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  1. Grass seeds to spread over a patch I did on my lawn.
  2. NotchJohnson


    Most of the ladies that I see love receiving(DATO) but as far as rimming it all depends on how clean you are and this will depend on the lady that is seeing you, I recommend that you contact the lady you wish to see if she offers it.
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    Recommendation Page

    If you can find the city that you visited the lady to which you want to make a recommendation you should be able to find her name on the list(unless she has never been recommended by anyone) and then you simply add your reco to the list by clicking on "Add Recommendation" If not it will show "New Recommendation" .
  6. If you click on Forums and scroll almost all the way down, you will see all the provinces and if you cli8ck on your province you will find all the cities that have ladies available, there you can find recommendations and schedule and announcements from many ladies.
  7. I like reading theannoucement in the chatbox but if I see a certain lady post her availability and I have never seen her before I used to click on her name and it would take me to her page, where I could see pictures and description of her and so on, now it just wants to reply to her announcement.
  8. This is the reason why when you are visiting a sp at her hotel or vice versa, you must look like you belong in that establishment. I'm sure it's their job to make sure that not anybody can come in and use the bathroom, find a place to rest in the lobby because it's warm or cool in the summer...etc. So pretend that you are going to your room or waiting on someone in the lobby and things will be fine.