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  1. I've been hitting Barb's last few times I've been in Ottawa. It's become a favourite. Ladies are ALWAYS hot, no matter what time of day. Gotta venture out to Pigales, haven't been these in years since I lived in Ottawa. Maybe a little visit while in town for the holidays...Taboo sounds interesting too.
  2. I know that CERB is about SPs, but I thought I'd shout out for a couple of my favourite clubs in Toronto! I'm in TO often for business and have mostly free nights, so I've been to few clubs to pass the time! First, Zanzibar is so much fun, always crazy hot ladies, and always get good mileage there. If you go and have never been, for VIP dances, go to the basement room, not upstairs, much more comfy and cozy! Wish I was there now! Also Jilly's. Thought it was crap the first time I went then decided to go back and I fell in love. Lots of different kinds of girls, which is what I like. Whatever your preference you'll find it there. Also have had great mileage there. Both places ensure I leave with a smile!
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