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  1. Would love to know at more? Pm me thanks in advance
  2. Anyone know if Gabrielle is still around? Known her a long time way back when she worked at Pink 🙃
  3. If you had a free weekend this weekend who would you see?
  4. Was kinda thinking that someone could pm me some info
  5. Was looking for info on beautiful Asian near hull casino. She has a dnr was reading up on her on another board? Any info would help thanks
  6. You can just call short notice and go in a sign up. Great experience
  7. Would love to get info on this place 😊
  8. Hey heading to Burlington ont for a week looking for some great massage attendants. Who should I see? Feel free to im me rates 😀 thanks
  9. Looking to book a dual massage next Saturday or Sunday feb 23 or 24. My first any recommendations? Feel free to dm thanks
  10. Anyone have any info on hunter? Now that she is independent. Feel free to dm thanks
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