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  1. Hey thanks so much all. Ladies I look forward to reaching out to you all soon.
  2. I would like to talk with any ladies interested in a "cam play date". I am not pumped with option of purchasing these services online from one of the sites, prefer the idea of a service provider. Figure we can arrange a fair gift for time, perhaps use skype, email transfer or perhaps amazon gift card.
  3. I have been with Shelly, she was a blast.
  4. Pal great review, a piece of advice with all respect, careful, keep one hand firmly on side of pool buddy, don't drown. Received a pm from Lucky. For clarification I was having a little fun. I was trying to suggest he be careful and not fall head over heals with Peachy. Cheers
  5. I had a great time on Friday evening with Shelly Lane and Strawberry Shortcake. We got together at Strawberry Shortcakes place, have spent many a great evening with Strawberry Shortcake, this was first time I met Shelly Lane. I keep in touch with Strawberry Shortcake, she let me know she had invited Shelly to spend some time with her, I booked right away. A threesome is always a special treat, these two were great, very relaxed. Shelly is very tasty, and Strawberry is very good at oral, i was in heaven. It was very hot watching them get each other off and seeing Strawberry squirt. Both of them are nice n tight, clean and talented. I highly recommend seeing them together.
  6. Ads will just move to other sections such as "therapeutic" "women looking for men" etc.
  7. I have to say that anyone in the TO area that hasnt experienced Luv4Lust's BBBJ is missing the best ...period
  8. The statement I made that has been highlighted was poorly written. I wanted to suggest that several girls I know SP as a supplement to other income sources. Or in my non naive experience a very frugal reward for an often unrecognized mutual passion for play. I am doubtful I have ever met a SP that has 8 to 10 clients a day. I would suggest, with respect this volume of business is the exception, not that it matters. I was trying to paint a picture of respect, an environment that breeds mutual enjoyment rather than one of purely one sided fiscal dominance, or the folly of such as a goal in this hobby
  9. I hope I am not repeating anyone as this thread hit a nerve and i wanted to add to it before reading all posts. It amazes me how some hobbyists feel the can comoditze play as much as they do. I know of a couple of great girls on this board who SP as say a supplement or just because they are smart and can earn a bit for something they love doing. One in particular is a former swinger who loves to fuck and asks for a donation simply to cover costs for things like lingerie, toys etc which we all expect. How many girls do we know that actually make a real living doing this? I suggest not many. Any guy that approaches a girl on here like he is negotiating a purchase is an ass who will never get a real quality experience. Normally these jokers would make the rest of us look good howeveer sometimes they turn the girls off so much they wreck it for the rest of us. Use your heads guys, treat em with a little care and reap the rewards, keep it fun.
  10. bago


    Ssssmokin hot pic!
  11. Met Kate here in chat at which time she told me she was coming to my area to visit friends. I gave her my number just in case, she was confident there would be no time this trip. I was on my way out of a Casino near me where prior to going in I felt lucky when my phone beeped and it was Kate. We booked for Sunday afternoon. Kate is a beautiful blond long legged girl next door. She is a caged lion for lack of a better description, I was to hung over to completely unleash the wildness that is just below the Serene surface. I have put Kate on a very short list, I have no doubt I will see her many times again. Kate is intelligent, sweet, affectionate,and very responsive. Treat her well boys, she will become a legend. I am new to these parts, and not yet confident in the CERB style of review.
  12. Wow, her openness, her size, the swing, definitely have to see this girl.
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