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  1. RiverCityGuy

    East Indian Sargent Ave

    Oh well live and learn, and hopefully someone else can learn from your mistakes as well
  2. RiverCityGuy

    East Indian Sargent Ave

    Definitely wish I would of read this before I went. Massage was fairly decent. One the flip she said some of her clients tip 120% Got a one handed massage with very little show. Guess I kicked east Indian off my bucket list but I won't go back and can't recommend it either. For less price my usual place gives a way better experience.
  3. Has anyone been there? I just saw an add on Kijiji and inquired about pricing. $60 for a massage but enter through the back.... Am I going to get mugged?
  4. RiverCityGuy

    Best Value

    That's the place
  5. RiverCityGuy

    Best Value

    Fora real massage when I need them I have place that I use my work coverage. I have an old neck injury that flairs up from time to time When i go other places it's more of a relaxation with a good finish 'r&t' . So I'm more looking for the latter then the former
  6. RiverCityGuy

    Best Value

    I have it's been there a few times it's been great.
  7. RiverCityGuy

    Best Value

    I'm wondering what places or people that you thing are the best bang for your buck. I don't mean cheapest price, I mean true value for the money you spent. Honestly so far I think it's $85 for 45min that's always advertised at LL. But I'm always looking for something new as well.
  8. There seems to be posts on LL every day. Just wondering if anyone has any info for her. How's the massage, does she try to get tips once you're in? Seems like a deal but you know the saying about things being to good to be true...
  9. RiverCityGuy

    Looking to explore

    You make a good point greenteal. Mostly I'm looking for some one really good oral skills
  10. RiverCityGuy

    Looking to explore

    While I'm not new to getting a message I'm fairly new to the hobby. I would love to find someone who is good with newer people, and helping them explore things that they haven't experienced before. Sorry for being vague but not to sure how info to put in the public forum
  11. RiverCityGuy

    Westwood St.james

    Dunno if I should ask this in open or not but what is gratuity like at world of nails?
  12. RiverCityGuy

    Westwood St.james

    Hey everyone I'm just wondering if there are any other places in this end of the city other then the one up on Ness that most post people will know what I'm talking about, Thanks
  13. RiverCityGuy


    I completely agree if you can't connect the dots do things privately
  14. RiverCityGuy

    East Indian

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I'm on mobile and the search function doesn't seem to be working. Are there any east Indian masseuses in the city that someone could recommend?
  15. RiverCityGuy

    Notre Dame 4h

    Sorry I should of done a much better job looking through and searching