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    Above & Beyond Massage with Sophia

    I have had an established presence in Atlantic Canada since 2008.

    In these years I have perfected my Tantric Massage to a professional level. My motto is " we are human, and humans are meant to touch and be touched".

    So, I welcome you to your very own private Oasis, a Gentleman's retreat! My studio will allow you all the comfort you need to to drift away!

    Moncton's Only Gentlemen's Spa that offers you the kind of get away you are seeking.
    Enjoy customized and modern atmosphere with a jacuzzi massage room and beautifully decorated romance room.

    Utilizing my natural ability for hosting, I have created the discrete an absolute Divine space for you to enjoy!

    You will quickly understand why ABOVE and BEYOND has become my namesake!
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    New Brunswick
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    I am Lady Sophia, and independent Model, Masseuse, and Hostess.
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  1. See You Monday My Love image.gif.590ba2d7419e3c877c9be66c4e0fa9e6.gif

  2. Valentine's, the time for Romance! Each year I offer very specialized couples massage session that will create intimacy that maybe you have forgotten? Let me teach you how to touch her and romance her and create that spark again! Maybe this lucky lady in your life is your significant other? Or maybe she's just a friend? Either way let me guide you into pure romance and ecstasy together. Perhaps you're a man who just wants to know the maps of a woman's body better so feel free to bring your partner, wife, girlfriend ,friend or even another SP! ( PLEASE NOTE: BOTH PARTIES WILL NEED TO HAVE FULL CONSENT AND UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT TAKES PLACE! I NEVER WANT TO SURPRISE ANYONE! ) Spa Pack 1: four hand massage, we will treat her to a massage and I will teach you essential art touch $250 Spa pack 2: begins with a jacuzzi for you and her, using beautiful aphrodisiac essential oils and bath salts. Followed by a four-hand massage first for her then for you! This pack is 2.5 Hour. $450 Spa pack 3: this pack is for the more adventurous, with all of the above mentioned and extra time for three of us to enjoy one another in the boudoir this is a 3 hour session. $ 800
  3. Studio 110 by Sophia


    Here's a thread that was started some time ago you can find most of us on Twitter with our addresses here. Twitter is a great way to keep up-to-date day-by-day hour-by-hour unavailability or special events that we may have.
  4. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Tough SP Decision

    Good point I was going to say something along the same lines, it's a little bit awkward when us ladies are reading a thread comparing two women against each other. Not sure how Berlin or Starlet feels about this thread, but I've been involved with threads like this too and it always made me feel very awkward. When gentlemen are booking time with me I like knowing that that person genuinely was interested in me and not booking me because of a comparison thread.
  5. I Got It Right This Time! 3rd Time Is A Charm 😘

    Happy Birthday To A Special Lady! 😘

     xoxo's Katie 💋image.jpeg.256a185d7ccc27b0271740b1aa669911.jpeg

    1. Studio 110 by Sophia

      Studio 110 by Sophia

      Thanks sweety! Cant wait to see you!! 💋💋

    2. katie


      We'll Have Our Own Party, When I'm Back From France..💋😉

  6.        Today January.5th is Someone's Birthday 😉   

    Happy Birthday Girl 😘

    We'll Celebrate When I'm back from France xoxo's 💋❤️image.gif.461046b53516de02eb1438713c190f37.gif

  7. For many I need no introduction, but for those whom I have yet to meet or that perhaps are new to the area I am Sophia. A classic Beauty 45 years old this week:) I Am Naturally slender, graceful in my movements and romantic with my body language. In both of my locations Fredericton and Moncton my Studio's are designed with all the comfort you need to feel welcomed and allow yourself to unwind. I conduct myself professionally and I am one that you can count on for reliability. I do require a few simple screening request before accepting you as a visitor. So screening is expected and respected. Once that is out of the way, we can carry on as lovers do! Well known for my unique Touch Massage abilities and highly sought-after for my VIP luxury dates. I have custom made spa packages to suit a wide variety of spending allowances. So please refer to my website for all of your spa packages. ladysophiaclassic.com PRE BOOKING January 15th- 18th IntroText_20200104_114727.mp4
  8. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Late night visits

    I will definitely Echo this comment, us ladies take time and special care and making sure that everything runs smoothly. So if you are contacting me at 8 p.m. waiting at 10 the answer is going to be no. However if I did know the day before or at least in that morning I could make accommodations for 10 p.m. or midnight available.
  9. Stopping By To Say.. Hello Sexy, and Miss You! 😘


    1. Studio 110 by Sophia

      Studio 110 by Sophia

      Miss you too my beauty Queen! 

  10. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Eden in Moncton/dieppe?

    There is a discussion in the warning section. Look there for more information.
  11. Tomorrow, Friday, will be my last day for booking in 2019. I will resume booking January 3rd until January 6th and then off for three days for my birthday🎁 Want to be on my VIP list? screen now to enjoy the benefits later. Buy screening now it makes it possible for you to have same-day appointments with no deposit. Just follow a few easy steps to become screened, it takes the complication and worry out of booking a session! I have a screening incentive for anybody who wants to screen between now and January 3rd take $50 off your first 90 min Luxury Date! Send Pm, Text and Call to screen.
  12. Studio 110 by Sophia


    That is actually a brilliant idea! I'm always so happy to have a discussion with you you're always a gentleman I think fairly and I do appreciate that😊 it would also be nice if us ladies would be able to include our giffys and short films LOL
  13. Studio 110 by Sophia


    and I also do agree, perhaps there needs to be a new section opened for these types of posts. I'm sure you and others can understand how it feels as an Advertiser that is under such strict regulations that we have to be so careful what we post as photography or even censored words. And yet to find pornography on the site
  14. Studio 110 by Sophia


    I am speaking more of concern of some hobby members here with head banners showing actual pornography photos😶 I find that extremely unfair whereas we cannot advertise like that ourselves ( personally nor would I want to either advertise like that LOL) But I've also seen motion video and some of the discussion threads that I do not feel is appropriate. This is not a porn sight, it's a community forum and a recommendation board I think we need to get back to that.