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  1. There are pros and cons about both, and it seems like Dimonds and EB use each model. Sometimes I like Dimonds where you pay the price and you get a full Menu. Problem is sometimes I'm not that hungry and paying full price when I want something smaller. It's been years since I've been to EB, but I found it was more a la carte, and prices may vary depending on who you see. Has any one been to EB lately? And would it be more economical for a smaller meal. Or should I just got Chinese?
  2. I have reviewed a couple of girls from dimonds but unfortunately haven't been there for awhile. I know their prices have gone up, both time and gratuity. The last time I thought about going there I called to ask if anyone was working with certain criteria, and they told me they don't discuss the girls over the phone. I think that's a policy change. As for EB, I haven't been there in even longer that Dimonds. They both have been priced out of my disposable income as of late. I'd love to be able to TOFTT. Might have to set up a go fund me Page
  3. For give me if this isn't the place to ask, but site is usually my go to. I started a new job, and it seems like I'll be traveling alot, and after a long plane ride a great massage and a happy look on my face would be a great way to end the day. This site is great for Canada, but are there any recommendations for finding MPs State side? SP's are general easy to find, but that's not quite what I'm looking for. Thank you
  4. Just curious but why would that be a red flag? Just looking to be enlightened
  5. Never seen this post but curious if anyone else has taken up the private massage? What is a chair massage. I'm curious and willing to TOFTT but of someone else has already done the research I'd be interested in knowing
  6. Lactation as been on my fetish bucket list for years. Are there any providers who are offering this type of service?
  7. I went back after my insurance company gave me my rebate. She just told me to get undressed and left the room, I got naked and covered. Everything was above board and she was very careful in her draping to not uncover anything while she worked in my legs and even my gloots. Personally I found it more relaxing that way. As I didn't have to move the boxer briefs around every time. Thanks for everyone input. As always it's all about consent and respect. I was more concerned about her comfort tan my own
  8. I've only seen her once before so if I switch I don't think it would be an issue.
  9. I asked a male friend who's knows the business. His answer "do you need to be naked" And it's always safe to be sorry. Though I don't mind or care either way.
  10. I have no where else to ask this question so I'll ask it here. I've got to one legit massage therapist, and was always told to undress down to my underwear. I've gone to a new one, and I was told to undress as far as I felt comfortable. I knew she was going to work my glutes, but I decided to leave my boxers on. Is socially acceptable to undress fully for a massage? The only times I ever done that was going to different providers.
  11. I've been looking for adds for a massage provider since I lost their contact information. If I forgot the name and it's in the DND list please forgive me. Also I hope I'm being vague enough with our posting the actual address
  12. Has anyone claimed from Thompson? I've gone there a few times out of pocket. My work just changed providers and I think it's listed there.
  13. I welcome all the new girls who are starting out, but sometimes I like someone with a little more life experience. I've seen Nancy plenty of times, but I also would love to have some other recommendations
  14. Having some milk straight from the source has been a bucket list item for me for some time now. Does anyone know of any currently pregnant, or lactating ladies who have this on their menu? Feel free to PM if it's not to be discussed in public
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