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  1. So i got up the nerves to call tonight, and WOW am i glad i did. I started by calling with my heart pounding , to hear a voice that was cute/ but very sexy i started by saying i had never met a SP before she assured me that she would make me feel comfortable and said i would enjoy the PSE the most. So i did it i made an appointment and was there with in 45 mins. I went up to room and was greeted at door by very sexy woman short skirt low cut top, with some very ample breasts i might add, her hair was sexy wet from just returning from pool. i was really nervous and Misty suggested we take a jacuzzi we made out a lil which was amazing, we chatted for a bit and got to know each other, we then dried off and headed to be where i received the worlds best bbbj, so juicy and so talented. she wanted it doggy, i told her i wanted her to ride me (she listened very well lol) #1 was over, she then started to blow me again till i was ready to go at her doggy, i bent her over went for #2 this time all over her face YES!!! we lied and talked for a while and then our night together came to a end :(. Im now at home with my cock in hand writing this jurking off to her pics. this was my first SP experience and it wont be my last with Misty Moonlight!!!!
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