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    Welcome to my profile page, please take the time to find out more about me and leave me a message.

    I'm now over 50 years old and like anything else I just get better with age. I live half way between Ottawa and Montreal and I don't mind traveling to either place to have my fun. I appreciate ladies that take their time and who loves to be affectionate with me. I also like to be seduced, aroused and I like flirting.

    I'm not a hard person to please because I love women of all shapes and sizes, age or ethnicity, As long as you treat me well you have good chances of seeing me again and again.
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  1. I agree with GT, she is the daughter of parents that are actors and she is only following their footstep. Quite honestly I find her to be a huge hypocrite, she travels all around the world in private jets, rents out limousines to ride around and eats high end meats(ok sometimes McDonalds) but in reality these things are deemed bad for the planet. So you want to prove the world about your ideas then lead by example and canoe or kayak to any destination you want to go, get a pedal bike or get skies or snowshoes to get where you want to go and eat bugs with a side of vegetable to survive. Than complain to the rest of us all how to do it. Sorry about this rant....it's been awhile since I've been here and needed to vent.
  2. Scientist say that the outside of a cell phone is the dirtiest thing in the world....they have not seen what I have inside my phone. LOL
  3. Florida man robs store to get away from his wife...spend 6 month on house arrest.
  4. What defines happiness? I have read some comments on here and many are looking for the greatest sex partner in their life. No wonder many of us are visiting this site often and searching for the greatest SP to have for 1 hour(pr more) to make us happy. I just recently turned 56 and always considered myself happy but talking from experience I always had the same feeling that most gentleman on here has, the best sex experience in the world. But all that changed for me and now HAPPINESS for me is... Health...A year ago almost on this day I fell very ill. Lost of hearing, lost of vision, lost of weight, lost of strength, lost of friends, lost of happiness. I got a break from all of that in the middle of the year and visited the only SP that I have seen for over 5 years on a bi-weekly schedule. Yes, even when Covid first hit us(we took a 2 months break but kept our routine going) it was scary and stressful but we took our precautions and did it. Getting back to happiness...take care of your health and you will find it...trust me. Because at the end of August things restarted to go bad for me and it attacked my other organs which I will not go into details on this since it's personal. But all I can say is that I no longer have a driving license and rely on others to move me around where I need to go. So I urge you to rethink what is happiness. You will soon realize that your health is what it is.
  5. She is a member here and she is very nice, it also needs to be said she is a gorgeous lady(from the pictures that I have seen of her). The best thing to do is to read her recommendations.
  6. You are one hell of a hot babe Sasha !
  7. Gorgeous legs Sasha, I would rub them for you all day long !
  8. NotchJohnson

    IMG_2373 JPG

    You are a gorgeous lady Erin, cute dimples on your lower back !
  9. Every time I go out shopping either for grocery or lumber yard, I always try and find the prettiest cashier that I could have a chance of bringing home for fun. Weird that I always end up at a self check out !
  10. Nice matching set of lingerie. You know I'm a big fan of garter belts and straps. I really like the looks of your breasts in that bra ! Just saying...
  11. Wow ! Sasha, that is one sexy outfit on you, you look really good on it. PS. You have amazing good looking legs ! PPS. That pearl necklace is giving me ideas !
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