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  1. It was just pure luck to find the owner on the day I went. I had originally went to meet up with the Viet girl. I had seen Tina the Vietnam girl twice but she was actually off that week. I didn't call and make any prior arrangements with her. Another time I went and she was doing the cleaning and recommended Jasmine. Jasmine I would say is about 30 - 32 year old Chinese. As stated above , she gives a massage that is better than most RMT's. There was a Michelle who also gave a great massage and then there is a new girl coming from Toronto on the 8th. I will give the review board a new message on the 9th. On one of my posts I tried another spa and left without any actual massage. Just had the best of experiences here without any type of hassle or stress. Jasmine has been my go-to-girl now for a while. As stated, I am no salesman for this place. I drive an hour into the city from my house and have left others places disappointed.
  2. Now I am confused. New spas and grand re-openings of older spas. All new and rebuilt spas and some advertising in both M.A sections while advertising in S.P. sections as well. I'm so glad that this doesn't happen on CERB. Thought I would take a chance on the weekend and visit one of those rebuilt spas. Called to make arrangements for a massage and when I entered it became a up-sell from the start. I was asked if I wanted 4 hands and was reminded 3 times that there was an ATM in the lobby. Some Asian language and then the other girl came in the room. Many different options were given to me. Within 5 stressful minutes I apologized for wasting their time, gave the woman 20 dollars and left. I will not mention the place of business as per rules on this site. Made a call to the Rabbit and drove across town. I was greeted by the owner who was there to do some cleaning. Said that the girls were just finishing a late dinner and I was welcome stay and take a shower or come back in 15 minutes, I opted for the shower and a bottled water. Shortly I was greeted by the most beautiful pair of eyes to ever peak out over a mask. Life became very simple again so I went for another amazing massage and standard finish. This girl is only here for the month and another new Chinese girl will be in place for Oct. 8th. I can't say enough for the ease and comfort that this place gives me. Not a salesman , just a normal guy trying to have a simple life.
  3. Been back again. All covid protocol in place. Hand sanitizer and masks. Not really a big difference with a mask anyways. Does not affect the massage any. Just can't see the smile.
  4. Congrats. I too have been back since my last post but haven't commented because I don't want to sound like a salesman. Nothing negative to say about other places which I have frequented but I just seem to have had the best of luck here.
  5. Another great visit. Went to the Rabbit again to see the Viet girl named Tina. Got there to find that she has taken the week off. Should have phoned first but wasn't thinking with the right brain. The woman who answered the door was quite nice and I have seen her over the past year but only in her street clothes and never for a massage. Turns out she is the owner and the person responsible for the RMT certificates on the front wall. She was replacing Tina for the week. Incredible massage that was RMT quality and had me at ease for 45 minutes. Very sexy deep eyes and a great body, This place never ceases to amaze me as over the past 8 years of touring the spa's I have yet to be disappointed here. Looking forward to a new girl starting August 1st.
  6. Had my visit with the Viet girl on Monday. Saw her a few months ago in the entrance during a visit but couldn't get back in due to Covid. Well worth the wait as the massage skills were almost RMT. She is also a CBC asian so there is No language barrier which is a little strange at any asian place. Probably going to make a return visit in 2 weeks.
  7. Not new to the scene but interested in broadening my horizons. Looking for someone interested in using Toys to add some new excitement and fun. Any recommendations or replies.
  8. Curious as well. It's a bit of a drive but hoping all is good.
  9. Now I'm a little curious, Does anybody have a link for this place. Can't find any information .
  10. I've been to this place probably 5 times but only because it was the only place open late at night. I haven't been for a year as I changed jobs. When I did go it was always the same older Asian women who worked the night shift. Place was a little sketchy as I had to walk upstairs through a side entrance. Through the grapevine the place has had some renovations but I can't confirm. Hope this helps.
  11. Been back to the Rabbit Spa on Merivale a few times but this past week was the best. Went in to find 3 beautiful women. One mid thirties Chinese, one late thirties Korean but the biggest surprise was a 5 foot spinner Vietnamese cutey of about 95 lbs and actually in her early 20's . She spoke perfect English and was very communicative. I know that the pictures are not always correct but this experience was one of my best ever at any of the Asian spas in Ottawa. Already planning my next visit hoping she will still be there.
  12. I was there about 2 weeks ago. Just like many of the other Asian spas, the girls change location after about 2 months. The girl I met was amazingly beautiful but didn't speak much English. She did say that she was working at different spas in Ottawa for the past year but she was from Toronto. As well, a former worker from Unit 21 down the street. Good massage and finish. She was leaving the next day for some Botox treatments in Toronto and then back the next Tuesday. Not too sure if she is still there.
  13. Hello everyone. I've been to some of these "New " and " Grand Opening" Asian spa's in the past few months. I see another new one near Bentley called Spa Ecstacy . Any info on this place yet. They had an ad on Kijiji but it was taken down and now on Leolist.
  14. Not that I want to date myself or give up my age, but back in the late 80's I spent some years in the dancing and escort business. Spent the first part of the time as the bartender on Bank Street in Ottawa then moved on to the dance floor. At first it was fun and the money was great. Thursday's and Friday's were crazy with the bachorlette parties. Made some arrangements with some of the customers and began to do some escorting. I am still scarred with some of the memories., When I finally finished I could not look at an overweight woman for many years, It came to the point that I was sickened by these woman who thought that they owned you and you had to do what they wanted. The groping and pulling and rubbing was also fun at the start but shortly changed to almost a repulsion. I do the hobbying now as I have failed at marriage and do not want to try again. I feel for the ladies on this site and other sites as some times I had to go through with certain things that I was not comfortable with and with people that I was also not comfortable with. I now laugh at the " Me Too " thing and look at it as a double standard. If could offer any advice to the ladies, it would be to save as much of the money as possible and then get out at the first sign of disgust or of becoming jaded. Your mental health is too important.
  15. One of the best massages I have had. Very cute and friendly. Maybe late 20's . I try to get to her place at least once a month. As always ymmv.
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