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  1. MissAva

    Thanks lovelies
  2. Simple clothing request and those jeans can be right back on! hehe Thanks for the comments!
  3. MissAva

    Simple Pleasures

    Ottawa's True GFE Gem! Enjoy!
  4. I think all in all I love the message CK is trying to get across. With remarks about the guys having a no-show list, it could seriously hurt a credible SP's reputation. There have been a few occasions over the last year and a half that have made me cancel bookings, forgot, or reschedule. I always try to give an explanation. It feels horrible when I have to do it, but we all unfortunately have things that come up. Unfortunately a couple months ago my grandmother was in and out of the hospital. I had to cancel, rebook, then cancel again. It was completely stressful. Not to mention at the same time I find out that a member was conducting a poll via pm's about SP's who have no shows...only my clients who participated were honest that I did cancel, however failed to mention the reason out of respect for me. So something very ligit could ruin a reputation an SP has taken great pride in achieving. All I ask for in my clients or future is that and consideration be given, and my understanding will follow....as I hope my clients would be understanding as well! Great Thread!
  5. Hey Sweetie, Congrats on reaching on the 3000 posts. You always bring some of the best Humor! Keep it "cum"ing babe!! Kisses
  6. Thank You very much for the kind words! I had a great time, and very lucky I have a new friend out west! Until next time.... Kisses
  7. I think he (Seymour) just likes to make me blush :)
  8. I have to say that as a non-smoker and very sensitive to smell, I have a very hard time when a client comes over smelling like an ash tray. Its not appealing in the slightest.... However I do have to say that even though I can tell some clients are smokers, they do take the time to make sure they don't come in smelling or tasting like cigarettes... Thank you to those gentlemen.
  9. I appreciate your kind words and am thoroughly pleased that you enjoyed your time spent with me. I as well had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see you again! Kisses
  10. Well for anyone that has seen me knows I have two large dogs, so needless to say when I have some free time, it is gladly spent with them in the country. I hate walking them on leashes. Other things that usually take up my time after a long day is having a nice dinner and girl talk with Paige. Its great having your best friend in the same line of work...we get to chit chat without judgements.
  11. Thank you for the gracious comments. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with you. Thank you for being such a gentlemen and for making me laugh many times over! Kisses to you!
  12. All I can say is that I hope it stops soon! Because its making this site unpleasurable, when you see senior members being slandered as such.
  13. From a ladies perpective: I think that if you enjoyed your time spent with the SP, then the recommendation should be kept. If the SP all of a sudden turned to drugs and what not I could understand removing it. I don't think a post needs to be made telling the members what you did and why though. Be discreet. In regards to Dummpy and others who may have been cut off from SP's. Its unfortunate that the bad emails were going around, it really turns the mood ugly. However, sometimes the chemistry disappears, or the SP doesn't feel comfortable. I don't think a personal attack should be made on that particular SP. I myself have denied clients from rebooking after only one visit, as I felt uncomfortable or other issues. I'm polite and honest. Not mean or malious. I want to enjoy my "extra cirricular" activities and ensure I give a great date. However sometimes because we are human we do have bad days. ;(
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