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  1. Hands95

    ANNA on Beausoleil

    She went by Natalia when I saw her at this place back in 2016. At the time, was strictly a legit, covered, massage. I didn't repeat.
  2. Hands95

    breathtaking Sara on Carling

    Two dead links and the other says 'Huntclub/Merivale'. This sounds shill to me...
  3. Vanessa seems to post all over the place with multiple phone numbers. Both her and Sarah used to be working at a 'spa' on Carling near Woodroffe.
  4. Hands95

    Gypsy Soul spa

    Caitie is completely legit. You will be draped at all times à la RMT. I have seen her and her massage is excellent.
  5. Hands95

    Oh hello there!

    Love this type of wrapping....makes unwrapping the gift so enjoyable!
  6. Hands95

    Lesley on CL and Kijiji (tantra)

    There seems to be a french ad, name is Melodie, with virtually identical wording, and indications that it could be same location. I've emailed Lesley but no response yet. Any one with better info? A PM would be appreciated if needed. Thanks,
  7. Hands95

    Body & Soul (sandy hill)

    Typing 'sandy hill' into the Search Forums box will yield you all the info you need. However, I'll save you the time: Excellent massage, great lady, absolutely no extras.
  8. What makes the February one better? They are both called Sexapalooza... I made the fall one a year ago but skipped the February one in part because I thought it would be much the same.
  9. Hands95

    CMJ East Side Location

    Well, I stand corrected, partially... I'm not a CMJ member, so therefore, I was talking about the public site. It does mention the general area of their primary site but not the second one. Thanks,
  10. Hands95

    CMJ East Side Location

    If we were to start with the Montreal Rd area being accurate, then the 'highway' would be the 174. I don't know that this is the intended answer but it certainly is how I interpreted it. The 'area' is likely the Canotek business park but someone else will have to confirm. Interestingly, I found no mention of this new site on the CMJ website.
  11. Hands95

    Isabella in rockland

    Simply fill in the first missing word....everyone knows what it is.
  12. Hands95

    Deepthroating BJ

    I believe at least one person on your list advertises as an MA working at a local spa. Is she also doing FS on the side? Or is the MA mileage much better than I thought? I'll stand corrected if wrong.
  13. Hands95

    kelly on cambrigde

    Give her a call; she will tell you where she's located. 'Kelly on Cambridge' is a bit of a clue. She used to be 'Kelly on Kent' and you can find more info under the Recommendation section.
  14. Hands95

    Lack of info

    Currently experiencing the same situation. From this thread, likely the same lady. She does not come across as being part of a spa but maybe I'm missing something. Definitely not thrilled about an indy pulling what I consider to be the nickel and dime door fee scenario. However, as stated above, there are many other fish. And several I like a lot!
  15. In this day and age of political correctness, people have completely lost sight of the term 'discriminating taste'. This use to be a compliment. Folks, everytime you make a decision, you are choosing one thing over another. Technically, that is discrimination. I have no problem with this and do it all the time. People get bent out of shape when one of the characteristics of the decision is a hot button topic. I'll use gay marriage as an example. I am entirely within my right to believe whether this is acceptable or not and no one, on either side, can take issue with my opinion. You will note I'm not even stating my position as it is irrelevant. This is a passive position - I accept the other person's opinion but do not promote it. It only becomes problematic if I take active steps to force my opinion on someone else. Because, really, why should your opinion matter any more than mine?