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  1. Was in there for the dinner buffet last night. There were plenty of ladies around that night, but I only took one of them in for a CR dance. I believe her name was Alessia or something. Montreal girl, with a light French accent. 5'4", spinner, shoulder-length brunette hair, fit, with her biggest asset being her 34D (enhanced) breasts which pointed straight out with spectacular nipples. Not usually a fan of man-made breasts, but they worked perfectly in the visual department, as she used them to keep a barely hanging cut-off camisole, offering plenty of view both from the top and from the bottom too! She had an astounding stage show, I was there long enough to see it twice. She looked like she could've given a sensual handjob to the pole if she wanted to. Lots of slow deliberate spins around the pole to show you that she could do something like that to you too if that was your own pole up there on the stage. :icon_cool: After the show, she walked over directly to me. I tried my best to ignore her, as I knew I'd be addicted to her if I went downstairs with her. She wasn't having any of that, she came straight to me, and just stared at me. I told her, "No, no, you're just going to be too addictive". She told me, "what's wrong with that, I think you and I should go for a dance". I said, "okay", sheepishly. Went downstairs, and I was right it was addicting. Immediate body contact, lots of hugging, pecks on the cheeks and neck, both given and received. The enhanced breasts were initially a little harder than I liked, but you quickly forget about it as the sensuality starts to roll all around you. She later mentioned that she is some kind of psychology student, and she's developed some kind of lesson plan to teach women how to be multi-orgasmic. I somehow think she probably knows exactly what she's talking about!
  2. So how was Alex? Did you see all of these other girls in the CR, or just saw them outside?
  3. I never got one taken with the girl, but whoever that one is, she was pretty cute, even with the man-mades. Save</span>
  4. Way to bring an ancient thread back from the dead! If you look at the previous message, it was posted back in 2013, so whoever the Janis you're thinking of, it's not likely the same one mentioned here.
  5. Alex (or Gabrielle, not sure): So I was in for lunch at Pigale's with a work buddy of mine, and we took in their free lunch. There were a few good-looking options working there. One that I had my eye one was a girl named Alex: 5'3" brunette, with a build somewhere between spinner and medium, 34D's Quebecoise. She looks a bit like Tiffani Amber Thiessen from Saved By The Bell, or Sarah Freemark one of the anchors on the CTV2-Ottawa news show. I decided to take her to the CR. I must commend her on her CR room skills and manners. When we got there, she started dancing right away, but there was already a song playing in the middle. I was half-expecting her to charge me for that half-song, and when the next full song started and was about to finish, I was about to get up, thinking that I'm going to be charged for 2 songs. She asked me if I didn't want to stay for another song, as that was only one song so far! So she didn't count the first half-song! I was very pleased, and like a girl who is honest like that. Her skills in the CR are also very good, I won't go into details, but I was pleased to stay for the full 2 (or 2.5) songs with her. Also, her skills got even better in the 2nd full song. As a rule, I usually cut it after 2 songs no matter how well it's going.
  6. I think you might have posted this in the wrong thread? :icon_confused: Save</span>
  7. Saw two girls in the CR this afternoon, both above average in the CR. Elena: mixed ebony, spinner, 5'2", 34B. Mixed Jamaican, and a little bit of everything else on this planet. Has a few piercings, most notably in her two nipples. Very friendly, average to above average in the CR. Mentions that she mainly works in Barefax right now. Niki: white, tall, spinner, 5'6", 32A. Itty bitty titties, in fact even her nipples were tiny little pinpricks, which was very interesting to feel. Outstanding in the CR! She's French, says she only comes here once a week on Wednesdays, as she's from out of town (Cornwall area).
  8. Yup, I got her business card too, but I somehow don't think I'm going to take her up on her offer, it's way too rich for my blood. Additional Comments: Let's just get this straight, Annika and Danica are two separate people right? As for Danica, she told me that she just got back from the UK. She is indeed finished with life there.
  9. Alessia: tall, spinner Quebecoise, long blond hair. 5'7", 34a, 120 lbs. Standard to slightly above-average CR mileage. Danica: tall, spinner, English, 5'10", 34a, 130 lbs, short blond hair, tattoos, Suicide Girl look. Looks 20-something, but tells me that she's above 30. Quite sensual, and quite good mileage in the CR.
  10. Saw a girl named Jade there today. She was a half-Indian (Sri Lankan actually) & half-Irish mix. She was a tiny little thing, 5'0" spinner (5'7" with 7" stripper heels), 32B bust, cute as a button face, slightly olive complexion, brunette with blonde highlights. She said she's a student at Carleton the rest of the time, probably about 24 yo. Very good CR skills, eager to please. Additional Comments: So you're saying two Mayas might exist simultaneously at this club, just occupying different time slots? Sounds almost like a chemistry rule: two electrons may occupy the same valence shells, as long as they have different spin states. ;)Save</span>
  11. I saw a Maya at Pigales yesterday around noon. She was a spinner, but had blonde hair, and slightly enhanced breasts, and a very lovely longish pair of labia. I didn't take her into the CR, but just saw her on stage. Is this the same Maya that I saw back in April? Save</span>
  12. Yes, we should close this thread down now, leave it at that.
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