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  1. Now as other countries law the reason I mentioned them was because they MAY become Canada's future law. Especially the New Zealand model (on liberal side) and Nordic model (on conservative side) are the likely ones if law changes but other options were there too and status quo (Canadian law now) and amended status quo (what superior court of Ontario had ruled) are there too as well as other options.
  2. I said discussions are welcome. Please read my posts before commenting forGodssake (I use the word God instead as some of us have seen classes!!). And I guess you have forgotten that only last year so many people got suspended (SPs among them) in heated debates on similar sensitive subjects likely. Not to mention that I didn't wish to risk an unfriendly environment. I guess my plans and intentions backfired big time. As for multiple choice I don't understand how deciding on a best can be multiple choice. Yes please educate me on that (best being more than one!!!!). I guess no matter what choices a thread opener makes he is subject to criticism (I am sure some would have complained about it if it was multiple choice lol).
  3. Open up your eyes (or wear your glasses) Phaedrus and see that the thread is in the form of a poll. Also read my reasons for suggesting the no debate notion. It was not intended as censorship. I was concerned that heated debates and offensive language will take place (and you proved me right) on this sensitive subject and people may get warning or suspensions and I didn't wish to risk that to happen to anyone. Why people always assume the worse is beyond me.
  4. Like I said partaking was never mandatory. I am not a lawyer or expert in prostitution laws and I did the best I could think of with selected options and I never claimed I was an expert. But even those without education could easily realize that this thread was not intended as a legal debate/discussion on prostitution laws (we have threads like that in the proper legal section of cerb). Those who wanted to prove they know more (and I concede that I am no expert) could start a thread of their own instead. It was a poll the results of which was of interest to me mainly to see if amended status quo coming out of OSC has more support among those involved in the industry than total legalization and that to my delight was proven to be the case. Also I was interested to know if support for discriminatory undemocratic unequal Nordic model has support among sex workers and as I anticipated, it actually does. As well the New Zealand model does not appear to have a solid support as much as I thought (likely because bare services are illegal or another reason). So I reached the goal that I intended and again my thanks to those so many (44 so far in a bit over 24 hours) who participated enough to make the poll valid, in spite of all attempts to discredit the poll.
  5. Great thread Eva. Turn ons 1 - perfect looks. 2 - Impeccable hygiene. 3 - Class and graciousness 3 - Educated and talkative 4 - Being safe GFE lots of hugs and kisses. 5 - Being pale and tall with spinner body 6 - Being natural in everything. 7 - Viewing our encounter as date or party rather than transactional sex. 8 - Seeing her having a great time. 9 - An encounter based on equality and mutual respect. 10 - Lovely cuddly passionate and affectionate. Turn offs 1 - Below average hygiene. 2 - aggressive behaviour. 3 - unstable behaviour (drunk or drugged) 4 - The use of vulgar language (dirty talk) 5 - Below average looks 6 - Breaking pre-agreed promise on services. 7 - making it feel like a transactional sex. 8 - Rushing or clock watching. 9 - Bad skin. 10 - Having lots of tattoos or piercings.
  6. Eric Northman out of respect for the rules of this board I am not going to response to your aggressive, arrogant and offensive post making personal attacks on me for conducting a simple poll. I said no debate because I anticipated some goody boys like you will be jumping in to show off and making this thread so negative. I regret I ever posted this. No wonder so many long time cerbites with great past contributions who were posting for many years either left or have stopped posting or posting very seldom. On the results as I was anticipating the amended status quo is head to head with unconditional legalization and also it doesn't come as s surprise to me that the Nordic system has some support too very likely among sex worker (unless hobbyists would like to be criminalize with that law and voted for it as the best!!!). Also as I was anticipating the New Zealand model may not have that much of support among hobbyists (possibly because bare services like BBJ and Daty being illegal or maybe the option was added later than first 5 options, not sure) I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who voted in this thread (almost 40 dear cerbites so far in less than 20 hours of posting) in spite of so much negativity and attacks and thank you for confirming the exact results that I was anticipating.
  7. See what I mean. A simple poll asking what cerbites think is best among given options gets this reaction. What options should be there is the thread openers choice. Voting is voluntarily anyways. And the laws affect hobbyists too, especially with Nordic model hobbyists are most affected. It is not always all about sex workers. No more comments from me.
  8. I didn't ask for potential outcomes from SCC. I asked cerbites what THEY think is the best prostitution law for Canada. Option 6 (decriminalization) is missing and it should be there as I said, however, I think option 5 is correct as is. It says legalization without conditions (anything related to prostitution like communication, bawdy house, living off will be legal except pimping). Amended status quo legalize non-exploitive living off (drivers, guards, family members), but pimping still illegal. I don't think it is that broad. It is exploitive living off the avails and it is illegal in all laws.
  9. Emily you have been around for only a year but debates can get really heated on this board sometimes so I wished to avoid a situation like that as for the reason. Discussions welcome. Thanks for the link Emily. As for New Zealand prostitution law (in which prostitution is decriminalized for both sides and pimping still illegal in it) I think that option 5 is closest to it, however that law is not unconditional (It is my understanding that anything bare like BBJ even Daty is ILLEGAL in New Zealand's prostitution model). I wish I could add option 6 to the poll 6 - New Zealand model (prostitution is decriminalized for both sides, pimping illegal and bare services illegal too). I requested mod to add option 6 . I hope it is not too late.
  10. SCC will be hearing from different groups tomorrow. That aside what do you think would be the best prostitution law in Canada? 1 - Status quo (prostitution is legal but activities related to prostitution like pimping, solicitation in public place, bawdy houses or living off avails are illegal. 2 - Amended status quo (prostitution will remain legal as well as non-exploitive living off the avails and bawdy houses but communication in public place and pimping remain illegal. 3 - The Nordic model (Buying sex will become illegal and pimps and clients will be prosecuted. Female sex workers are considered victims of violence and will not be prosecuted. 4 - Prostitution unconditionally illegal for both clients and sex workers and pimps as well. 5 - Prostitution will be legal unconditionally for both clients and sex workers. Pimping remains illegal. 6 - New Zealand model (prostitution is decriminalized for both sides, pimping illegal and bare services illegal too). It is NOT a debate. It is a poll. You can just check the box and cast your vote. You don't have to comment or reveal your vote. I do dare to say that I voted for option 2 (Amended status quo). ps - It is an anonymous poll and is not multi-choice (there is only one best for anything). Option 6 added a few hours after the poll opened.
  11. The best looking young girls with low mileage club - Barbs The most relaxed friendly environment club - Playmates The model like high heels made tall and plastic made big boobs with good mileage club - Pigale. The best mileage club with older less attractive ones club - Taboo. The very good mileage and relatively not too bad looking girls club - Barefax. The if you have nothing good to say then say nothing club - Nuden. Anywhere with nude ladies walking around my favorite place so they all are best in my book.
  12. If there is a Swedish or Nordic model imposed in this country it will be by the parliament overcrowded by conservative MPs not the courts. I agree that Canada is not Sweden and the feminist movement is much stronger in Sweden but this model has become the law in many other countries recently including Ireland. Even in France its parliamentary commission is calling for Swedish model!!!..I understand that even in England government is under pressure to review prostitution law and Nordic system is proposed by pressure groups.
  13. My understanding is different. I think that the parliament is waiting for the SCC decision and then and only then if the government wishes it can take the matter to the parliament to amend the existing prostitution law (either implement what SCC decides which in my view would be a decision to support OSC ruling or go the other direction and make prostitution illegal). I am not aware of any prostitution law being tabled in the parliament a month ago either.
  14. Prostitution was never illegal in Sweden either until it became illegal. Harper government has been out of touch with Canadian public before so this wouldn't be the first time. Under the new law (if it is ever implemented) sex workers will not be prosecuted and they will be regarded as victims of violence (even those in this business by choice and that is the flaw with Nordic system) but only pimps and Johns will be prosecuted (which I have no issue with prosecuting pimps and violent Johns either but good respectful hobbyists will be equally prosecuted and this is another flaw with Nordic model). It may gather momentum and support among the feminists and left and ultra right and religious groups when it is introduced. Enough to pass easy by a majority conservative parliament. Unlike abortion which Harper promised not to open up, no such promised was made about prostitution law. I also seriously doubt that Harper will resign. To the contrary I think that he has an agenda and would wish to see it through to the end. What works against them is the Canadian public opinion that a majority at this moment believe prostitution should remain legal and become safe (though public can be brainwashed too as it happened in Sweden). The other thing against them is as said their pre-occupation with the mess they have created over past 2 years and dealing with scandals and corruptions so though majority it is a weak government . And third if the SCC decision come late say in the last 12 months of this government (2015) then they may leave it to the next elected government and I doubt it that with all these scandals Canadians will elect another majority conservative government in spite of good management of economy relative to Europe and US. I don't wish to be an alarmist unnecessarily, , but unfortunately above scenario is definitely a possibility and it has happened before in equally democratic and advanced societies (like Sweden, Norway, Ireland......) and I am speaking on different side of a debate. Btw, anybody knows roughly when a final decision by SCC will be made?
  15. Yeah choose Playmates as I was not yet ready to end my boycott of Barbarellas (arrogant staff there). Yes the atmosphere was friendly. New staff there too weekend. I went the usual time of 3:00 pm but to my surprise it was closed!!!!!. I came back at 4:00 pm. They had just opened the bar. Dead with one dancer and no one on stage for an hour. A very cute girl arrived at 5:00. I knew she will be mine. I took Lolita to the CR. Very cute face, very open minded and very friendly. I kissed her very cute face but kissing on lips was not allowed. Otherwise very nice half hour CR dances with her. Lolita is a very warm girl from Venezuela and she was visiting from Toronto. I am not sure she will stay in Ottawa for long. Ladies started coming after 7:00 pm. Sometimes they came and checked out the bar and left. It got a bit busy after 8:00 pm. I also had dances with a blonde lady by the name of Brittany. Very pretty face, blue eyes and spinner body but relatively conservative in the CR. Then it was the turn of a lady called Cassandra. She was a brunette, a bit overweight but very friendly and open minded. And last it was the turn of another brunette by the name of Cairo. Yes she was an Egyptian origin. Cute, friendly but a bit conservative in the CR.
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