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  1. Yep same girl I asked her about it and wow did I get a ear full Or text full said the other was fake as. But same number lol What is with all the fakes lately more than her fake in freddy
  2. I messaged her about 5 times and gave up Never heard back
  3. Emily tries to up sell once there Am I allowed to say that without getting in trouble
  4. Would love info on her as well look at that butt
  5. Hey guys no it is not Jamie I was asking about this other one Is about 20 brunette worked out of down town hosted in her apartment Close to grocery store
  6. Looking for info on the little Brunette that was on here might still be just can not find her she lives in Freddy i would say about 21 i have her cell num but no answer and no it is not mary any info ?
  7. No one has any info in here she is in Moncton now i would love to see her Well if i get good info on her
  8. Well i would like to put my 2 cents worth in but gotta be careful how to say it i guess so just pm me my other comment was taken down
  9. Well i have been texting her trying to meet her and all i got back from her was 1 message hard to book if no answer back
  10. I would also like to know about this lady I am sure someone has seen her
  11. Seen her today and walked out with almost as much as i went in with save your $ not even close
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