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  1. Not sure if I'm allowed to post this but it's found through google search. A government listing, with directions and driving instructions, of all licensed MP's in Ottawa. Had to refresh the page to get it to load initially but for those interested this was quite a fascinating find. Enjoy :-D http://www.ottawamassage.info/
  2. Wow! Congratulations on being the first person to surprise me in how arrogant one can be. Did you really offer up a holier than thou attitude? You sir, need to deflate your ego and turn off your pride switch before you explode. Perhaps you should revaluate your outlook on life. If you feel the need to defend yourself based on one person's completely, insignificant opinion (no offence Erin whom I've never met) and generalization, you will go through life fighting all the wrong battles. Do not confuse self confidence with arrogance. This is all I've seen from every single post you've made and there is a VERY fine line between the two. The above is the perfect example. Using a condecending attitude is a terrible way to prove your point(s) and will not win you much, if any, sympathy. I do not agree with Erin's statement that all under 20's are (for shortness sake) bad, nor do I condemn her for making her opinion heard. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as you are to yours. However if you feel this a personal attack on you, which I don't believe your name was mentioned in any way shape or form, you should by all means defend yourself. As far as grammatical errors go, it really is a poor defense against the validity of your claims BUT they also have merit in pointing them out. Your argument is based on not having a "lack of knowledge" (which is fair and can be annoying to some; and was Erin's strongest opinion) and lazyness, so why do you think poor grammar wouldn't be pointed out? It is relevant to your argument aswell. In fact by choosing to ignore that simple fact you are being counter-productive; simply stating that it would be pointed out, doesn't make it inadmissable. True not every person catches their mistakes, that's why we proof-read and have editors, but when you continue to make the SAME mistakes in all three posts your argument loses the grounds to stand up; and is rendered as simple ignorance or just lazy. You're = you are Your = ownership Being technologically savvy and being resourceful are not the same. My point about the library, if you had bothered to read it properly and not simply what you wanted it to read, was that the information was not available to those students online (I guess there's some "copyright" law that prevents certain things from being published on the net without proper authorization http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html who knew?!) so they claimed they couldn't do their project. I'm sorry your point about typing the book into a computer anyways, is invalid. You use the example of ONE 17 year old who did an amazing thing. Great. There are exception to every rule and I'm gald you found one. Now tell me how many under 20's have found a cure for a disease or been into outer space or whom have revolutionized... anything... Oh it's possible their may be a few (be it unlikely) but seriously would you trust a surgeon with 10 years of experience or a fresh-from-school intern with 10 minutes? I'm sorry but one exception or outstanding individual does not prove your point; the sun shines on a dog's ass every now and again. "Oh but there are other exemplary people out there I didn't mention and could" Truth. It's also irrelevant, much like us bickering back and forth because of someone's opinion; and our disagreement of it. The parts you are omitting, then later using to prove your O.J Simpson sham, are also relevant. Say this same teen had a completely different panel of judges or peers evaluating him with the same competition and someone older/else had won (not that age has anything to do with my point) it would have been based on their opinions; even if they had a layed out way to grade/judge each entry, they still have to deem what is appropriate as a score. You can not judge you're own actions or the actions of someone else if you are not or have not been in that situation; and this goes for everyone not just Mff69. "Not one single person is comparable to the next, ever." This is probably the only good thing I've read thus far... but then it goes on.. and gets omitted among all the uncouth mannerisms you portray throughout your entire debacle. Frankly I'm saddend that you felt arrogant enough to speak for our generation is such a patronizing fashion; being a mere 2 years younger than I. I would like to appologize on our behalf and hopefully anyone who read this thread has learned a little more tolerance, patience and understanding when it comes to the trivial things in life.
  3. Not really a fair fight..Canadian women ARE the hottest women in the world :)
  4. I can not definetively answer this question, as it's fairly broad... Do you mean overall? The ending? The conversation/easy to talk too? Top 5 best overall experiences [in no particular order (and yes I've gone outside these 2 places) just none worth mentioning...yet] Michelle_MA (CMJ/independant) Nadja (CMJ) Lily (CMJ) Gabrielle (AAA Spa) Monica (AAA Spa) Now before you fly off the handle, there are gems all over the place; even at AAA. Triple A spa has a bad habbit of using false photos, as we all know, but not all of their girls have fake pictures. Eight of the current fourteen posted, use REAL photos. REGARDLESS of any monetary factors, a few(4) of their ladies have quite amazing massage skills for no training; coming from someone who is certified as an RMT(and taking a hiadus for a year), I feel that means a lot. With proper training and better management (say from our ever so famous Jasmin ^.^) They could easily be included on these reco forums without people getting banned for posting those three little A's :roll:
  5. So I recently watched a movie (recomended by a good friend of mine) called "Hard Candy" starring Ellen Page; before she became famous for x-men and Juno. I don't want to ruin the surprise twists of the movie but don't simply brush it off as perverse or not your thing, based on the basics I tell you; it REALLY isn't like anything you'd expect..promise! "For weeks, 14-year-old Hayley Stark has been chatting on-line with 'Lensmaster319', a 32-year old fashion photographer, named Jeff. The two agree to meet at a coffee shop called Nighthawks. They hit it off, despite the massive age difference. Hayley appears to flirt with Jeff, and Jeff generally restrains himself, even admitting that he must wait 4-years until he can be with her. But his reservations are apparently not enough to decline when Hayley all but invites herself over to his house. Once at the house, manipulation becomes the name of the game, and the pedophile seems to be on the non-traditional side of it" I know right...really... This movie is packed with memerable scenes and quotes. Which is one of the main reasons I brought it up; to share one imparticular I feel everyone should hear: Jeff Kohlver: You were coming on to me! Hayley Stark: Oh, come on. That's what they always say, Jeff. Jeff Kohlver: Who? Hayley Stark: Who? The pedophiles! 'Oh, she was so sexy. She was asking for it.' 'She was only technically a girl, she acted like a woman.' It's just so easy to blame a kid, isn't it! Just because a girl knows how to imitate a woman, does NOT mean she's ready to do what a woman does. [pause] Hayley Stark: I mean, you're the grown up here. If a kid is experimenting and says something flirtatious, you ignore it, you don't encourage it! If a kid says 'Hey, let's make screwdrivers!' You take the alcohol away, and you don't race them to the next drink!
  6. Anyone not born before fall classes start, and hasn't taken time off after high school, will be under 18 y/o; due to the elimination 6 years ago of grade 13. The strongest feelings/evidence of the original post was based on lack of knowledge on behalf of the younger students; which is not entirley their faults. The small blurb about them talking through lectures, and being disrespectful, would have the tendency to be over-looked; BUT was, imo, the main idea to be expressed. I am not fully informed as to what others discuss about etiquette, protocol etc in regards to SP-client interaction, nor have I researched how people react in those discussions vs ones like this one, but I don't think you can compare the two; it's like watermelons vs rocks. Yes being ingorant nowadays is just lazy, as I've stated previously, but people who have everything handed to them, have little reason or motivation to NOT be ignorant. That is how our society has evolved. If mommy and daddy are always there to bail you out, why should you care about your actions..the conscequences will never repercuss on you. This is why I appreciate Darwin's rule "Survival of the Luckiest" It holds true and will continue too.
  7. Hate it or love it, Volt raises the correct issue. Lack of knowledge does not automatically give anyone the right to alienate ANYONE. I know absolutely NOTHING about any of the question-examples you gave... Blanket statements are the worst kind of defence, and offence, you can use to emphasis your points. Trying to counter with "well these kinds of people don't do that", while the point gets across, people will use the exceptions to shoot you down. The same goes for the OP's claims. Spelling mistakes in their notes? Are you trying to copy from them? Why does it matter to you how fail they are you are there for you not them.. The school system doesn't care about how educated you are, they just want to push student through and get them out into society asap. The teachers have been complaining about this for years now; they can't do anything about it because the system backs the student 100%. I hear this kind of talk ALL the time from senior high school students and freshman college students on busses and in stores: his younger sister is a total "vag dealer" or "slut" and how they live to get "juiced" and "kick peoples ass's" can't wait for the next party. Why? Because there are no conscequences for missing 3/4 of your school year and getting a 35% final grade..oh well give them a make up test and pass them... Today's youth aren't as well rounded or intellegent as they were when I was going through high school...Hell I over heard a group of young ladies talking about how their french project was totally bogus because they couldn't find all the info they needed on the internet, so how were they suppose to finish their project.. If only there was a building where they housed vast amounts of printed knowledge accumulated over a long period of time, Libraries? do they still exist? (for now anyways) Children are just lazy. Most are also spoiled (as Annessa mention ever so subtly :P) I know a 28 year old with x kids under 12...crying because she wont buy them motor bikes AND computers for chirstmas; only one or the other.. boo freakin hoo! I was lucky to get a ride to school if I missed the school bus; and then got to eat dinner for missing school.
  8. Call her and find out... ? that's probably the easiest and fastest way to get your info.
  9. They would also not be in business for long. RMT's have MANY assessers and quality controls in place via their regulatory body and only a certified RMT can issue a receipt for tax purposes; legitametly anyways. They also run the risk of being exposed by the public/clients if this sort of thing is happening at an RMT's business. You can bet they will be hit with a huge fine and have their license stripped away aswell.
  10. I did not direct my comment towards you In any event if one does not read what is written, then assumes what they wish, that is their perogative. I'm not here to tell people how to live, only my views.
  11. I never did agree with this statement (on respect not trust)and until recently didn't quite know how to put my view into perspective. Luckily I found someone who did a nice job for me :) (granted it's out of context but you'll get the idea) “What keeps [him] safe is his ability to show respect for anyone he meets. He is a man of charm, who holds well his personal pride. He grants respect at the outset of a meeting and continues that respect until the person forfeits it. This is very different than the way most people view the world. Most people insist that respect has to be earned, and with many, I have come to observe, earning it is no easy task! Many demand that anyone desiring their friendship first earn their respect, and I can understand their point of view, and once believed that I held one similar…. [He] takes the opposite approach, one of acceptance and one lacking initial judgement. This may seem a subtle alternative, but it most certainly is not. Would that the man be anointed a king, I say, for he has learned the secret of peace. When [he] enters a tavern of common peasant thugs, most within the place, and society at large, would view him as superior. And yet, in his interactions with these people, there is no air of superiority about the man at all. In his eyes and in his heart, he is among peers, among other intelligent creatures whose paths have led them to a different – and not better or worse – place than his own. And when [he] grants respect to men who would think nothing of cutting his heart out, he disarms them, he takes away whatever reason they might have found to fight with him…" . R.A Salvatore, Drizzt Do'Urden Saga (Meant as a general thought) If people demand to earn their respect, I say, that in itself is cause for me to not want it. Why are you/they so much better than everyone else that I must earn your consideration and politeness.
  12. Seriously? I have no words for how much that made me feel sorry for him.
  13. The Brianna he is talking about also adverts in the Sun under a different name, Bianca; with a different heritage aswell. I realize the ladies change their names from time to time..but on CL she's brazilian and in the Sun she is italian...same phone number in both cases.. My curiosity stopped there.
  14. It was not my intention to glorify anyone.. I myself am not a member of the "large.incharge" society and I'm confident enough to share that fact, however In answer to your question: The same reason most smaller/thinner women (speaking outside the realm of service providers) think they are that much better than women who aren't... We are all told what is normal and no one questions it. That is society's problem. Everyone needs to open their eyes and figure out that their opinion matters to the person it needs too.. Themselves.
  15. Self confidence is something a lot of people have problems with. You have to appreciate who you are and what you have, before anyone else can. That is the issues I see here. Peachy has the right idea and likely the best advice you can get on this topic but I digress. If it helps you just remember, there is always someone in a worse situation than yourself; which in itself is all a matter of perspective. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. If someone tells you your "member" is great, accept it; fact or fiction. If they don't mention it, so what? Do you need to be judged, especially in situations like these. I don't think you do. The same applies for a woman and her bust; only she can't hide that. (and omit surgery, as that is another discussion) If we were all meant to be the same, we would be. I like ketchup on my burgers but not my pancakes. ;) Some women can't stand a guy with a smaller one and some can't stand larger ones. You don't always need a large member to enjoy yourself. You DO need to accept what/who you are to enjoy yourself. (side note for anyone who's interested) For the guys: Women only have about 6.5inchs of room, on average, before you hit their uteran wall; which is when the fun stops for her. For the ladies: Once you hit the big O, this area is flooded with hormones that allow it to stretch slightly and accomodate larger "members" a bit more enjoyably.
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