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  1. newfy

    Spa Ecstacy

    Hello everyone. I've been to some of these "New " and " Grand Opening" Asian spa's in the past few months. I see another new one near Bentley called Spa Ecstacy . Any info on this place yet. They had an ad on Kijiji but it was taken down and now on Leolist.
  2. Not that I want to date myself or give up my age, but back in the late 80's I spent some years in the dancing and escort business. Spent the first part of the time as the bartender on Bank Street in Ottawa then moved on to the dance floor. At first it was fun and the money was great. Thursday's and Friday's were crazy with the bachorlette parties. Made some arrangements with some of the customers and began to do some escorting. I am still scarred with some of the memories., When I finally finished I could not look at an overweight woman for many years, It came to the point that I was sickened by these woman who thought that they owned you and you had to do what they wanted. The groping and pulling and rubbing was also fun at the start but shortly changed to almost a repulsion. I do the hobbying now as I have failed at marriage and do not want to try again. I feel for the ladies on this site and other sites as some times I had to go through with certain things that I was not comfortable with and with people that I was also not comfortable with. I now laugh at the " Me Too " thing and look at it as a double standard. If could offer any advice to the ladies, it would be to save as much of the money as possible and then get out at the first sign of disgust or of becoming jaded. Your mental health is too important.
  3. newfy

    Abby at Lees and Main

    One of the best massages I have had. Very cute and friendly. Maybe late 20's . I try to get to her place at least once a month. As always ymmv.
  4. newfy

    New Spa on Merivale

    I don't believe that you can discuss rates and services on this site. 1884 Merivale is south near Hunt Club rd. Spent the 1/2 hour and had a great massage. Cute girl . All the normal Asian massage stuff. No surprises. Will repeat when in town in 2 weeks.
  5. I don't believe you can discuss rates and services on this site. . 1884 Merivale is near Hunt Club. Pretty much the standard massage. As always YMMV. Nice girls and very friendly.  Will repeat when I come to town in 2 weeks. 

  6. 2nd post in as many days. Seen the ad on kijiji for the Asian beauty queen. Was wondering if anybody has had experiences with her . Thinking of contacting her on the weekend.
  7. Been here for more than 8 years and figured I should try a post. Has anybody been to the new Asian spa on Merivale near Hunt Club. Met up with a cute little girl with somewhat decent english. Very nice place and massage was great. I was even surprised that the pictures in the ad were pretty much accurate. She said that it was her in the pics.