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  1. I'm in the St. James, westood area. But I'm willing to travel.
  2. My RMT has left the province and I'm looking for a new one. I know where to go when I want a happy massage but I'm looking for a new RMT to have chronic issues treated. So I'm asking for suggests for a RMT, that will do direct billing with blue cross. There was a rumor circulating there was a place where they would direct bill but also accept cash tips as well. I'm not sure how true this really is, because I doubt most RMTs wouldn't risk it. Thanks for any info
  3. Sorry to everyone who read this. I made a mistake in identity because I'm horrible with names. I believe now I have been seeing Nancy and not Jessie. I went the other week and asked specifically for Jessie and she was someone I have seen before. but she does a fantastic job
  4. She didn't complain and called me a bad boy once but was wondering, about my options. But that answers my question. Ill still see her because she does a fantastic job and I'm always satisfied
  5. I'm pretty sure I've seen Jess a few times. Unfortunately a) I'm terrible at names, and b), her English isn't the best. She always dresses conservatively, but her messages are top notch and the flip is great too. I have a question about the extra options she's willing to do, but not sure if I should ask in open forum. Thanks, and if this a bad post, I'm sorry
  6. You keep the hammer head on so you can pull it out..... Eeeesh amateurs 🤣
  7. I've had a change to my work schedule and now working in the evening, and not generally off work till 10pm Are any places still working that late? I know Osborn and Southpoint are sometimes open in the evening.
  8. All the employees are wearing masks the last time I went
  9. If you're talking about Diamonds they where open last week
  10. I've thought about going to one of the local toy stores and picking up a massager to try and home But if V knows what she's doing I may have to go try it out
  11. I've seen from Bridgewater that there is someone offering prostate massages. I've never once had one, but have enjoyed some play back there but never had my P cherry popped. Just wondering if anyone has been to see her yet, or have experienced that type of massage elsewhere. And their thoughts / opinions.
  12. Sorry if I need to clarify, I'm NOT looking for a BlueCross provider to cover my needs. I'm looking for MP that is still working, that provides a great massage. And is the can cover the other needs that is great as well. Hopefully that makes more sense
  13. Usually I go to a BlueCross provider for my chronic pain, and then go see someone else for my relaxation needs. Unfortunately I haven't been able to go my regular insurance covered provider and my muscles are starting to act up. So long story short, I need a good solid massage, and wouldn't having my other needs taken care of as well. I'm looking for suggestions, especially anyone who is currently workings. Thank you
  14. I did a search and there doesn't seem to be many recent posts in this topic. Are there any MPs that do it? Or are some better then others? I've been wanting to have my fancy tickled for a long time
  15. I do love a good massage but sometimes I'm more interested and in the end then the journey. Just wondering who's people favourite then end well.
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