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  1. Thankyou everyone for all your help, keep it all coming i am soaking it up like a sponge! And a big thanks to ErinXO that was a prefect point form list for me. The agency i worked for was super strict for safety purposes so it helped me build a strong NO reflex to things i am uncomfortable with, but the prices that agency charged were quite cheap and there for we got alot of undesirable clients....not to many of them were return clients.....and that is why i came here, i can pick who i see and then i can garuntee an amazing time, over and over again! I agree that SP's should stick together i am not a mean girl or a competitive girl and one day i hope to do a Duo that blows my mind as well, so i again really appreciate the comment on how we help eachother! As for services i am comfotable with...well i like pleasure just like the rest and i have a really kinky side (i think all us Sp's do)! I will be offering an amazing GFE and hopefully as i learn more i will get into some PSE! xoxo Naomi
  2. This is for SP's and Gentlemen, i am very new at this and would love any tips tricks on becoming an indy. I plan to start only in Calgary maybe Edmonton with plans for more travel in the near future. What hotels in these cities are SP friendly for incalls? And the Sp's that are offering duos, are you ladies already friends or is it by random requests, i have never had a real three some experience and look forward to my first one! Thanks for all the help anyone offers! xoxo Naomi
  3. Hi i am a brand newbie and would love some help with what first few steps i should take in order to start being indy. I am from southern Alberta so would love a photographer referral, hotels in big cities that are SP friendly, and please just fill me in on anything else i should know. What site offers the best web pages, and what are the top forms of advertising? Thankyou everyone for any help you have to offer. I hope to be advertising visits in Calgary very soon! xoxo Naomi
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