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  1. Curious, are there any providers that will see clinents early morning, 6am early?
  2. Hello im crossing over into Digby. Im hoping there might be someone hosting in this area?
  3. I used to be hopeful about this Mya, but just recently started seeing her add posted in Qubec at the same time as in Kingston. Different numbers. But can't be the same person.
  4. No but she looks like a 16 yo
  5. I have not met this provider. But her strategy is working. Working so well there is apparently a new lady catering to the Military.
  6. They have a website, www.clubdynasty.ca It's worth booking a head of time. They have a free membership but not nessisary. Once you start texting with the chat app they will send a link offs profile.
  7. So a few weeks back I said I'd post a review of a new experience after expressing difficulties of booking local girls. Here it is. Club Dynasty, This club is in Toronto just south of 407 on Woodbine. It's a little far but worth the drive. It's a very unique experience or atleast it was for me. It's located in a business building on the first floor. Lots of free parking. They don't attempt to hide the type of buisness it is. With monitors featuring the hostess for the day. This club is much more than a rub and tug. There is a a large hot pool and large cold plunge pool, a stem room and a sauna. They are all in one common area with multiple private shower rooms. There is also a lounge area with a bar, several lazzy boys and large screen t.v. Initially it was strange to be there with other clients hanging out. Where Ottawa clubs take steps to keep clients separated. It became liberating not hiding or being shuffled about room to room. When you arrive and register at the desk. The give you a numbered key for a locker in the change room. You head to the change room where an attendant greets you and gets you a robe and bathing suit. Leads you to the showers before your session. Depending on the time of your session you can make use of the facilities. Staff are great friendly and cute make you feel welcome. There is a male attendant that maintains pools and steam room. The massage in cludes the ending. You can discuss with your massage attendat how much clothing she wares during the massage. Afterwards you are welcome to stay and use the facilities. You can even pay a day fee of $80 if you want to just use the spa hang out and socialise with staff. You can leave for a meal and come back if you like. The day I was there, a guy sleeping in one of the lazy boys apparently had been there for a few hours. Overall it was a great experience. The attendant I chose was fairly new was far from shy but needs more experience developing the massage skills. From what I could tell all girls were Canadian with different backgrounds and ages. Looking forward to when I can go back.
  8. Karma is definitely one I've been wanting to visit but have not been able to have my schedule aline with hers.
  9. Under the Kingston forums. The first one is recommendations. So.e there. You can ask here. But if it's a new girl probably not going a review of here. We all need to review our encounters.
  10. I've been traveling to Barrie alot for business. I can't believe how many assain massage joints there are. Including one that is connected to a nail salon. Separate entrance. All probably trafficked girls. Probably one places that is full of European girls also probably trafficked! Are there any legitimate or independent girls in Barrie. I doubt this will get read let alone a response.
  11. As the title says I've Gotten tire of not being able to meet one of the Kingston regulars lady's. Their are four or five regulars that I've only seen once or mostly not at all. Beautiful women are intelligent and from whatvi can tell are independent women. Their schedule usually don't line up with mine. Wich isn't anyone's fault just the way life is. Or they take too long to respond or they don't respond if they are busy. Good for them for having satisfied regular clients, wish I was one of them. The rest of leolist are too young or potentially risky engagements either party girls or working for someone other than themselves. Some quite possibly alot are women who are trafficked, which I prefer not to support. So recently I tried something new in Toronto. I'll do a seperate post soon. I was pleseanty surprised!
  12. if she is your type go check her out. letus know. its a good sign she is makeing ktown a regular stop.
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