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    Welcome the Oasis of pleasure. The perfect place for Gentlemen's relaxation at it's finest!
    I have dedicated all my skills to providing spa style relaxation for Men who just need some touch therapy.
    I am certified in various forms of skilled massage and yet with genuine ability for hosting.
    If you are seeking relaxation with a personal touch, then this is the place to be!
    I have several amenities to offer you to enhance your massage. Enjoy my Japanese Soaker tub after your massage. I have a traditional table that elevates you for your viewing pleasure, and as well as an ergonomically front facing chair. Stand up shower with men's grooming products to be fresh and clean before and after your massage.
    From time to time I also work with other local ladies to offer you even more choices for extended fun!

    PLEASE NOTE: Arriving clean is a great way to ensure that you will have the best massage we can offer, and if not possible please step into my shower upon arrival.
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    New Brunswick
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    I am Lady Sophia, and independent Model, Masseuse, Entertainor and Hostess.
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  1. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    Very good points! I myself have a few clients that only ever see me, who do not post at all. And if they are not seeing me they will meet with a trusted friend of mine. Some really prefer to keep a small circle of friends. However, there are shill recos and fake accounts. Hard to prove or pin down with out the multi detect being visiable as it once was.
  2. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Recommendations for the exotic massage???

    Thanks darling! ImSprung, Correct word is EROTIC massage...not EXOTIC ....cute tho! Here is a clip of one kind gent who appreciated my long standing and years of experienced massage skills. Certified and trained. Also a link of my Reco's for future curiosity. Please note I ADVERTISE in the MASSAGE ONLY section unless a special event suggests otherwise. And most recent ...
  3. For many, we have had the pleasure to get to know one another. And now so much time has gone by! Let's reunite in that lover's embrace once again? I miss your touch, your voice, and your company! As I am sure you have missed mine! Where once your hands have lingered, and memories made, shall we recreate that passion? Joining me is the Fabulous Zoe Dior of Moncton. An exotic, alternative beauty you would be pleased to meet! She is a rising star full of enthusiastic energy of delights! 🔥DUO IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED 🔥SOLO IS POSSIBLE AS WELL RATES RANGE FROM 🚨DUO 700 for a 75 min engagement 🚨SOLO 400 1 hour ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ THIS VISIT WILL BE BASED ON THE ENQUIRY VOLUME WE RECEIVE FROM MARCH 6TH TO MARCH 20TH.... SO IF YOU WANT US IN OTTAWA, LETS US KNOW SOON! ✔ If you are known by me and with a booking history you will have first booking opportunity. ⛔ If you are New to me, but have a refernce of a well established provider who will vouch for you, you may also book ⛔If you are New here, or with little posting history you will require a deposit. ❎ Rates on our website DO NOT reflect our tour rates! 📤PREBOOKING BEGINS MARCH 6TH!!! Tour planned for APRIL! We prefer to plan ahead for your comfort and ours. ladysophiaclassic.com 506 261 7313
  4. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Recommendations for the exotic massage???

    Thanks Meaghan. 🙂 We do have a massage section here on lyla. My ads are most often posted there. Unless in the case of my Exclusive VIP or escorting duo ads, then I am found in Escort section.
  5. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    Small corrrection. The sharimg between ladies and agencies etc...that paid advertisor part only applies to Ontario and larger cities. NB, NS and PEI are excluded. Due to the fact we have much lighter traffic. So When I went to work in Ottawa at a spa, MODS put my name in red to show I was working at a comerical spa. But when I returned home it went back to normal.
  6. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    I seen a post today in discussion that seems a bit off to me. Also, I have noticed a few recos that the account never posted anywhere and yet find the reco section. Granted, there are some men who are fans of certain ladies and therfore use the platform only for that reason. Or even a provider can direct them into becoming a memeber. Posting involvment is good for everyone. Providers and hobbyiest will benifit from more communication. Elite ranks used to be able to see multiplie device/account detection. But now we can not. Which IS a shame! Because its often us who can notice and reconize the posting patterens and can then allow MODS to have a heads up. I personally asked MODS to consider making this possiable again. I can see a few I suspect to be either banned memebers sneaked back in and possiable fake hobbiest accounts too.
  7. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Body to Body Massage

    Thank you! Hope you can come and enjoy this oasis:) Its designed for romance and comfort!
  8. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Body to Body Massage

    If you find yourself in Moncton, I provide slip and slide massage. Forwards and backwards bodyslides, hot oils and more. I have an extra wide table so the body to body massage is comfortable and safe.
  9. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Recommended Hotels??

    Moncton Delta is nice. The Rodd Inn. Crown plaza Moncton and Fredericton, Casino Moncton is nice but far from Downtown. Comfort Inn Moncton and Freddy has convient drive up rooms.
  10. I have ONLY 3 openings between Thursday 7th and Febuary 13th for EXCULSIVE VIP LUXURY DATE. Plan ahead, same day is usually not an option for this offer. 

    1. Only offered to established clients of Studio110

    2. If not yet visited you may send deposit to be accepted on my list. 



  11. Thanks for the follow:)

    1. artictundra


      Thank you for the service. I hope to take part next time you are in Fredericton.

    2. Studio 110 by Sophia

      Studio 110 by Sophia

      I have some exciting events happening this summer! Stay tuned:) 🐦

    3. artictundra


      I will keep an eye out.

  12. After much consideration, and with so many of you have been requesting me to return to my GFE service, I have decided to give you what you crave! I will be making an EXCLUSIVE VIP LIST. I will be very selective on who is invited to enjoy what I offer. My rate is NOT negotiable I have set this rate to attract only a few and selective gentlemen to accept. This luxury will not be for everyone. If you are seeking an affectionate, exclusive girlfriend experience then this is for you! 75 minutes of Luxury and Exclusive date is reserved for established clients of Studio 110. If you are new to us, you will need to book one massage session or spa pack before I put you on my EXCLUSIVE VIP LIST. This will assure for both of us to create a natural connection. I want BOTH of us to enjoy our time together. No need to fake it, simply allow ourselves to discover euphoria with each other. 75 MINUTES LUXURY is $400.00 NO HALF HOUR RATES. 506 261 7313
  13. Studio 110 by Sophia

    What's your Sunday Super Bowl plans?

    Wow! I loved the half time show lol. Especially liked the fusion of other performers mixed in. And..I am a sucker for that mans body and tats lol. Smelts were good! Lol... And then there is Brady, patriots win:) They got a smart coach and it shows! Poor Rams, got smashed with a 6 to 3 win. Ouch.
  14. Studio 110 by Sophia

    What's your Sunday Super Bowl plans?

    Bit what about food? Puppies? And cheerleaders? 😆 But yes all true and unfair! Lol
  15. Thought would be a fun thread:) Is your superbowl sunday about 1. The game? 2. The commercials? 3. The food? 4. The half time? 5. Puppy adoptions 😂 For me.... Food! For sure smelt feed, chicken wings, loaded potatoes and nachos. then..its the commercials! I love a good commercial on any day! the game...well how can I not appreciate all those amazing athlete butts! And the cheerleaders! half time has been more MEH than wow lately... then cant resist the great work SPCA has dome making it an anual event.