable manner for both parties. Should this become a 'need' then it will become important enough to allocate sufficient funds for it. Either way there is no need to negotiate.
  12. The Rules disallow posting to other escort or review sites other then the Acceptable sites (see http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/faq.php?faq=vb_faq#faq_whynotreview). If in doubt ask mod. Cheers.
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