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  1. Aalligator aka listcrawler has quite a few different ads. A lot of them are fake but it’s easy to tell because of non MB/ non Canadian area codes, too good to be true ads/ very low prices. They cleaned up the fake ad problem a couple of months ago but it seems to be recurring now. I think LL requires bitcoin for ads so it is a hassle and some Sp’s just stick to alligator/Listcrawler.
  2. I was replying to noname762. I wasn’t talking to you, but you are entitled to an opinion just like everyone else.
  3. Unfortunately there are quite a few SP’s who feel entitled to charge a premium price but provide a bare minimum service with little engagement. They are the ones you only visit once. I think you just have to keep looking, book for the minimum time and move on if you don’t make a connection. I’ve also found reviews somewhat unreliable. I know what I find attractive and the kind of personality I like and it’s not always someone who charges $300+ per hr. I’d also like to say I appreciate ALL the SP’s, even the ones I only saw once. It’s not easy to put yourself out there for everyone to judge and comment on. I admire your courage.
  4. I’ve seen her. She loves anal...not my thing at all. I found her personable and very willing to accommodate with realistic financial expectations. I would recommend her. Please treat her nicely.
  5. Two thumbs up for Cruella. She's pricey, but excellent incall. She is experienced and into it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  6. I'd like to see her, too. How do you look up a review when there is no name in the ad?
  7. I've seen her. You might want to try some alternatives. CapitalCforCougar comes to mind. No dungeon but a really good experience all the same.:whip:
  8. I believe that is the young lady who went originally by the name Natalia. She was intense, and I recommend her. I'm not sure if she has an in-call. I saw her in a hotel. If you are looking for a dungeon,Lady Grace who had been advertising on BP has an excellent one. She is older than Natalia but also excellent.
  9. I'm considering her too. Please post here or pm. Thanks.
  10. Lady Grace who advertises on BP in the dom and fetish section will provide an excellent session. She even gas a special 'wet room' for the GS.
  11. I've seen Kendal. She looks about 30-35, small breasts, petite. Beautiful long hair, nice skin. Was good about replying to messages, on time, convenient, safe location in Elmwood. Pretty standard service.
  12. Yes, please do tell. I've seen her ads and I like the tall, lean look. She looks perhaps a little spun, but this could only be a misperception. Please reply publicly or by PM, whichever is more appropriate.
  13. Has anybody seen Savannah Winters lately? I'm wondering if she is retired or on a vacation. I haven't seen her ad lately or been able to contact her. Thanks in advance for any info you are able to provide.
  14. I recommend Lady Grace who advertises on BP. Older, but she is the real thing.
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