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    Welcome to my profile page, please take the time to find out more about me and leave me a message.

    I'm now over 50 years old and like anything else I just get better with age. I live half way between Ottawa and Montreal and I don't mind traveling to either place to have my fun. I appreciate ladies that take their time and who loves to be affectionate with me. I also like to be seduced, aroused and I like flirting.

    I'm not a hard person to please because I love women of all shapes and sizes, age or ethnicity, As long as you treat me well you have good chances of seeing me again and again.
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  1. I would never post a recommendation of a lady that I have seen if I was not totally impressed or satisfied by her services. First that would make me a liar and it would not help out my friends on this board. It's not because I'm asked to do so that I will. I prefer the lady not ask me to write her one then to be asked if I will write her one. Second I always send a copy of what I will post to the lady ahead of time to make sure she approves it before posting it on the website.
  2. Here are some more fetishes that I find interesting, tell me what you think? I know some people (I won't say names) that love to be bitten, not like the vampire but close ! Do some of you gentlemen like to wear the ladies underwear? Let me be clear on this, you love the feeling of its fabric on your skin ! Footjobs, I just want to say that as long as you touch my junk with any part of your body I'm happy with that ! Milking breasts, do you like having her boobs in your mouth and sucking the milk out of them? This one is weird and it creeps me out but it's a fetish so here it goes. "Come and F*** me daddy". So the daddy/daughter roleplay could be hot for some but not for me. Are you into armpits? Some people out there are and it's real ! Roughing it out. Some like to be thrown around, abused, deny orgasms etc... Public nudity, strip in front of people or crowd. Don't mind the mess, cumshot all over her/his body ! Pegging, some guys like it in the ____ ! Playing doctor, personally I enjoy finding out about the body of the other sex. Let me explore. Exhibisionist/voyeur, that one is easy for me I am a lot of both. Reading about sex stories, does it turn you on?
  3. I just want to add to the collection of neck covering the scarf and the tie.
  4. I would like to nominate one of my fellow friend @waterrat for his positive comments and attitude on this site.
  5. Yes it's true Lydia you are a gorgeous woman, I did see your picture before with you on a motorcycle and that one too was amazing. Being a biker myself I do appreciate all ladies that participate in the same hobby as myself. So I wanted to thank @roamingguy, @SarahAlexxx, @Sharpe and @StephanieMystique for the wonderful question to our interviewed guest and administrator @lydiahardwood. Is it too late for me to change my last name to "Hardwood" because that would describe me perfectly. j/k BTW Lydia you have a million dollar smile, gorgeous face and beautiful hair color and your eyes are alluring ! I'm not trying to use a cheesy line on you, just being honest that's all.
  6. To the gentlemen and ladies that enjoyed the golfing ladies picture I have one more for you.
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