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  1. Thank you! Very helpful and good to know the "see new pm's/hit refresh" is just the way it is, takes the frustration out of trying to fix it. ;) And yes I set the time zone to Atlantic but not working correctly. I will check it again to be sure though. Thanks all, have a great day! XO
  2. I have a couple of CERB "tech" questions. Or maybe they are just user questions but I can't seem to find the answers and don't want to bother the MOD(s) with every silly question. 1.) Is there a way to change the "time" for users? I would understand if it said I logged on, sent pms ect an hour earlier than I did. Sure, Ottawa is an hour behind Halifax so it makes sense. But the time is usually at least 2 hours and a bit wrong for some reason. Any fix for this? It looks like I was last logged on at 4:00 in the morning LOL but it's really ten to seven. This annoys me. :) 2.) Every time I log in to CERB I hit enter and it says "Welcome!..." as it should but then the page refreshes and I'm looking at the login page again instead of my user page. BUT I am in fact logged in because when I hit refresh/F5, it jumps to the page it should. Also when I get pms, I don't see them unless I hit refresh and then it will show that I have a new message. I spend most of my time on here hitting refresh every 2 minutes so I can see if someone has written me back that I am trying to talk to or someone has pm'd me. I've asked around and this only seems to hapen to me. On any computer I use. Any ideas how to fix these two issues or do I just have to put up with it?
  3. I wonder what LE would think of a "bawdy house" that was outside of town limits? Say a large 5 bedroom house near the country. No neighbours to see or complain...would they still shut it down I wonder? I'm dying to know if they only do busts when people complain. Why else do they let 90% of ladies continue to work? Thoughts?
  4. 300 clients a month?? Is that even possible? Poor girl, I can't imagine seeing 300 clients in an entire year. Just another reason why there should be legal registered agencies that pay taxes. (Like in B.C for example) If girls wern't scared of the police, there would be alot less pimps and underage kids in this business and alot more legal, professional ladies. Just my 2 pennies.
  5. I just read this persons post in the advertising section. Wow. All I want to know is- What is a grower?? (Nope he's not talking about gardening) Now he is suspended so we may never know! LOL
  6. There are lot's of places for rent on Kijiji. I'd check there first. Also if you don't want to sign a year lease, you could try to sublet for a few months. Alot of the university kids are going home from april-sept and looking for subletters. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about furniture ect if you're just staying for a few months. Good luck! :)
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. I've gotten about 10 pms from people saying I should offer DATY, kissing ect. ??? I don't know what a GFE mp is either but I know I wouldn't include Daty or kissing in a massage rate. I think I'll just stick to GFE sp for now as that seems to be what everyone wants, even a lot of the guys that see mps. Who knew? I thought mp ment massage wth hand release. Thanks for the learning experience :) I think since I offer massage with release as well as GFE sessions I'm already doing the right thing offering two different kinds of service. Thanks again for all your help. Much appriecated! XO
  8. Summer Meadows


    LOL Thank you! Here's a hint- My nipples are my second favorite body part. ;)
  9. I'm thinking of changing my services in a few months from gfe sp to massage only provider. (Big change, I know!) I'm wondering how skilled a mp is or should be? Formal training ect? I give a pretty good massage, I'm told, is that enough to be a fulltime mp? Just wondering what the ins and outs of this service are, as I've never worked in a massage parlour. Is it ok to provide massage and hj only? Or do most mp's provide bj's as well? Also would it be preferable to have an actual massage table or is a comfortable bed prefered? Any tips at all? :)
  10. Any girl that says she does GFE but won't kiss the client should tell him before he books. And then look up the many definitions of GFE. lol :) Pretty sure everyones def includes kissing. Or maybe not. What do I know? ;) I know mine does!
  11. Summer meadows definition of GFE: Kissing Oral for both multiple positions Cbj hj sex with a condom 69er shower fun toys What am I forgetting? ;) GFE does NOT in my opinion (or bedroom) include anal, bbbj, CIM, COF or unprotected sex. Remember that's just me...every girl is different!
  12. I'm sorry to hear about that Boomer. You are a total sweetheart, it's hard to believe someone would be mean to you for any reason! Big hugs from me cause I think you rock. :)
  13. Ok so no virus on my pc. I did not want to reformat DrLove since my burner won't work anymore and I'm out of memory sticks lol but not to worry, it seems to be contained to my email and my address isn't listed to the recipients. I have changed my password and changed everything to say "this email has been hacked" for my name, city, ect. then I signed up for gmail as suggested. :) I won't open that yahoo addy again and my account should be automaticly deleted in 90 days. Not much fun. I must have opened an email I shouldn't have. It was just used for 'work' so not that big of a deal. It does seem like my mail was being used as some type of spam-what etasman2000 said. Thanks for all your help guys, this tech section on CERB is faster and more helpful than google search! :) Much appreciated!
  14. Thanks for the info! I will do as suggested right away and hope I get it fixed/deleted and I pray I don't have a virus. They are comming in my spam folder as well. Ccleaner never finds anything amiss and norton hasn't let me down in five years, but there's a first time for everything. Hopefully it is contained to email only. I recall seeing a feature in Yahoo mail options long ago, a section where you could block a certin amount of addresses, but can't find it anymore. Wondering if anyone knows if this is still an option and where to find that option? (until I'm able to delete the address) I am not using Yahoo anymore, it's been too much hassle. What would you guys/gals suggest for my email provider? (I don't want to use my windows mail for work) I've heard gmail is good. Are they all the same or...
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