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  1. Will be in Halifax next weekend and am wondering if there are any reputable agencies. I tend to prefer agencies because I often call for a last minute booking. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. So what is the scam then? Why have a fake ad? To rob the guy showing up at the door? LE?
  3. I've never used BP because I don't trust it, but I'm often tempted to because I often travel to smaller cities for work. What I don't understand is what the scam is or what the point of fake pics is. If the ad has a 25 year old, 110lbs blonde on it and I arrive to meet a 47 year old, 180 brunette, I'm turning around and walking away. What's the point of the false ads?
  4. I will be in Ottawa on Wednesday and Thursday. I won't be in a position to host an SP but could manage to sneak out to an MP later in the evening in the downtown area. Are there any options downtown, later in the evening (after 9pm) and on short's notice? I've been to the places near the airport and in the west end but will need to stick near the convention centre. Any suggestions would be welcome. PMs also appreciated if that's better. Thanks.
  5. Ok. Well, I wasn't thinking anything as unusual as that. I was thinking more of things like rimming and cof.
  6. Just a general question here about etiquette, respect and avoiding awkwardness. When with an SP, there are often things that I would like to do or for her to do but can't bring myself to ask because I don't want to offend her to come off as disrespectful. I know that they're professionals, but some women find certain acts to be out of line (nothing violent, just kinky), and the last thing I would want to do is offend or disrespect. How do you make special requests? I usually book through an agency because I usually book on short notice so pre-discussions don't work for me.
  7. I'm going to be in London Thursday and thought I would check out this agency? It looks great online, but they all do. Has anyone used them? Are they legit?
  8. I know that this is the dream, but are there any legit spas in Ottawa where you can negotiate extras? I'll be in Ottawa with colleagues and we've talked about getting massages. These guys aren't into MPs, but I'm hoping I get hit two birds with one stone... discreetely.
  9. I'll be travelling to Ottawa next week and I've heard rumours of a place where you get your hair cut by topless women and leave extremely satisfied. Any info on this place? I would love to visit.
  10. Gotta say, this trip has been disappointing. Two independents responded to my direct messages telling me to call or text them. I call the numbers provided, and they don't work. That's why agencies are sometimes better. They're reliable.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has ever had their worlds collide? By that I mean booking an appointment with an SP only to find that it's someone you know from other circles (I know someone this happened to). Or alternatively, that you eventually get introduced or start working with someone who you know from your hobbying life? Although I know in such a situation, we'd both be discreet as neither one of us would want to point out that and how we know each other, I'm always terrified of this happening.
  12. Any good options for an in-call near the airport?
  13. Any agencies in TB? I'm visiting next week and though I've reached out to independents, they're not responding. Any tips would be appreciated.
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