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  1. Wow, what a horrible experience. This woman was NOT the one in the picture at all. This woman had the nerve to tell me that the pics were real before I went. That's it. No more SPs. Their pics are either fake, or outdated before the SP has let herself completely go. It's MPs from now on.
  2. oogabooga

    Peaked interest of Robynxoxo

    She's cute and fun. She also doesn't offer BJ or FS, so don't even ask her.
  3. oogabooga

    IMG 0155

    So beautiful.
  4. oogabooga

    bella boat pic

    Jesus! :O :O
  5. oogabooga

    IMG 0302

    Very Yummy.
  6. oogabooga

    March 2017

    Nice shot.
  7. oogabooga


  8. oogabooga

    'Always wanna come......never wanna leave'

    Beautiful face <3
  9. This is a bait and switch - not the woman in the pics AT ALL. Avoid... http://www.escorts-canada.com/vip/Ottawa-ON/13575.html#vip13575
  10. oogabooga

    very arousing pic...
  11. oogabooga

    Very nice!
  12. I've seen The Sin Sisters, Rockalily and Capital Tease at various clubs in the market, in various contexts too. Any of them can be easily found on facebook. For show quality, Rockalily was hands-down the best. Live music playing, dancers singing too... you can't beat that kind of show(wo)manship! How... ev... er... This was a while ago, and the three Rockalily dancers that really, truly knocked the crowd on their asses (be means of looks, skills, charm, etc)went to Capital Tease. Rockalily - best presentation and professional show(wo)manship. Capital Tease - best actual dancers.
  13. I've seen a few in town and they vary in production value greatly. The best I'd ever seen was Rockalily a year ago, but their best dancers are now with Capital Tease.
  14. oogabooga


    WOW!!! very, very nice.