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  1. Just want to bump this up a bit... I'm looking for some reconstructions as well
  2. There was Veronica at the Osborn group, but I have no idea where any of those ladies are. Is Michelle you speak of also does Nuru?
  3. Not many times I see on kj adds saying direct Billings, and even fewer who say they direct bill BC. Has anyone been here? Is it a legit RMT business
  4. That is true. There is a younger girl I've seen that has amazing flip technique, but massage skills where not great But I've had the opposite too
  5. I was having a discussion with another member for the forum and what our preferences are. So I submit the question? Do you prefer a younger (possibly prettier) person, or do you prefer one who is older ( maybe not as pretty) but has worked on her technique? If you asked me in my early years of the hobby I would of gone for young and pretty. But now I have to say I appreciate the technique the most and find that older more experienced more enjoyable
  6. Is the studio still open? I heard a rumor that they shut down
  7. Ooops great comment, on a bad typo....'how much was the fee" is what I meant to say
  8. I'm thinking about going to a wax job, just to try it out. I believe the studio offer such services.... Have anyone been there? What was the overall experience was. How much wat the free (pre gratuity)
  9. To my knowledge she works Weekends at Dimonds only
  10. Well terrible with names. I've seen Amber a bunch of times. But it's been a year since I've gone. She's super cute and super fun. I'd you like smaller girl with big smiles she's the one
  11. Hey wondering if anyone has seen her. Im going to go see her later today. I booked her site unseen, but was told she's petite. Which is what I was hoping for. Ill give my own two cents after
  12. I look like christian Bale, but I won't say what movie... And boy this topic when off the rails fast, sorry
  13. Oh for sure! I wasn't implying that you should ask your RMT at all. When I go for a RMT, and they happen to be a woman, I expect a professional massage. So let me say this loud and clear to anyone that I may have given the wrong idea too. "Go to RMT for professional massage for your health. Go to an unlicensed place if you want to leave 'happy'". Just a story about how "shop talk" starts. I also heard about dimonds and EB originally from a coworker who use to deliver pizzas
  14. I've heard that there use to be a RMT that use to do extras. But it was all second hand information at work, so I never new if a rumour that got expanded or truth. I never inquired deeper due to being discreet at work about my hobbies
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