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  1. Any recommendations for Trista? There is one in Lyla but not from an experienced person.
  2. Which provider did you see? Could you share link to her ad?
  3. I met her again couple of days back after a long break of almost a year. I should say she has really matured as a provider. A better organized room, sexy piercings, better communication and most importantly a very confident person. I booked only a 15 mins session but she treated me good and did not rush. I am sure she is going to be Freddy's own sweetheart considering her age and years of service remaining (if she wished to continue)
  4. Oops! i am so sorry man. I did mention that I had seen her months back so something might have changed. But good to know that she had changed herself as a scammer. So all guys, beware please don't take my comment to give her a benefit of doubt anymore.
  5. I guess this is the same bait n switch group? I guess I found something on the warnings thread.
  6. Baby Paradise and Freddy Girl are the locals whom I know are regular.
  7. Bree Johnson? I guess she is not regular though.
  8. She is pretty, cute and you would feel like you are spending time with your girlfriend. I don't know if there are any strip clubs in Fredericton but she could give me the 'experience' in a hotel room. Her lap dance was mindblowing and I enjoyed it more than 'act' itself.
  9. I second you. I don't have complaints regarding her service but its a fact that she is nowhere near (by looks) as shown in her ad. I wish Leolist mandatorily ask providers to revise their profile with different and new pics once in a year or so.
  10. Have you finalized your dates? @Daddysgirltasha
  11. I met her today for the sake of a Trans experience. She is real, legit and a nice lady. Down to earth and extremely friendly. This was my first time with a trans and I was nervous like hell but she turned out to be nice.
  12. Which are those other boards? Could you please share links to those reviews?
  13. I had done Yandex search earlier on my phone but nothing like this popped up. It was all unrelated pics and links. Is there any other technique that you use to get results?
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