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  1. NotchJohnson

    Babe of the Day

    Krista is a real little hottie, I could imagine having lots of fun with her. Thanks for posting her pictures GT !
  2. NotchJohnson

    Oppourtunity for the Clubs

    I'm not quite sure that SC's will ever go away as long as there are young guys that enjoy seeing beautiful girls removing their clothes and old men who have money to see that as well in private. That is why a fresh coat of paint will help among other things as well. I have seen some pretty nice looking establishment in the west coast some years ago and did think that if we had this around home I would visit more often. Keep in mind that I'm a married man and live far from any city(at least 1 hour anyway) so it's tough to come up with an excuse to visit them. It's not that I don't agree with what you are saying GT but I think there is still hope for them with a facelift.
  3. NotchJohnson

    A positive thread😊

    I am thankful for the people in the front line, everyone will remember the doctors and nurses and I do agree but we should all remember the grocery store that stayed open and fast food restaurant that served you at the drive thru. One special kind of people that many don't realize are working hard are the truck drivers that deliver those foods to the grocery store and restaurants, many of which I heard have not seen their family for 2-3 weeks because of the shortage of them. I also want to mention the hardware store that supples the paint, do you know how many will take this time to repainted their wall and ceilings at home. Because they have that paint on hand many will do that and that paint was delivered by a trucking company. Just saying...
  4. NotchJohnson

    Oppourtunity for the Clubs

    It's been a long time since I step foot inside a strip club but I do agree because of the situation this is the best time to get them to spruce up the look of the establishment.
  5. I think the main thing that every guy looks for in an ad are her real pictures....I mean us guys are very visual people and we just love picture so if pictures of porn actresses or models from another country are posted and we find out from using special website then this is very bad. Don't get me wrong if an ad is well written then it's more inviting to see the lady and sggust that I could have a great conversation with her.
  6. NotchJohnson

    Babe of the Day

    I love the pictures of Irma, she is a gorgeous young female with amazing body features that I enjoy looking at. Honestly I looked at them twice to make sure I was seeing fine. It could because I have been self isolated for 2 weeks now but I don't care, picture of hot babes are nice to see,.thanks GT !
  7. NotchJohnson

    Silver lining

    This is not the report that I have seen but is very good. The one that I saw shows rivers in a country where the water has been blurred by pollution and nobody could see the fishes in it and now they see birds that they have not seen in a long time come over and dive for food in them. Thanks for finding this GT.
  8. I always enjoy seeing the positive in things it helps me get through the days much better and with events happening right now it's tough to see the positive in this except that with everybody in self isolation we will get through this. Something else that is on a positive note, our air and water stream are already getting clearer because of the cutting back in traffic on the roads and rivers. I have seen this on the television and could post a link but with only a small iPad it's a bit complicated to share. Anyway I simply wanted to brighten up everyone's day with a positive note. Do you have a silver lining story to share?
  9. NotchJohnson


    You have got a very pretty face and your lips are so kissable, love those eyes, I would love to stare at them a little closer !
  10. NotchJohnson

    3 word story game

    Her mouth opened
  11. NotchJohnson


    I really like this picture, you look amazing !
  12. NotchJohnson

    Smoking Fetish

    With a few providers that I see when we are done the neighbors will light up a cigarette and they don't even smoke. Lol
  13. NotchJohnson

    Babe of the Day

    Sade has got a very pretty face and a sexy body, love brunettes. Thanks for the nice pictures of her GT !
  14. NotchJohnson

    Smoking Fetish

    I'm not a smoker myself but I did meet a provider that has quit smoking cigarettes and is vaping at the moment if that interest you just ask.
  15. NotchJohnson

    Babe of the Day

    GT, you have been posting amazing pictures on this thread for a long time but I must admit that the pics of Margarita are simply the best so far. She has a very beautiful face, her smile and eyes are amazing and the tiny body is really hot and the pose with her jeans down to her knee reveals that sexy ass that she has. Thanks for posting her pictures !