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    Above & Beyond Massage with Sophia

    I have had an established presence in Atlantic Canada since 2008. In these years I have perfected my Tantric Massage to a professional level. My motto is " we are human, and humans are meant to touch and be touched".

    My in home private spa is designed for romance and comfortable luxury. A spacious massage room that has an extra large Japanese soaker tub. Extra wide massage table that is ideal to perform my famous front or backwards bodyslides on.

    Lovely erotic art work to feast your eyes on! This room will certainly allow us to connect in a very inspired mood!

    I do offer Exclusive VIP service as well. I carefully select whom I choose to spend this special time with, thus my rate for this is not for everyone. This is a 75 min luxury date. To be added to my VIP list you must be an established client or a deposit is required.
    Menu style questions will not be answered. It's about being together in a natural, never faked genuine connection.

    I am non judgemental and comfortable with various types of clientele. Ages preferred are 30+ how you introduce yourself is considered as well.
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    I am Lady Sophia, and independent Model, Masseuse, Entertainor and Hostess.
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  1. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Leo list on shaky ground

    I awoke this morning with a pay on credit card option. So I took the bait. Added $50 CAD to my gift card, 31 ERO. Which will give me about 10 bumps. They said I was one of few selected for a trial run? With that said. I REMAIN true to what I said previous about not allowing ONE site to monopolize our industry. I will remain proactive in using other sites as much as possiable. I will only bump an ad once in a blue moon. This chick will not put all her eggs in one basket. Who knows what will be around the corner? **Little after thought** I find it amusing how many hobbyiest seem to have such strong opinions on our advertising costs. And whether or not LL should be allowed to monopolize and price gouge us. Would they feel the same if they had to pay 3 ERO per click? Just sayin'
  2. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Any other independents frustrated with....

    You might be interested in this thread. Although the last few post went kinda ...umm way off topic, lol.. But notice some of the pics I supply especially the " Bot " pic.
  3. Happy to announce both of my upscale and private home locations are now both available to spend romantic encounters together! ⭐ EXCLUSIVE VIP DELUXE DATE ⭐ This is an hour and half to enjoy with one another, entangled in lover's embrace, flirty fun jacuzzi soaks, sensual soft pillow chats! I put a great deal of effort into preparing for our time together. So pre booking for VIP service is mandatory. I select very few lovers per month, would you like to be 1 of the 4 on my list for May? ⭐ESTABLISHED clients may prebook now. 🔍New clients will need to be screened and a deposit is required. 🏆Massage clients can book same day appointments with at least hour notice. 🚿MONCTON Spa now equipped with a very modern brand new walk in shower to add to your heavenly session. Re-opening MAY FREDERICTON SPA you will be hosted upstairs and can enjoy my jetted tub! ⭐SEE MY SITE FOR ALL MY RATES⭐ https://ladysophiaclassic.com 466034470_Just Animal instincts, let the good feelings flow! _SD.mp4
  4. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Leo list on shaky ground

    Ummm dont think any of us are trying to stay in top 2??? Post at 11am and by 1pm we are like 20 down? So ya it takes min 3 bumps a day to remain visible for the actual times your booking. Seeing how have quoted me Denots.... I wonder if you read my initial post? My frustration was pointed more to the fact when I ask a straight question " where did you see my ad" and the only answer I get back is " the internet" it leaves my nerves puzzled! OF COURSE THE INTERNET! LOL. I was also pointing out the importance of using more than 1 site to advertise, and more than one site to seek! BECAUSE Just like when BP went down everyone was scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off! I don't care, do what ya want. But you will be finding me and many other legit providers on the list that I posted. Enabling a site that uses and promots the use of " space money" and "space wallets" and " Bot ads" and so on is not conducive to what I feel is ethical advertising or helping the movement to supporting SW human rights.
  5. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Leo list on shaky ground

    Ohhh look more weirdness! Bot that didnt make it through the 502 error perhaps?? 😂 Or the Russians??? 😂
  6. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Leo list on shaky ground

    This is today, if your not aware, 502 cloudflair is usually a temporary issue. CDN error, the server used a third party for privacy, the third party went down affecting them as a result. As explained by my SEO specialist. And BP had this a few times before was finally down.
  7. Closing for a renovation:) A whole new bathroom is being done! Glass walk in shower outfitted with a built in back massager, and added bonus of colorful lights right in the shower! The shower will be spacious for me to join you! This will elevate your spa experience that no other place has to offer you in Moncton. Cant wait to invite you to enjoy this luxury! April 23rd to 27th booking in Fredericton. Click on the movie below, use your volume💋 466035881_Imagine the Possibility, Explore with me! _HD.mp4
  8. Let's make sparks fly! You bring the desire, I will create the fire! Only WED TO FRIDAY THIS WEEK! Them closed for renovations. 

    Will be hosting Fredericton April 23rd to 27th. 

    25th BOOKED

    26th BOOKED


  9. As the title says... We can make stars collide! When passions collides with foreplay, the leads us enraptured by fantasy and fulfillment! That is when you have reached ABOVE & BEYOND your wildest expectations! Come Explore what can be! 🌟🌟PLEASE VIEW MY WEBSITE FOR ALL MY SERVICES AND RATES. PAY ATTENTION TO SPECIAL EVENTS PAGE, AND IF WE HAVE NOT YET MET, PLEASE READ FAQ? 🌟🌟 💋Click play...has volume...💋 466032921_Explore what can be! This is Above & Beyond_SD.mp4 466034470_Just Animal instincts, let the good feelings flow! _SD.mp4
  10. No bookings till Wednesday. Getting ready for renovations. Closed in Moncton April 23rd till 27th. 

    Fredericton will have a few days with me:) 💋

  11. Bachelor Party season guys! 


  12. Studio 110 by Sophia

    **Stolen pictures**

    There a sudden rush of all kinds of Bot ads appearing. I am hardly see any of our locals. Local lady ads are sinking further and further down faster. Hard to say what's stolen pics vs bots at this point. Some bots are obvious tho. Do everyone a favour and start utilizing other sites. Because I doubt that real touring and local ladies are going to be using LL with the ridiculously high ad rates. Some are already raising rates just cover ad cost. Not meaning to speak for everyone, But I personally wont be spending 54.00 every 2 days to compete with bot ads. Ohhh And welcome to the Maritime and to lyla furlong24☺
  13. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Leo list on shaky ground

    All good. I am not petty. You have your points, some valid I will say that. But also so am I. We all can choose our best methods for our marketability. Is loosing LL a risky move for me?? YES!! But at these rates I feel its more of a risk for me to stay as well So be well and be merry:)
  14. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Leo list on shaky ground

    Ok well....this is price gouging..pure and simple. No way can I expect to go and spend 54.00 CAD every 2 and half days and bump 3/4 times to remain visible. And that's only 10 bumps! Used to be .33 cents! I don't have the means for that. If you do ...well good for you! I will stick to sites that charge a monthly fee, no bumping, full profiles, and with no bot ads. Enjoy LL.
  15. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Leo list on shaky ground

    Well, naturally I pay taxes as a business. A business needs proper business expenses to claim. With out claiming my expenses I would be a possible fraudulent . How can I pay into CPP with out a proper business that pays into it? How would one get a mortgage without claiming taxes on my business? Any business meeds to claim, prove income, pay taxes and claim expenses. Simple formula. Bring heat???? What heat?? Nothing brings heat like not paying taxes IMO. Also, I choose not to engage with you further on this issue on twitter. So I will not be engaging with your discussion here any longer either. Have a nice day.