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  1. Saw CL advert for Sun Kissed Tanning Salon, in the CL Adult Services area. Is this legit? Any other "Tanning" salons I should know about?
  2. 1. do you prefer to go to a massage parlour or to see an independent masseuse, and why? When I find a great independent, I prefer that. It helps to build rapport and confidence, trust. But when a great independent is lost (moves, retires, etc) then sometimes going to a parlour is convenient - mostly in order to meet a new person. I am generally loyal. However, after having said that, variety is also a great thing. Surprises and new ideas are always welcome. So that it is not just he same routine. I think I have found a new independent that I am blissfully happy about. 2. do you prefer massage oil, powder, and which kind? (I use a body cream, because I found oil too messy.) I like the variety. Each medium offers a different tactile experience. I love the scent and feel of powder, especially on my ass. I love to have my ass powdered, pampered and even slapped a little. Oil is tremendous fun. Cream is "okay" ... but maybe my least favorite. However, realizing how messy things can be, I still prefer variety and even being asked. The worst is getting cream when I don't like cream and oil is available. 3. what kind of finish would you prefer? Handjob? Blowjob? Full service? (this won't change the fact that I provide handjob only, just curious) and why? Wow ... how much time do I have? :) With an oil massage, then a handjob can be mind blowing, especially if great hands and ... whoa. Next up of course would be oral. Again, variety and I like to have a sense of getting to know somebody, building trust and ... well say for every 5 visits and every 5 handjobs, then Full Service is something that would keep me coming back. You know, like they have at a pizza place ... customer appreciation. After 10 large pizzas you get a salad and garlic bread for free. Comps. After 3 hand releases, oral. After 5 visits, full service. Why not? 4. do you prefer music or silence? and what kind of music, if this is your choice? I like a little music ... and it depends, because music is so mood driven. I could probably make a LOT of money programming Release Music. Sometimes music without recognizable language (African, India) is very nice. The mood is everything. And sometimes, dirty rap music is also cool. Depends on the mood. Again, I can't stress variety enough. Massage Back = Indian sitar music, or African slow music Massage Front = Spanish Hand Release = Rap Oral = Rave or synth type electronica Full Service = guitar rock (not that I am really listening by that point). No opera. Country music, only if you were dressed in cut-off jeans. Variety. 5. do you like candles? I love candles. 6. do you prefer a nice chat with the masseuse or want her to be silent? I think the masseuse has to pick up on what feels right, and when. Not insisting on conversation. It depends. If I am lost in the moment of my balls being fondled, I am probably not listening to what you are saying. Unless you are telling me how hard my shaft is getting. If the music is right, then talking not required. Silence ... it depends. Obviously it would difficult for you to talk when giving oral :) and I when it's all building to a climax, don't expect me to answer on the economy :) Also: a little low, heavy breathing on your part can help a lot. 7. do you prefer a bubbly personality or should she be more businesslike? Variety. Moods. Bubbly if that comes naturally. I hate business like though. 8. do you want to touch and if so, where? Touching an ass, a breast ... small of the back, what ever I can reach, but obviously respect what is off limits. Tactile sensation is huge for me. And, it helps if I get a verbal tip or clue. Actually, during one of my first massages, when I was asked to flip over, the masseuse then took my hand and put it on her ass and said something like "hey, I don't mind if you like to play a little too " and winked. 9. is there anything in particular that has bothered you during massages in the past? Well, a slap-dash, bad massage really sucks. Gotta at least feel some sort of caring about what you are doing. Some sort of appreciation for me being there. Like: don't yawn or look at the clock. If you need to time the deal, then do that when I am not looking, or know the length of the songs, the CD, etc. This is why, that, when I find a great independent I stay with that one only. Gotta be a comfortable place. Like he said above, no door slammings or "honey, I'm home" or "mom, where's my lunch" .. that would be bad :) 10. what part of the massage is more important for you? Deep massage or the erotic part? All good. Massage gets me in the moment. Erotic part ... well, it's all part of the experience and the completion of the tactile experience. 11. How long do you want the handjob last? For me ... man, sometimes for half of the session. The right hand job can be such a great experience. I once had a tantric hand job that lasted 20 minutes and was amazing. I really exploded, physically, moaning, shaking my whole body. I DON'T want it to be the last 30 seconds ... ya know? A great hand release can seem endless (in a good way). A great hand release feels like and extension of the massage. And the whole point, really. there are a LOT of nerve endings there, ya know. Best massage is something like (for 60 minutes) 15 minutes back 15 minutes front 15 minutes hand release living 15 minutes (7 minutes before and after) for getting in to/out of etc. 12. How do you like your penis being touched? Is there a certain part that is too sensitive? How about the balls? There are probably books on this. If not, I could write one. It's all good, generally .. and different sensativity at different times. Depends too on the oil or cream. I like it all. Sometimes when two hands get involved, it's heaven. 13. After ejaculating, do you want her to continue or to stop? Continue what? There should be a natural wind-down. It should be obvious. But then again, I once had a great hand job that turned into a 2nd hand job. That was fun. You have to know your audience and gauge each situation. Don't keep grinding away though ... 14. is there anything in particular that is a major turn-off for you before, during or after the massage? You being in a bad mood, or curt. It should seem like you are happy to see me, like you want to welcome me and have me here ... like I am the only person in the world for the next 45 minutes. That I matter. It's not just the massage ... it's the attention, the being spoiled and pampered and made to feel at ease. Hope that helps. Oh yeah, one more question: 15) When do you like to have your masseuse naked? When we first get started, and I get naked on the table, it's nice if you sort of take your shoes off, or something ... like a slow, gradual striptease that I don't notice. While I am on my belly, and you are massaging my back, then you can be clothed. It is a nice surprise to flip over and find you in your underwear. VERY visually appealing. Very. And then, depending on how things go, it is nice to see you slip out of your bra. Again, little surprises go a long way. hope this helps!
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