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  1. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Police round up 10 suspected johns in Moncton

    All the more reason I wish and try to get people to enquire without explicit details! Eventho these operations tend to be only for the car date situations, its wise to stop asking for this and that! When we say romance time, cuddles, social engagement... Please use some imagination! Baseline is. It is illegal for you clients to soliciting sexual service! We sell our hosting and time only! Stop criminalizing yourselves! We dont like to answer these question to KEEP YOU SAFE. There I said it ...I feel better!
  2. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Work trip to Fredericton

    Hey, welcome to NB, best place to start is by checking the announcments. JMS is very well recomended, as are many other including those whom are travelling through and locals. Myself and Mariska are entertaining as well as Meaghan Mcleod, Lucy Diamonds, also Sophie, much variety to choose from!
  3. Studio 199 by Mariska ready to invite you for massage and more! 

    1. Hukupp


      Lol love the snap infusion 

  4. Studio 199 by Mariska is officially open to invite you! I am booking with Mariska 15th to 18th! Offering you my famous 30/30 massage combo! 30 min of massage bliss with me, then another 30 min of private time with your adored mistress, Mariska! I will be booking solo sessions as well! Lay back and let my hands take the pressure off! My skilled hands and soft skin will quickly allow you to unwind. I will excite, delight, relax then stimulate you! Deep penetrating massage or light tickling teases, with naughty detour along the way! Please make contact with me for the 30/30 option or for my solo sessions. Mariska will be booking her own sessions. PM, Txt, or best way is to simply call me. 506 261 7313
  5. I will be away for a mini Vacay:) Meanwhile my teammate, Tiffany Marie will answering all calls and booking solo. Take opportunity in having a nice one on one massage or social date with Moncton's Sweetheart! Enjoy an extra long session, 90 min and have you a beautiful mineral bath, a loving massage and more! Also NEW PRODUCT, colour baths! Makes your bath so much fun! All natural and no staining. Add on Fee $10. She begins booking 11am till 8pm. Please try to give notice, she is one who likes to dress up for you! 506 261 7313 ladysophiaclassic.com
  6. Well , nothing like you can cook my queen. Scallops, Shrimp , noodles and a bottled sauce .


    Good for  me . :))))

  7. Studio 110 by Sophia

    What is for supper tonight?

    Got a nice amount of tomatoes and basil from my garden so I made a nice clean pasta!
  8. Welcome to Studio 199 by Mariska! I have been often asked when I could come back to Fredericton give you the services you had become accustomed to! After meeting with the lovely and intelligent Mariska Harley it was such an easy choice to decide to re-open my original Studio/spa. Mariska will remain independent with in this collective. Fully booking and advertising as her own affiliated business. And I intend to periodically go between Moncton and Fredericton. When there I will offer my 30/30 sessions & solo massage and showers for 2 in a large glass shower:) Our grand opening is mid August and I will be booking from 15th to the 21! View my site for rates and description of 30/30 and solo massage. ladysophiaclassic.com 506 261 7313
  9. Miss Alex Banks still visitng till August 10th! Take advantage of the time she has here! Starting in September her hours and booking protocols will drastically change! Eros Spa pack is a Mélangé of services. Beginning with Moi for your massage. Then enjoy a japanese soaker tub with another hostess ( Alexx or Tiffany) And saving the best for last is spending the remaining time in the bedroom for a nice flirty cuddle time. ( Alexx or Tiffany) NEW ADD ON for your bath 🛀 TRY A COLOR BATH! $10 fee. Immersed your self into a color of your liking for added relaxation and fun! 100% natural and non staining. See my website for all our rates and services. ladysophiaclassic.com 506 261 7313
  10. I miss you too . Lol, need to come to NB to get Lyla lessons . 🙂 

    1. Studio 110 by Sophia

      Studio 110 by Sophia

      Will be away 10th for few days for a wedding. Back sometime around 12 or 13. Hope you can come up late Aug? Sept? 

    2. Katherine


      I will be up in September for sure ! 


  11. Fun night with color baths and Eros Duo spa pack! Alexx Banks & Sophia 




    1. Hukupp


      What a figure! Such great shape and sexy bum.

  12. Immerse yourself into a Color Bath! Choosing colors for Chakra healing will hightned your man's spa experience. Add on fee 10$ 

    Here was my bath today! 



  13. We are going to have an exciting August! Starting with Miss Alexx Banks staying for an extended visit till Aug 10th! 👠 Join myself, Alex and Tiffany for Eros Spa pack! 90 min of blissful and heavenly moments that will leave you in a euphoric state! Massage, Bath, cuddles. 🙈🙉🙊 August 7th Our newest hostess joins us for her Debut! Kassi of Halifax! For a few short days she will be joining me for massage training. Enjoy a 4 hand massage at an awesome rate! (30/30 and Solo rates remain the same)💋 Fredericton stay tunned! 👀 506 261 7313 @Sophia_touch ladysophiaclassic.com