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  1. So I guess by how everyone is using past tense Moonlight and rainbow aren't open ( never heard of rainbow I find the same with Diamonds sometimes
  2. Driving down McPhillips the other day and just remembered moonlight studios. I remember when I first got into the hobby I went there once. Is it even open anymore? It was a dive years agp
  3. Hey I saw an ad for Anne on LL she's out of the same place Ive seen Sarah at. Same girl or is there someone else working there as well? I've booked to see her regardless
  4. I apologize if I came across harsh, that's not what I meant We are all grown adults here or at least I hope so and we can make our decisions for our own selves. I just have an uneasy feeling about where I should claim my insurance or not. I suppose worst case scenario I get audited and I have to pay back my claim because the RMT license wasn't legit
  5. Good to know! I don't mind the age. Sometimes older just means more experience
  6. I saw the name everywhere for awhile. Never sure if it was THE Betty I saw for my first ever time
  7. I have submitted a receipt once, and got a return. But I haven't done it again. I don't need to get audited. My advice is don't have an insurance company pay for a hobby
  8. Might be a personal preference but I find Springs to large. I prefer a petite church. But I'm definitely not church shaming. People like different sizes.
  9. Though I would give my review. Lacey is an amazing time. She really knows how to make you comfortable and have the whole gf experience. Her photos where dead on, of you're looking for a body builder, she is definitely one. I was quite hungry and enjoyed a meal a few times, before out time ended. After there was no rushing out the door. We chatted and drank some water, and once I was recovered I was ready to head home. I am definitely going to see her again
  10. Wow I'm embarrassed now but thank you Greenteal. I think I'll give her a call and see if I can see her later today
  11. I was just scrolling through LL and came across this crazy ad. Have to say I'm a little curious. Anyone ever seen her? Or have suggestions on how to vet this out? Lacy the Golden Goddess
  12. No I have not, where is she located?
  13. My top 3 are 1) [redacted] 2) [redacted] 3) [redacted] Hope you find this helpful. Seriously though, I guess to many people are talking to plainly and the DND list keeps expanding
  14. I may be an outlier but I really do have a thing for small breasted women, like AAs or smaller. There was a good at Dimonds who got the bill blanking on her name. Started with an A I think Looking for other suggestions
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