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  1. Well I took a shot yesterday and it was a bbw dream come true. If you like lots of kissing and cuddleing you will be pleased. She is firm and open and not a clock watcher. Had a great time. Well worth the trip.
  2. Wish someone had seen her to let us bbw lovers in on it.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has seen the BBW Eva that advertises on bp?
  4. If Trump were to win the election, it would be the first time a billionare would move into public funded housing that a black family just moved out of.
  5. Super clean ladie and a great personality. I have never been pampered like Mia does it. Great to have in Kingston.
  6. Sammy has an add on BP and may be interested if there is any info. Good or bad.
  7. It's really quite sad that the Belleville people doen't have much to say about the beautiful women that frequent the city. I am sure the ladies have talents to best the best.
  8. Doen`t know but god she looks hot! If anyone gets a chance please let us know!
  9. Just had a wonderful time with Amy from BP. This beautiful young lady took my breath away when she opened the door. Amy made me feel right at ease even though there was a wide gap in ages. Beautiful tight and fit body and a cleavage that goes on for ever. She has a toung piercing that she really knows how to use. Comes off shy and nieve but sure changes when it comes to play time. I have never been taken over like that in my life! Well worth the visit and would I repete? HELL YES!
  10. Anyone had the chance to see miss Ashlee? Looks are awesome.
  11. Wondering if anyone has a remark abut Felicia who ads. in Backpage in Kingston? Can PM me or just reply to the forum. Thanks in advance.
  12. Just checking to see if anyone has had a chance to see Veena Love. She advertises on BP in the Belleville section and sure looks hot!
  13. Just checking to see if anyone has had the chance to check out Veena Love. She advertises on backpage as do you want a Lamborghini or a Honda. The pics look good.
  14. Just spent an amazing time with the most exciting lady. Jessica is the complete package. She met me at the door with a beautiful smile and she had me from there. She has the softest skin I have ever felt and is a great kisser. She makes you feel so comfortable yet so excited at the same time. WOW what a bum! She is not a clock watcher and it felt like she wanted me to stay in heaven. Cant say enough. Doent let this one slip through your fingers. Love you Jess!
  15. Had an appointment for an early call with Melissa this morning and drove 25 miles just to be stood-up. Maybe she had a late night or something but she wouyldn't answer her phone either. Anyway I wasn't very impressed.
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