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  1. kingston8inch

    Anais • White

    Anais has a killer butt, Everything else was just excellent. Shame its her 2nd visit, such an awesome ass. Have fun with her when she is around. Again killer butt.
  2. kingston8inch

    Anais from YFL

    Definitely worth it, Body is better then pictures perky Bs In the top 3 asses my hands have touched, kitty cat is a beauty. Service was on point, surprisingly good massage. $$$ bit much for ktown but was reflected in good service. Reminded me of jewel from 10 years ago.
  3. kingston8inch

    Anais from YFL

    Will be adding to the reviews after my appointment tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.
  4. kingston8inch

    Deepthroat wanted

    Looking for a provider specializing in deepthroating large dick.
  5. Girl next door. Nice hair nice bum. Everything is safe which I like. Short frame, good head. Friendly attitude and not rushed, repeatable.
  6. kingston8inch

    Cassandra and Sophie

    I have seen sophie, short, nice hair, young (under 25). Has nice ass, smaller boobs, pretty face. Has good attitude, everything needs a rain jacket. I may repeat, nothing stood out from her service, not rushed and she was friendly. Cassandra may be fake pics, never have had an appointment.
  7. kingston8inch

    Karmel 8864

    No one has seen karamel in kingston?
  8. kingston8inch

    Jemma experience

    Any reviews on Jemma? Sounds like a good one.
  9. kingston8inch

    Any recs for Tori

    Easy to meet, decent room, easy on the eyes, menu/price, however I didn't haggle I went for hr, awesome skills, very good. plan to repeat.
  10. kingston8inch

    Anyone Seen her?

    saw once, nice body pics are accurate.