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  1. Thank you for an amazing Sk tour. I enjoyed rekindling the romance with some, while pursuing a new hunger with a few. I am already planning my return! xxoo Bobbi Victoria
  2. Hope I am posting in the correct area, (if not, I apologize) I am looking at having a new website built asap. I would want full control of the site when finished (I can upload updates, pics, edit info etc) If you are interested, please send me an email to [email protected] Thanks in advance to those who took the time to read my post! :) Bobbi
  3. Thank you for making me feel so welcome since I started visiting your beautiful province 2 years ago. I look forward to creating more memories with you. xxoo Bobbi Victoria
  4. Just want to clarify that this thread is not regarding myself, Bobbi Victoria. Xxoo Bobbi In Vic
  5. A little something to start the holiday season off right ;) Happy Holidays Cerb Friends Have a safe and wonderful holiday season! xxoo Bobbi Victoria PS Please do not forget about your local animal shelter this holiday season. www.ravishingbobbivictoria.com
  6. Thanks gentlemen for all the praise, I am blushing from the compliments :) xxoo Bobbi
  7. New Bobbi in Vic backyard photos!
  8. BobbiInVic

    Brand New 2011 Bobbi

    Finally, New Pics!
  9. Much love my beautifiul ray of sunshine! xxoo Bobbi
  10. I have been looking like crazy, but so far nothing... :( I will keep trying! Thank for the intel! Bobbi
  11. In my haste of returning from my vacation and booking all my tour dates, I seemed to have forgotten to book my Regina Hotel, and everything, and I mean everything, is sold out. Can anyone recomend a place for me to stay and work out of, I dont mind the cost. I even looked on craigslist for vacation/temp rentals but there was nothing. Anything would be appreciated! Thanks so much! Bobbi 250-415-1955 [email protected]
  12. You deserve a special something for your achievements... :) xxoo Bobbi Cant wait to see and taste you!
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