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    Above & Beyond Massage with Sophia

    I have had an established presence in Atlantic Canada since 2008.

    In these years I have perfected my Tantric Massage to a professional level. My motto is " we are human, and humans are meant to touch and be touched".

    So, I welcome you to your very own private Oasis, a Gentleman's retreat! My studio will allow you all the comfort you need to to drift away!

    Moncton's Only Gentlemen's Spa that offers you the kind of get away you are seeking.
    Enjoy customized and modern atmosphere with a jacuzzi massage room and beautifully decorated romance room.

    Utilizing my natural ability for hosting, I have created the discrete an absolute Divine space for you to enjoy!

    You will quickly understand why ABOVE and BEYOND has become my namesake!
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    I am Lady Sophia, and independent Model, Masseuse, and Hostess.
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  1. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    If you haven't heard yet.... Tonight at 730pm there is a call for Canadians to step out to balconies and doorways to give our health care workers and round of applause 🗣🏥💙
  2. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    In no way am I judging other providers of course! And for myself of course I'm facing major financial difficulties. I have the bare necessities almost covered but still have a long way to go for things like a luxury of food for example household items gas Etc don't get me wrong obviously I'm happy to have some of the benefits allowed To Me but it's still going to be a hard few months. What I'm trying to show here is that in Canada we do have the option of paying our taxes to be able access the many benefits that we can receive such as building your credit, getting a mortgage, paying into CPP for old age and in crisis like this we can receive benefits as well. It is difficult time for EVERYONE. 😳
  3. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    Yup me too:/ this is one of the many reasons why I am very happy that I chose to pay taxes on my income years ago. Without paying taxes on my business I would not qualify for the crisis benefits and the mortgage pause that Canadians are entitled to during this pandemic. Without being able to rely on these crisis benefits I would be in dire need. As most people I live a week by week with the money I make therefore my rainy day fund is very small.
  4. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    Have thoughts about it. But. I am such a people person I don't know if the hands off approach would be my game or not. We shall see in time though😏
  5. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    Good job George! I may have to start a whole new business model I'm getting very bored over here LOL
  6. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    I realized today how I almost had a close call. I had a scheduled appointment for today, thankfully his employer called him and told him that he was in direct contact with somebody who tested positive out west and was given orders to isolate. That's how easily I could have brought the virus into my home. Hopefully he does not become symptomatic and doesn't get a positive test result as well but better safe than sorry
  7. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    Well that changed quickly, I will be suspending my services and play it by ear for the time being. I will announce when I will resume my normal booking schedule. I am healthy and well however I'm starting to slowly see people not feeling well and showing symptoms. Whereas a lot of my clientele does travel through Canada I feel that the risk is higher than I first anticipated. I would rather be in self isolation and healthy than self isolation and sick. For anybody that is not feeling well please be sure to monitor your symptoms and dial 811 ( NB ONLY) if you are not sure if your symptoms match covid 19
  8. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    Okay so I'm going to chime in here and let everybody know what protocols I have in place. First off self-monitoring is extremely important, I have no symptoms of any kind of even a sniffle a cough or fatigue. So with that being said I feel I am safe to move forward , but what am I doing to protect myself? When you enter my home I automatically will be offering you hand sanitizer and I will do the same. Before we move into the massage room or the bedroom a shower and hand washing and mouthwash is as to be used for the two of us. And of course that practice is used again when leaving. I have taken some options off of my menu. Such as kissing. In between every appointment my whole shower bathroom door knobs massage table is always wiped off with sanitizers that has always been my practice anyway. I also will be asking everybody who wants to visit if they are showing any signs of symptoms at all and if so please do not book your appointment. And with all of this being said I want you to know how important it is to pre-book an advance so that us ladies do have time to make sure our incall is cleaned properly in between each visit. To properly clean in between every appointment it should take at least 45 minutes to an hour. Prebook in advance so that nobody is being rushed. At this point New Brunswick there was one confirmed case, until I feel it is becoming more of an issue I will remain open and move forward cautiously. If you have a compromised immune system, are elderly, are you are directly caring for an elderly person I highly suggest that you do wait and see what happens with this virus first. Please keep in mind many providers may be feeling very pressured and nervous right now. So I highly encourage for any of you wonderful patrons out there that truly care about your companions a gratuity tip or pre-paying on a booking for another date would be very very much appreciated. We are self-employed people therefore any of the government advantages do not apply for us such a sick EI And on a side note, I have noticed and other boards and on Twitter some individuals are trying to use this as an excuse to haggle down prices. I'm very lucky fortunate that my patrons would not stoop to that low-level. Please do not do this. We are humans just trying to pay our bills and get through our lives the best we can considering our cities are shutting down. So until further notice and business-as-usual here. I will always do my best to keep hygiene my top priority in my business always. And on a completely different note, I am so surprised when uncurable throat gonorrhea was reported and syphilis outbreak in Halifax was reported that it didn't seem to stop the fluctuation of inquiries about bare services? When do you think you'll be more concerned over and incurable throat gonorrhea or syphilis than a flu??? I am just noticing the extreme irony on this one LOL😛 Good luck and Respectfully yours Sophia❤
  9. Brooking all this week, sorry guys I did not bring the sunshine home with me 😒but if you allow me to I will certainly be your sunshine😀 So as this dreary month of March continues step into my HOT SPA and get warm. From head to toe! please do visit my website for all the services and details so that you can make an informed booking https://ladysophiaclassic.ca/ Here are a few photos from a "Mexican Fiesta" album. hoping to connect with you soon! call or text 506 261 731 3
  10. Thank you for visiting my profile, I'm officially off for vacation to enjoy some fun in the sun and much-needed R&R

    Katie Country Girl will be accepting all calls for herself or if you want to pre-book with me upon my return in the first week of March

    Adios amigos🌴

  11. I will be hosting till TUESDAY then away to sexy sunny Mexico! Returning in March sun kissed and refreshed! 🍰Is your Birthday in February or March? Txt or Call 506 261 7313 with the Promo Code: BIRTHDAY BOY and Katie will reply back with 1 of 3 birthday surprises! 🍒1. Discounted rate on a spa pack 🍇2. Extended spa pack or an upgrade 🍧3. A special sweet treat to enjoy Must have proof of Birthday to qualify. ❤Katie will be answering all enquires from this phone and her own phone. If you wish to prebook with me, for after March 6th feel free to let her know when and which service. PROMO CODE will be in effect till END of MARCH.
  12. Studio 110 by Sophia

    SP texts me out of the blue...

    I have always maintained. A level of discretion in my correspondence Where my Gentleman know that I would never text out of the blue.. If I ever had to because it was a real emergency. The only thing I text is hello. I would make sure that you clear up the intentions right away. , as you never want to have miscommunications, of course, and she should also do that on her end. Maybe she is a new provider who has not yet learned the importance of discretion and clarity I can say that the idea that right now this time of year. It is a bit slower than usual. So some providers may be panicking. It is one of the drawbacks to this industry. It can be feast or famine. . Any other ladies reading this post, and are feeling the pressure. Of being slow. Don't worry. It will pick up soon.😘
  13. And the countdown begins, February 20th until March 3rd. I will be away in beautiful sunny, Mexico! 🌴 So come and give me a squeeze before I leave! While I'm on my way. Katie Country Girl will be hosting at the studio. She will be taking messages or accommodating any bookings That suits your fancy☺ For those of you who have not yet met Katie, you can find her recommendations and profile here on this site . You will know that you are in good hands when visiting with her. Upon my return I will probably take a day or two before hosting again. I promise to come back Sun Kissed and rejuvenated🌴 466035881_Imagine the Possibility, Explore with me! _HD.mp4
  14. Join Allie Zion and myself for a duo that will become nothing but legendary! Teaming up with two of the most highly sought after and reputable ladies in our industry! Allie's exotic playful personality combined with my sweet soothing manner to create an experience that will forever be your most favorite memory! Conversations will be effortless between us, with Allie's extensive global travels and my love of all fine things! Find yourself in the only place that can truly set you cloud 9, right here at Studio 110 by Sophia! 🌴 Your Romantic Escape Duo Packs🌴 🍷30/30 =begins 4 hand massage. Followed by 1 hostess in the bedroom. Value 450 🏆90 MIN EROS Pack = Soaker tub for 2, 4 hand massage followed by 1 hostess in the bedroom. Value 600 ❤ 1 hour of FULL ROMANCE, enjoy a sensual massage before we find in a lovers embrace! Value 900 🏆❤ 2 hours combining all our facilities and our talents! Value 1700 ⛔ALL NEW CLIENTS WILL NEED TO BE SCREENED AND DEPOSIT REQUIRED⛔ ✔Established and verified clients may pre book now!! **PREBOOK FOR FEBRUARY 13TH TO 15TH**
  15. let's plan your Super Bowl weekend at Studio 110 by Sophia! a unique customized Duo taking place Saturday and Sunday for pregame fun and during the game! Join Katie country girl and I and let's help you score that touchdown! 🏈 this 2-hour event begins with the usual Super Bowl snacks, nachos chicken wings ect and we will have a nice cold beer or other beverages available for you to enjoy! 🏈 as both of your hostesses are dressed scandalously clad, you can sit back and enjoy the game the way every man fantasizes about😁 🏈 when the moment is right you can choose one of us to bring you to the bedroom or you can up your game and invite both of us! 🏈 we have made this event very spending friendly with a rate averaging from 500 to 900 please pre-book this in advance so that we can have everything perfectly prepared for your arrival. New clients will require screening. Anyone that is already on my VIP list can book now. 506 261 7313 SOPHIA 506 871 8869 KATIE