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    Caring, clean hygiene ,non smoker,6',195 lbs, love to give more than receive! 50 yrs young

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  1. boomero

    zipping on some wine

    You are so hot and sexy in red!
  2. boomero


    Very nice breast shot!
  3. boomero

    16 candles ... plus a dozen. ... plus a couple more. Damnit. ;)

    Must be a mistake ! Way to many candles on your Birthday cake.
  4. boomero

    Naughty naughty Girl

    Hot red ass! Just beautiful.)
  5. boomero

    This pic is my favourite! Excellent pose.
  6. boomero

    I like to be a little random at times I think lol

    Very sexy look!
  7. boomero


    Stunning view! Very nice album .
  8. boomero

    Luscious Lilly

    Very sad news . A genuine sweetheart. I bumped into Lilly the 2nd or 3rd week of August and it felt like old times with a couple of big hugs . She was looking better and healthier than ever and life seemed great for her. To be missed very much by family & friends.
  9. boomero

    I would love to massage that sexy behind!
  10. boomero

    Fantastic body & outfit! Sexy Sexy Sexy!
  11. boomero

    New Pics

    Very beautiful pictures . Great photo shoot!
  12. boomero


    Awesome view!
  13. Neighbours swim raft, someone had to break it in!
  14. Poison Ivy patch . No regrets !
  15. Limo ride from Kingston to Toronto On the dock In the hot tub