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  1. life is back to normal again. Was at the Rabbit this morning to visit with Jasmine. She has come back from her trip to China. The place brings back memories and the staff is more beautiful than ever. New girl is from Toronto and is quite something to look at . Will have to go back soon and see what skills she has. As always YMMV.
  2. Rabbit Spa has web-site on Google . Address is 1884 Merivale near Hunt Club. I have not been lately but do know that there will be 2 new girls starting on August 1st. They provide insurance receipts which I have taken advantage of. Any options need to be discussed in person and cannot be discussed as per rules on this site , but I do know you will leave happy. Enjoy and as always YMMV.
  3. I have been in contact with her. Somewhere before the end of July, Not sure of the day. 2new girls start in August.
  4. I have been to the Rabbit many times in the past. Most recently 2 weeks ago. It is a busy spot and an appointment is best . They do have a couple of travelling girls from Toronto but the first choice is Jasmine. This place has RMT credentials on the wall when you walk in. Just a walk-in may not get you what you are looking for. Can't really say much more other than the massage prices are on their webpage and talk to the girls. Have fun and as always YMMV.
  5. Yes. I went back to the Rabbit a couple of times since my last post in April. It is with sad news the Little Tina has left for bigger and better things. She says that she will possibly be working weekends in the Fall. There has been a few different girls with Jasmine being the only constant until the past weeks. Jasmine has given me some amazing relaxation and deep tissue massages. I went in this past Monday to meet up with the new girl Angela. She is drop dead gorgeous. Beautiful eyes and face. What a great massage from a sweetheart. Again I am impressed with the service's here. Over the years I have tried many different places but keep coming back to the Rabbit. As always YMMV.
  6. All is good at the Rabbit. Have been a couple of times this past few weeks but didn't have much time to pen a review or recommendation. Booked my time in advance as it seems the way to go at the busy places. Was greeted at the door by the girls at my scheduled time. Both Jasmine and Tina were there to greet me. Was taken into the room and had a quick shower and then went straight to the massage. . Another great RMT massage by Jasmine It seems that she keeps up on current events and can put together and interesting conversation. Both her and Tina can speak fluent English which makes for the best massages so that they can hit the sore spots. Another great visit and left without any shortage of time . It seems that I can go about 2 weeks before my body requires some attention and am already planning my next visit. As always YMMV.
  7. I*t just happened that I was in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. I drove by the place and wondered if it was still the same inside. I keep seeing ads saying all new and new people so I turned around and took the chance. I have been there many times in the past but none in the past 5 years. This thread started in 2011 and not much has changed. Place was fairly clean with a nice atmosphere. Can't really say anything bad but it is what it is. Two girls working that were older but good looking and friendly . I had a decent 45 minute massage at 8:30 on a Saturday night. Left happy and said to myself that I may return again sometime this year.
  8. Too funny. I chose over the top or B. I just grew up this way at home and have always put it that way. I have gone to friends houses that have cats and have to look in the cupboards for the paper. I have also gone into friends houses and changed the rolls from the back to the front. I still laugh at myself for doing this.
  9. Said to myself that I would keep the New Years Resolution going and made the trip to the Rabbit. Met up with the 3 girls at the door. Not only was it New Years but I thought in my mind that it was still Christmas . I had called first and didn't make any requests at the time. Wow , now I was confused. All 3 are beautiful and give great massages. Michelle is a little bit heavier but compares well with the massage. Decided to go with Jasmine. We chatted for a bit and then the massage. She can be a little chatty at times and her English is quite good. I explained about my sore shoulder and she remembered me from past. Special care and was taken and techniques used made me feel so comfortable. Again another great experience and will be returning before the end of January. Always feel so relaxed and all tensions gone after each visit. Just sharing my experience and as always YMMV.
  10. -I kept reading the messages from the women on the site abo about how Hygiene was so important. I also remember a time when I got a girls hair stuck in my throat. . It just made sense to wax. I see at a lot of spas that they do waxing for women. Women have been getting the wax job for years. My biggest fear was the pain. Just the thoughts ahead of time scared me for a few weeks before my appointment was made. Funny that it wasn't that much pain at all. Actually not at all what I expected. The woman at the spa said toi shave first and let it grow back for about 2 weeks and then the wax. The biggest shock of all was the cool feelings of walking around bald. Never any regrets. Give it a whirl and see what happens. It's only hair and it grows back.
  11. Yes, I have had the boys waxed many times. There was a girl advertising here on Lyla for a while about a year ago. She was in Gatineau doing this at her apartment. She was also working in a spa in the daytime. I haven't seen her ad for a while. I have looked this up and there is a couple of different places for this in Ottawa. One of them is in Orleans. Wax them and then let them grow back in which grows thinner. I went every 6 months. Shaved in between. Let it grow for about a week and then another wax. Feels so much cleaner and better. It may not be the biggest but it is sure the damm cutest.
  12. Too many thoughts in my head now. Went to the spa a few weeks ago and had my regular pedicure. Getting a little bit old and have a hard time bending my legs to do it myself. Plus it just feels so good at the spa. This time was special as the attendant was wearing a short little skirt. I spent almost 45 minutes looking up that skirt into a nice pair of pink panties and a beautiful cameltoe. Between the no bra thing and the panties I left and went straight to my favourite massage place.
  13. Did a little research of a couple of different places to my dismay. Every once in a while for some reason I think of change. I decided to go to the Rabbit this past weekend where I know what is happening and have seen the ladies. Made the appointment and was greeted at the door when scheduled. This was the first plus for the place. Then I was escorted into the room. At the other places I would sometimes trip over different shoes. Not here. Jasmine asked me if I wanted a shower which I said yes too., She left the room for maybe 5 minutes while I showered. Was back as soon as she heard the water shut off. Asked about my shoulders and back which she remembered from previous visits. Went to work on my sore shoulders and then my legs . Been having leg cramps. Another amazing massage from the woman with the most beautiful eyes . Still can't see the smile due to the mask but I know it is there We chatted for a few minutes at the end and I left with a new spring in my steps. Will be going back before the Christmas holiday's. Satisfied customer as always and remember that YMMV.
  14. All the new education documents are on-line from the province. They are available free to teachers and the like. Search the education websites and look for curriculum documents. I'm not sure exactly because I retired a couple of years ago. I do know that there was some discussion about the LBTQ groups and more talk about anal sex. Some of the church groups got all excited and complained so the documents have been re-written a few times. The documents differ from the Public board and the Separate board. I remember way back in my High School days that the sex-ed was taught by the physical education teachers in what was called the health part of Gym. Funny part of this was that my Gym teacher was flaming Gay which was difficult in the 70's. I learned all I know from experience and am still learning in my 60's .
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