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    Welcome to my profile page, please take the time to find out more about me and leave me a message.

    I'm now over 50 years old and like anything else I just get better with age. I live half way between Ottawa and Montreal and I don't mind traveling to either place to have my fun. I appreciate ladies that take their time and who loves to be affectionate with me. I also like to be seduced, aroused and I like flirting.

    I'm not a hard person to please because I love women of all shapes and sizes, age or ethnicity, As long as you treat me well you have good chances of seeing me again and again.
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  1. That is sad news about RG. If only we had mods to take care of these things around here it could get done.
  2. Update on my status....I have not been present on this site for a long time. I finally got a job as a porn actor but so far I've only played the role of the husband leaving my wife home alone with....my son or with the pool guy or my friend shows up to see me and I'm not there etc... I hope they get me to play better roles soon because these roles so far don't pay the bills.
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