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  1. I went to see Trisha 2 weeks ago for the first time. She is absolutely Fantastic! She came and greeted me in a very nice revealing outfit with a nice red thong. She is everything you expect from her pictures and i would even go far as to say she is hotter than her pictures indicate. She has a great intoxicating smile just like her cute soft lips and her soft body. She had very few restrictions and kissing was allowed. She is guaranteed to make your day feel better. Msog is a service that was offered which was great! She was submissive at first but when she got into it she was guiding my hand and showing me what to do and the positions were great. She started off on top, then we switched to missionary then doggy, cowgirl and i finished in a spoon position. She was absolutely fantastic! She never once looked at the clock and knew how the human body works, she was so good i saw her again in less than 24 hours. Definitely a recommend i plan on seeing her every week from now on!
  2. Re: I don't think so anymore i use to see a girl there called Saddie which is also a service provider but she works at Nuden now, surprised to see hotter girls at the silver dollar than playmate, i guess the hot girls that live in Barrhaven don't want to drive to a farther club
  3. Does anyone who where the hot black girls dance?
  4. Haven't been there in 3 years is there any cute black girls there ?
  5. Ya Eva is her Name that Asian girl is smoking hot and really nice too, if Sally is not free see her for sure, infact i would even put her ahead of sally
  6. There is an asian girl that works there during the day that definitely matches up, She was so awesome but only seems to work a few days
  7. honey the porn star? do that mean you have movies i can rent?
  8. You want the best call Pink Kitty ask for ALicia she is the best they have and she is fantastic
  9. I feel sorry this happened to you but you do have to take some responsibility as well Strippers are Strippers very rarely are you going to get one that will do extras on the side. That's why i dont' see strippers anymore if i want sex i call Karine or another escort. I prefer escorts because there are no real games when i want sex i call her and she pretends she like my geeky body simple as that.
  10. I agree this definitely an agency issue it is bad business, also if a girl has a preference they should indicate that in her profile or when they are booking her don't waste the clients time. The Agency should recognize that men tend to book women they could never approach in real life and since the agency special is asian girls they should understand men of different races facinations with them and point out the SP that aren't biased.
  11. Jason882


    Wow I got to see her!!!
  12. Sounds like a great girl i will have to book her this weekend andshe for myself i wondering if she does duos.
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