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  1. Vancouver was crazy after the games. This is a video I took today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieQOgSvUj60
  2. I am starting this thread just in case somebody can give me a tip on how to get dental work done in Cuba? Somebody also mentioned to me Costa Rica. Whichever works better. I have no dental plan and the quotes I was given are astronomical. I have found some info on Tripadvisor, but maybe someone here is familiar with the procedure. You can also PM me if you prefer. Thank you, Anita
  3. Finally, I got it! :) Only ours was not transparent. Interesting it says under the picture 1962. Obviously not much has changed within 20 years. It was in the early 80's when I started working on the first office computer and about a year later they came up with a lot smaller one, with built-in disks.
  4. Actually, I don't think it was a tape. Unless there was a tape inside the disk. But it was called "platte" which means disk in English. But the shape and the size is approximately OK, only I as I said bigger. I will try to find a pic.
  5. It was more like what the guy is holding in his hands, only it was horizontal not vertical. But I think this is it. And I would say, bigger.
  6. Is this a hint that the subject is boring? Complain to the Mod ;) (kidding)
  7. What do all those "ewww" comments mean? It stays in the family LOL I admit I had to read it a few times to figure out what you meant. First I thougt Ma means massage parlour attendant and admit to looking up what the abreviation PA could mean? I was wondering why would an MP attendant give you a good night kiss.... Anyway, ever wondered if your Pa gave you a kiss after eating your Ma's pussy? LOL Anyway, I don't think these things ever happened in our household. I remember my mom saying the cock's place is in the vagina.
  8. I guess I just didn't know the expressions. I guess it was mainframe, but we had only one for our office and the definition of mainframe is "main computer which can serve many users simultaneously".. Maybe 70cm is exaggerating, it was about 50 cm, and it was huge. I tried to find a picture online, but could not. I know that those were the very first office computers. The disks were huge and thick and the disk drive was as high as the desk itself. I believe it was made by Nixdorf, and it was before the time of personal computers. It wasn't before two years later that people started buying personal computers. I remember my colleague telling me her son wants a computer and it cost an astronomical sum, and I was wondering why would a kid want a computer? :) I am definitely not talking about floppy drives. They were huge drives in hard plastic cases.
  9. I started working in the early 80's on office computers that were as big as a desk and had rubber rug underneath to prevent electric surge.... The disks were huge, at least 70 cm diameter and it was my job to carry the backup disks to the bank after work and put them in the vault. Saving work was very complicated, because the sysdk was built-in. As far as I remember first I had to backup the system disk, then erease its content, then copy the daily work disk to the built in disk, then copy that to the backup disk, and then copy back the system to the built-in system disk. And we used to play a game I think it was Martians attacking the Earth and you had to shoot them. It was fun. Good old days.... LOL
  10. Hi nevets, I am glad you liked it. It is a gourmet pleasure that not so long ago was considered taboo. I mean many people liked it but nobody was talking about it. I started offering it about five years ago when it was only done as part of a tantric massage.... Nobody was offering it, and at first people made fun of me when I started advertising. And it is true you have to know what you are doing. You won't believe how many times I hear customers say they had prostate massage before, but the girl didn't know what she was doing. Unfortunately, many girls jump on the bandwagon and offer it without knowing anything about the technique or without wanting to learn, just as an afterthought, in case a customer is interested. If done right it is really something special. My best regulars are prostate massage customers. Unfortunately, I am located in Vancouver, but anytime you visit the West Coast I would love to pamper you:)
  11. Mod, you are so right! Without naming names, there was a board that was pretty nasty to women and they finally decided to fire the moderator and the other bullies. The bullies started another board where the owner said "There will be no no-review list" and "No white-knights". So these guys were happily bashing women and writing nasty reviews on the new board. At first they worshipped the owner, praising the freedom. I told the owner that if he lets these guys be such jerks, the nice ones will stay away and years from now all he will have will be the same nasty people. He just wrote back something about no white knighting and freedom of speech, etc. Then, when the guys got rid of everybody they didn't like, they turned against each-other (because I think after a while they miss the joys of being nasty even if there is nobody they can be mad at), and turned against the owner when he refused to oblige them in everything. They moved to another board just to be able to bash people. That new board is dead, and the board of this guy who allowed the bashing is stagnating. After two years, SAME PEOPLE, same bashing, same boredom. Only difference is that now they trash the owner instead of praising him. Had he cleaned up at the beginning, he could have had a flourishing board today.... :) I admit at first I thought there is no way people can get along so nicely on an escort board, and I was thinking, where is the catch? :) But after about 6 months reading this board I can tell there is NO catch. It is unbelievable, but true. :)
  12. I have an older Asus with Linux OS. It isn't much, but I can put it in my purse and it does all the basics. There are better ones out there, many with windows.
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