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  1. RiverCityGuy

    Looking to explore

    You make a good point greenteal. Mostly I'm looking for some one really good oral skills
  2. RiverCityGuy

    Looking to explore

    While I'm not new to getting a message I'm fairly new to the hobby. I would love to find someone who is good with newer people, and helping them explore things that they haven't experienced before. Sorry for being vague but not to sure how info to put in the public forum
  3. RiverCityGuy

    Westwood St.james

    Dunno if I should ask this in open or not but what is gratuity like at world of nails?
  4. RiverCityGuy

    Westwood St.james

    Hey everyone I'm just wondering if there are any other places in this end of the city other then the one up on Ness that most post people will know what I'm talking about, Thanks
  5. RiverCityGuy


    I completely agree if you can't connect the dots do things privately
  6. RiverCityGuy

    East Indian

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I'm on mobile and the search function doesn't seem to be working. Are there any east Indian masseuses in the city that someone could recommend?
  7. RiverCityGuy

    Notre Dame 4h

    Sorry I should of done a much better job looking through and searching
  8. RiverCityGuy

    Notre Dame 4h

    Sorry for the confusion... Yes 4 hands not 4hours
  9. RiverCityGuy

    Notre Dame 4h

    I saw and add on K on Sunday offering a 4h massage deal for $70 Is it worth going. Do they offer extras? The last time I was there I left fairly disappointed
  10. RiverCityGuy

    Submitting receipts

    I'll definitely have to call my insurance provider. I need a therapeutic massage for an old injury and thought maybe I could 'kill 2 birds with one stone' Thanks for the input everyone
  11. RiverCityGuy

    Submitting receipts

    Ness gave me a receipt for the price minus tip, and did say she was registered. I just want to avoid the trouble. I'm guessing all places that do direct billing are all on the straight and narrow
  12. Wondering if anyone has submitted a receipt for their massages. I've got to sunhope and gmhave a receipt but I haven't sent it into BlueCross (I need to get a script from my Dr.)
  13. RiverCityGuy


    Went in on a whim. Had a wonderful time. A person who was late for his own appointment did eventually show up. So she discountes me $10 for shorting me by 10 mins. I didn't mind since she was very upfront about it.
  14. RiverCityGuy


    How are walk ins handled
  15. RiverCityGuy

    New in town

    She didn't mention name. Just McPhillips and Fermor