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  1. READ please! I will answer questions not included here so take the time to read please. I do not answer to just Hi or are you available. New schedule. Off Sun/Mon. Tues 10-3, Wed/Thurs 12-7 Fri/Sat 10-5 I am now 51 and am have minimum tolerability for those who cannot read! (no one unde 40) I have moderate psoriasis which occasionally causes a flare up. If this makes you uncomfortable please, don't bother getting in touch! I am located near 10th line and Innes. Polite questions will be answered. If we don't know each other please introduce yourself with a brief description, this is for my safety. TEXT me at 613-282-1560 (I do not answer unless I am expecting a call so leave a message if you do call) An email will perhaps get some questions answered but I do not book via email! I offer 1hr min at 240. NO NEGOTIATIONS
  2. Personally I feel comfortable meeting with someone that I can call back....cell or landline. Email is not gonna cut it
  3. What the heck happened to good old fashioned Credit Cards. During the Pandemic I scaled down on my advertising and now I am ramping up again. NO MORE CC on Leolist. WTF Anyhow, Wanna see me, find me here!
  4. Unfortunately no shows happen in every industry. It's, I guess, part of human nature....lack of others awareness. It is a product of of this new world where no one is accountable for other's feelings or commitments. Comes down to the base human nature of selfishness...I am more important than anyone! Call me cynical but I don't have much faith in anyone but myself!
  5. Quite frankly I file. this under none of your business. What a client and a provider discuss when together is between them. But in no way is it a good idea to try to illicit information from a provider. If she feels comfortable enough she may impart personal information just as a client would. I would never ask anyone any personal information but will listen should they decide to speak to me about it. It's called respect!
  6. Yes I would suggest contacting her through the preferred methods mentioned in her ads/website. I for one only log on here periodically as of late so it may take days or weeks for me to see a PM
  7. Don't buy a business and go work for the government...you are bilingual you dummy!
  8. There is never a circumstance when it is acceptable to touch another person in a sexual way without their consent!
  9. I am still shocked at how many times I am contacted regarding offering unsafe practices and willing to pay extra and they always include that they are married and clean. LMAO
  10. Exactly. We are all so very different and each man has his "type" or seeks out someone of interest to him to see. Tying the rest of us up with useless fake bookings etc...won't necessarily send him right to the perpetrator of this childish prank.
  11. All they really need to do is establish themselves as "real, dependable and truthful" to be successful. Bringing down other ladies does not get the desired effect in the long run. Let's face it....what is the percentage of happy regulars vs newbies? That speaks volumes.
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