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  1. Last visit was on the 3rd. Thought I would get in before the shutdown that Saturday night. I don't know what their status is as far as "Massage Therapy" goes . I do know that there is an RMT license hanging on the wall inside. In the past I would accept the receipts for my insurance but after retirement I do not get any re-imbursements. As well, living about an hours drive from the city I usually don't get into any of the spa's that frequently. I do know that I was treated to one of the best massages that any man can receive. When time permits and money allows I will be back but for now will wait for the the end of the month. Just a happy client or customer or what ever I'm called.
  2. Another great visit . It seems business is good and time for renovations and an expansion. I went in on a whim just because I hadn't been in for a while. I was listening to the radio and they were talking about people only going to see doctors and therapists when in pain. I decided to to do some pre-emptive medicine not being in any pain but just to keep myself loose. Called ahead and met up with Jasmine. Chatted for a minute or two and then she took me to see the new reno's. The owner want to add another girl and is putting in another treatment room. Both Jasmine and Tina have been in this location for over a year now and been my go-to place. We went back to the treatment room and I had another of Jasmin's excellent RMT massages. I can't believe that it was more than 6 weeks since my last visit. I'm definitely a satisfied customer and will repeat again. As always YMMV.
  3. I know that whenever I go the mask is part of the requirements. One time I showed up at the door and had left my mask in the car. No entry whatsoever. I went back and got a new mask out of the car. They are scared about the covid as they have No kind of medical insurance and can't afford to be sick as was explained to me. Asians have been wearing mask for years and it is commonplace just to go outside anywhere in China with out a mask. . It is almost now cultural. I don't like wearing a mask but it is mandated by government so I just wear it and get used to it. Some places will let you take it off and that's their choice. Hopefully it will all be a thing of the past in a few months. For now I wear it from the time I enter until the time I leave and enjoy the massage and ambiance . The funniest part of the mask is to take a shower with it on. That was a bit of a surprise to me. All is good with the mask as I can remove it when I leave.
  4. This is so correct. I had heard of the Thai massage and I thought I did my research. I definitely went in with my own high or even unrealistic expectations. All was OK and even good in some respects but it did not live up to my expectations. After a year and more of No sleep and up until the surgery I was willing to try anything. Since the surgery life is much better. It all depends on the way i sleep. The pain comes back and I need relief. Did the chiropractic, physio, painkillers all to no relief. The Jasmine massage would last for a day or two until lately. Thought I would try something new so off I went. Tried Thai with No regrets and went back to what has worked. Won't say where I went but it was good but just not what I needed. Back to the Rabbit and all is good for almost 5 days now. Won't say where I went as it is not important and don't want to give any bad information as it was only my expectations that didn't get met. Your experience may be much better than mine. No matter where you go it will always be YMMV.
  5. After talking with a co-worker about my shoulder surgery, she suggested a Thai Massage. It is supposed to do stretching and joint therapy. I looked up Thai massage in Ottawa and decided to try a place in the downtown area. Won't say the place as per rules here. I guess it was OK but didn't get a whole lot of relief. Pain shoots across my chest and in between my shoulder blades. Didn't think I was going to get any relief anywhere but made the call to Jasmine at the Rabbit. Went in Thursday night and explained my problems. She chuckled and told me to lay down on my back. Reached in under my shoulders and started to rub and then pinch some muscles. Then moved up; to my neck and did the same. I have been pain free within 10 minutes and still pain free today 2 days later. I took advantage of the whole hour experience and have been happy with my choices. She jokingly says on the way out that I should only let her touch my body when in need. I thought about it on the way home and came up with the answer that she is right. I don't want to be in pain so I may take advantage of her services and go for a regular tune-up more than once every 4 - 6 weeks. A very satisfied customer not a salesman and as always YMMV.
  6. My mentor growing up was my high school shop teachers, both in welding and auto mechanics. Never pursued it until I was in my early 30's. Fate happened and I was in a serious car accident. Couldn't do the job I was in so disability insurance said that they would pay for new education and re-train me. I asked if they would pay for my diploma in education which they did so off I went to Queen's University. One year later I was qualified and that was the beginning of my dream. Spent time in a bunch of different schools until I became full time. Lots of ups and downs but 27 years later I took an early retirement to end my dream. It was a fun and rewarding career but retirement pays almost as well with a lot less stress.
  7. Strange thoughts going through my head back in the days. It's been many years since I did the deed for for some kind of compensation. At first it was fun and exciting as a male dancer/stripper who would help out some of the ladies' at the club. Most of the ladies were married or about to get married and wanted a fling with a Bad-Boy. Sometimes we did dinner first and tried to make some kind of connection. I would mostly chuckle to myself inside. Made up some crazy bull-shit stories and then went to a motel or their place. After many different adventures it took some alcohol to get the job done. I remember a date where the lady got a phone call during our time together. Hubby was coming to take care of business. I ran trying to get out the front door but had to go through the back of the house. A car chase started in Gatineau which led to gun-fire from hubby. I escaped and said to myself that I would never do that again. Many nights I would laugh and say ' I didn't do that" . I certainly felt sorry for some of those women. One time I Climbed out the bedroom window and shimmied down the front porch, Met up with the woman who handed me my shoes at the front door. Many nights had to pretend they were the only person in my life . Lost myself in the crap. I know that any time I go to a wedding now I wonder to myself what is going through the brides mind. Maybe tainted for life. Now when I go for a massage or take the time to see an SP I still think back and laugh about the small talk. It's all about growing up and having stories to share. I wish I would have done a better job of screening clients as there was not any internet or even cell-phones back then.
  8. Hello Lydia. I'm not sure what I am here. It said New Member for a long time but with only 35 posts i am not any kind of Elite member by any means. I started here in 2010 but only started posting some 8 years later. Does that make me a regular member or a just some kind of admirer. I will let you make that decision. Fix as you may. @Newfy
  9. What if it's the other way around. I had a provider who told me she was in Love with me. Only after a few visits it became awkward. I wasn't too sure about the love thing but she confided. I was taken back a bit at first. Didn't want to hurt her so I backed off a bit. Said I was flattered but wasn't into any relationships at the moment. I did keep in contact but any contact became mechanical. I was told that I'm not to go to restaurants because of Covid. I had to leave after time and didn't make any further bookings. It is only recent that I can go back and can talk. We do have fun now and talk about the past and about her vulnerable times. All is Ok and who knows what may happen in the future.
  10. 80 million followers on Twitter and now blocked. I remember a fight between two guys outside my door one day over who had more followers on Instagram. Its a sad day when Trump can't and is banned from communicating on social media. A great day for the people who are tired of his continuous bantering. Twelve days can't come soon enough.
  11. It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring but Tina and myself. It was a Christmas present to myself. Been lying around the house after surgery and my body has been getting stiff,. Went for an hour long relaxation massage and it was the best ever. Lower back has been sore and that left within the first 5 minutes. Tina is a 100 pound 5.0 foot Vietnamese girl that has been at the spa for almost a year now. Being somewhat of a regular, when I entered I met up with Jasmine at the door. After about 1/2 an hour with Tina, jasmine knocked at the door and asked if I wanted a gift of 4 hand massage for 10 minutes. It was heaven on earth. Not sure what the next month will bring but I will surely return in February. Just a satisfied customer and as always YMMV.
  12. What you are asking is a no-no according to the board policies. The very first post and top of the massage page is that there be No discussion on Rates and prices with an explanation as to Why. .I can tell you that the Rabbit Spa does have a Web page and can be looked up on Google. Prices and services can be seen there. My suggestion is to go and have a great RMT style massage and then respond back with positive feed-back. I am sure that you will be happy with your decision..
  13. How is a guy supposed to know. Who has the Dick-o-meter and how is it used. I have been told that I have a big one but how do I compare it to others'. I do know that since I started the manscaping a few years ago it may not be the biggest but it is sure to be the cutest. Just my own thoughts. .
  14. Been out of the game for over a month now. Small shoulder surgery for some muscle repair and Dr. said I couldn't drive for a month. Spent some time on the computer looking at Leo list and wondered to myself how 2 Asian spas in Ottawa could use the same pics for a week as a spa in Toronto. Oh well. Got my release to drive on Friday after physio and made the arrangements to go to the Rabbit on Saturday. Lower back was stiff and pain in the middle of my neck from lying around watching TV. Got into see Jasmine for another RMT style of massage. It was a little strange at first as I still have this huge band-aide on my shoulder. She laughed and worked around it. Lower back pain was gone within the scheduled time. I noticed the little Viet girl Tina walking around in her short shorts and T top. They had just bought an elliptical machine and had it put in the front lobby so that they can exercise when not busy. They took turns demonstrating their exercise techniques on the machine. That was quite the show in itself. Already making plans in my head to go back in 2 weeks for a nice hour with Tina. I'm not into any big surprises so this place has been consistent for over a year now. Happy customer for a while. As always YMMV.
  15. I had been Googling " Ottawa Escorts" for a couple of months and this site kept popping up. I took a look and found it to be very informative. This was probably back in 2008. Back then there was a lot more information than there is today. The site used to be mostly an Ottawa site. I finally joined in 2010 but didn't post anything for about 8 years. Just used the site for my own personal needs. Got asked one time if I could write a recommendation and thought it could help the person. All my reviews have always been positive since. Being a little self centered I thought to myself that if I gave a glowing reco I would get a discount on my next appearance. That didn't work out. Looked at other sites but never left this one.
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