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  1. Anyone see Marianne (Bush-Lady, Ha!) lately? Way back at Studio 2000, then ALO then Donald street..but no sign of her lately..perhaps retired..last I saw her she just turned 50..and as a present she brought me silly putty! Pretty weird..thats why I liked her
  2. Wow, etasman2000, thanks for supplying those links. I enjoyed those threads and will follow them to see if there are any follow-ups. I hope to find someone like "Cat" or anyone with whom I can share more than just the job..
  3. Question for Ava or any other Sp's who wanna weigh in as I am essentially the guy in the question below..... let's say you have another job, say..an Sp at night and a day job, and you let some guy at your day-job know you are a Sp, would you be offended if the next day he asked to 'see' you as a Sp? Or maybe you are a regular at a coffee shop and you let it slip to your (male) server that you moonlight/full-time Sp. Would it ben weird if he asked if he could come over? (Assuming you have no romantic interest in him:)
  4. Not to stray off this thread too much, but I have a question for the SP's. The phrase 'it is just a job-like any other' comes up quite a bit. Can you say you never have feelings for any of your regulars? Not even a little? I am not saying it happens for each of you regulars but from your experience, or from other Sp's you have talked to, what % would you say you have not fallen or felt something besides just a customer? Basically what i am getting at re: the original question is if I were to date a Sp, I would be jealous of my Gf..not to mention a little P.O's I have to leave 15 minutes after the phone rings. Are Sp's truley detached from 'the (physical) act' and what does that say about the Sp/Regular relationship.
  5. Thanks PP, but I can't find you on this site?
  6. 1-2 yrs ago there was a tall slim blonde, mid-30's who worked at a few MP's. She had dreads and I thought was hot and really cool. Worked MP's at Bank/Lisgar, O'Connor/Cooper, Wellington. Anyone seen her or knows where she is at now? (Left biz to have kid...)
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