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  1. Hello Nova Scotia, I am going to be visiting Nova Scotia next week. It would be amazing if I could slip in a little visit with one of the Halifax regulars. I see there is a lot of untrust worthy ads on LL. Same as out here. So if you kind folks could help me find someone sweet and independent. 26 y/o and up, not a party girl. Other that that I am not to picky. If one of the lady's can pm me that would be fine too. I'll be travelling up from the valley a few times hopefully once by myself. I don't know the area super well so if you can give general area , cross roads or something. Or is there a club in the area that's safe to go to. What about Halifax strip clubs, are there any? Any help would great!
  2. I think its interesting that it says nice ass with tramp stamp but no tramp stamp in the picture!
  3. That's alot of money to set that up. Seems suspicious there are a couple setbup like this. I don't go see anyone who are working for other people. So much human trafficking out there.
  4. Is this an apartment with different assian girls rotating through?
  5. Pearl is nice. No extras that I am aware. Super convenient for short notice. Wish the entrance was more discreet. Pearl isn't young but she is talented and kind.
  6. Looks like a new local girl in Kingston, Tiffany. A unique situation for Kingston. She operates out of her house westend. Husband is available for doubles. I don't know if he is a round the house if your just booking Tiffany. I'd be worried about that but maybe that's just me. 3 Bill's is out of my range. Tiffany is on LL. Has a couple cool top less pics in front of the Kingston sign down town. Thought that was pretty awsome. If anyone has seen her please share.
  7. Rubs


    Psss, You have cock on your shoulder.
  8. This is such an old post. I am surprised by the recent activity. Hello everyone
  9. How do I find my profile. Or how will I find the the reply to my question.
  10. Does anyone know anyone working in Smith falls , Carleton Place, or Brockville.
  11. Hey is there anyone working in Smith Falls or Carleton place.
  12. Just found this thread and loving it. Tring to make myself a better client. Im generaly on the shy side. Just my personality when with women in this situation. Anyway i find it fascinating how many Ladies here hate the hun sweetie bade thing. I litteraly get that from every lady i have communicated with. I wonder if thats why so many guys lead with it, or if women use it because they get it so often from the men????? I never used them myself. Thanks
  13. I have to say i like it when im pm by a lady i havent met. I find it arduous going through the adds looking for a new encounter. There are so many adds on here that are so old they dont have valid links. Or the provider hasn't been on this site for ages. It makes it so much harder and time consuming. So when someone i haven't seen says hey how you do'in its kinda nice and ill give them future consideration of my limited amount of visits. I never think they expect them to think im know obligated to visit them. Just my opinion. Might be a double standard but if i get one more real estate flyer to sell my apartment i might flip my lid. Haha
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