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  1. Yes, I'll echo this. Say her a couple of months ago and the level of service was OUTSTANDING. Pictures are a little generous but she more than makes up for it with personality and work ethic ;-)
  2. She seems to be a recurring theme here ... http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=112862&highlight=yumi
  3. Oh Danielle is great! I've just seen some new pictures on BP and she's HOT HOT HOT. I need to find a way to visit again soon Danielle! xoxo
  4. http://newbrunswick..........com/FemaleEscorts/sexy-and-wild-worlds-best-kept-secret-sweet-special-best-experience-30/1572765 We made an appointment by txt, she came to the hotel, she "went to get condom" and ... GONE. ...this was pure theft. Watch OUT!!! Additional Comments: ... now that I've had a nice sleep to cool off ... Phone number ends in 2625 in case the link to the BP ad doesn't work. She seemed nice enough at first, definitely from Newfoundland as advertised, not sure that the pics are real. That said, this was a planned robbery. She stood and chatted for a bit but didn't take her coat off. Made a big show of forgetting her purse in the car (this was 5+ minutes in) then went to car and I watched her drive away. So, watch out guys!
  5. So, Sorry, I never actually got her name ... but she also doesn't advertise it. If the link doesn't work, search on BP for the numbers 0568 - end of her phone number. Anyway ... I had the pleasure of passing through Moncton recently and took a chance. Pictures are excellent and accurate on the site. Service was somewhat 'predictable' but hey, it's crappy weather, a magnetic hill hotel, and only a /2 hour. I can't expect the ROYAL treatment. I'd totally repeat with this girl: hot body, nice personality, good effort. If I could afford it, I'm sure and more relaxed full hour would provide EXCELLENT results :)
  6. Yes, please post a few more details. She continues to advertise as Arielle (and maybe as Rose). Pics look good so if there's a problem we need to know what it is.
  7. Cindy advertises 1.5 hour tantric massage on BP. Has anyone TOFTT? It's just a little out of my price range so I'm reluctant to go without a recon. But ... I ... do ... love ... tantric!!!
  8. Is this the same Gina who advertises in the massage section here?
  9. Just a follow-up: I can't get through on her cel and I haven't seen her ad in weeks. I guess she's moved on. Too bad!
  10. Yeah, it seems I'm an IDIOT, I messed up the name. Chantal is on here now: http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=144969 MOD - is it possible to change the title of this thread to avoid confusion?
  11. I took a chance on this one who advertises as 4'10" 100lbs and 19yrs old (I'd say accurate). I'm not usually into small bodies, but I was in the mood. Fairview incall location was okay, service was ok, price was ok, but the woman is really cute! Nice personality and all natural, shapely&toned body. All arrangements were made by text but phone would have been good too. I suspect that this might be agency run, just in terms of how she handled the timing (as if someone was expecting to hear from her) and sure enough, right on time her phone went off as if someone was reminding her to shut it down. No problem really I was almost out the door anyway. My spidey sense says that this one might get better after a visit or two. Enjoy!
  12. Hi - well, by late I guess I mean past midnight/1 am kinda thing...
  13. Who's open late on a friday night? Or any other night for that matter ! :-)
  14. Just to clarify - there are 2 'barbies' on BP I think, one goes by 'real life barbie doll'. You're talking about the other one I bet ?
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