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  1. Hobbian


    No you're not! :icon_biggrin:
  2. Hi All, I'll be in transit through Pearson airport, and have the several hours to kill before my next flight. Could someone suggest a good Incall service that is handy to the airport? An Asian SP would be great! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ron
  3. It's Tamika. See the post below. She doesn't visit as regularly as before. https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=218320&page=2 I would definitely recommend her.
  4. Hobbian


    You have "http" twice in the link. Ron
  5. I personally prefer no make-up, especially no perfumes. As for outfits, nothing beats a birthday suit! :p
  6. Hobbian

    Anyone have any info on

    I think it's just a language problem, and nothing to do with drugs. Probably meant something else. Many Asian agencies' posts seem completely nonsensical if taken literally. Fun to read tho' :icon_biggrin: Additional Comments: The webchat ID in the ad is the same as Candyland/Asian Angel. They have been around for a while. I haven't tried but I have heard that they are nowhere as good as Vipotg. I should give them a try sometime. Happy Hobbying! R
  7. Hobbian


    Saw her after a very long time. Totally legit. Sweet as ever.
  8. Hobbian

    Cadence on BP

    Yes, you're right; the person you speak to is the "boss' in TO. In addition to the local number they used to have a toll-free number as well.
  9. Hobbian

    Asian massage on kijiji

    Seems to have been a well kept secret! I hadn't heard of her until last week. Have to set up a meet asap!
  10. Hobbian

    Tracie LeErotica

    Check the Massage Discussion section.
  11. Hobbian

    vipotg info

    I have been in the same situation myself. The two-call system is standard operating procedure for In-call service in most places. It is not unique to vipotg. I had to get a cell hone for hobbying- I hardly have any other use for it.
  12. Hobbian


    I had the pleasure of meeting two of their girls in Halifax. I've found vipotg very reliable...simple and professional.
  13. Hobbian

    Here for Limited Time

    After seeing Old F's TOFTT report I decided to call the number (" Last week in town" in CH). The lady (Vicky) was very pleasant on the phone. I met her today and it was a very nice encounter. She's Korean, mid-30's(?). The service is pretty much as OF has described: nice massage and HJ, with some extras at a reasonable price. I found her friendly and easy going. She's at a handy, fairly decent location in Dartmouth, and will be available until noon Wednesday. Will try to repeat.
  14. Hobbian

    Happy New Year!

    Wishing everyone Happy Hobbying in the New Year!