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  1. Cleo Catra is SO lovely in so many ways. Saw her today in redux. Just what I needed. Looking forward to more.
  2. Fisting can be quite difficult. It usually requires a level of trust not found in a passing encounter. I have engaged in it with a sp but only after we had really gotten to know each other.
  3. http://www.fastcodesign.com/1669577/porn-s-hottest-new-design-trend-basic-geometry Basic Geometry has never been so hot!
  4. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people - Eleanor Roosevelt
  5. I met HotSummer yesterday but needed a full day to recover. The experience was incredible. Her massage skills made me ooo and aaa repeatedly. She worked out my knots, stretched out my tenseness, and brought me to a deeply relaxed state. It did not last because then I got excited. Very excited. HotSummer has AMAZING eyes. Her smile should be banned near airports to avoid blinding incoming pilots. Her curves are a motorsports enthusiast's dream. (Warning, you really do have to be a completely realized man to fully appreciate them. I am still working on it.) So, what more to say? I like her. She is beautiful, funny, sweet, smart, sexy and gives a great massage. The fact that you get to see her loveliness in all its glory is just proof that God exists. Please treat her well. I will be back for more, more please, more!
  6. Happy Birthday. You mentioned you were turning 30. This is a great decade. You know who you are. You know what you are you at. Go and rock their world. We were all blessed the day you were born!
  7. After a very busy week - 3 cities in 4 days I was feeling a little worse for wear. Madison has great massage skills and really worked my kinks out. She is easy to talk to, makes you feel welcome and is very skilled with balancing the massage with the play. This is my second visit and I will be back for more. My recommendation is that you behave like a gentleman and she will treat you like a king.
  8. I was Madison's first client as a solo. She was easy to reach by PM, replied quickly and the appointment was set up without any fuss. She was still getting set up when I arrived but was friendly and apologetic. A shower was available with a big fluffy towel. Madison is exactly as described: petite, great body, long dark hair, bedroom eyes. She has great massage skills and really manages to work the knots out. She is lovely to look at - great assets that are very firm. She likes to tease and varies her touch between light and firm. My tension was released in a loving and enthusiastic fashion - great eye contact and nice touch. I was very impressed with my first visit and will repeat! Treat her well.
  9. I was in Bermuda this weekend. My companion and I decided to have spa treatments before flying out. In 3 hours I had a wrap, mineral soak, manicure, pedicure, and massage. But of course no happy ending. Does anybody know where a full spa treatment might include that final touch?
  10. Have data to show why I am feeling tired. As of today, I have hit 56% of my total annual business target in the first Quarter. Damn, I knew I was busy but did not know it was that busy. ps: no longer feel guilty about heading to Bermuda tomorrow.
  11. Cleo, My mother, who is Irish with a great sense of humor, once told me that the best way to treat a woman is to talk to her like an equal but look at her like a superior. This is also the same woman who said that if I wanted panties as trophies I better learn to run from father with shotguns.
  12. I have been many times. Small beach but attracts lots of people. Also the islands are perfect to kayak out to and bask.
  13. The clubs in Germany are amazing. Will have to visit in may when back in Frankfurt.
  14. Gatineau Hills, on a boat, some meadow in the back 40, roof top of tall building - possibilities and privacy are endless.
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