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    Welcome to my profile page, please take the time to find out more about me and leave me a message.

    I'm now over 50 years old and like anything else I just get better with age. I live half way between Ottawa and Montreal and I don't mind traveling to either place to have my fun. I appreciate ladies that take their time and who loves to be affectionate with me. I also like to be seduced, aroused and I like flirting.

    I'm not a hard person to please because I love women of all shapes and sizes, age or ethnicity, As long as you treat me well you have good chances of seeing me again and again.
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    Ottawa, Montreal
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    tall, handsome, good looking

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  1. Just got back from 2 years of hiatus, I do read the threads sweetheart.
  2. NotchJohnson


    One word...gorgeous !!!!
  3. What a great assortment of goodies...whip cream...strawberries...and a side of boob...perfect combination !
  4. I love sweets...and that looks amazing !
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