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    Welcome the Oasis of pleasure. The perfect place for Gentlemen's relaxation at it's finest!
    I have dedicated all my skills to providing spa style relaxation for Men who just need some touch therapy.
    I am certified in various forms of skilled massage and yet with genuine ability for hosting.
    If you are seeking relaxation with a personal touch, then this is the place to be!
    I have several amenities to offer you to enhance your massage. Enjoy my Japanese Soaker tub after your massage. I have a traditional table that elevates you for your viewing pleasure, and as well as an ergonomically front facing chair. Stand up shower with men's grooming products to be fresh and clean before and after your massage.
    From time to time I also work with other local ladies to offer you even more choices for extended fun!

    PLEASE NOTE: Arriving clean is a great way to ensure that you will have the best massage we can offer, and if not possible please step into my shower upon arrival.
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    New Brunswick
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    I am Lady Sophia, and independent Model, Masseuse, Entertainor and Hostess.
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  1. So proud to announce that our little Collective here has become a full 3 way partnership! As they say, The Power of three, and so it shall be! Myself, Alexx Banks and Meaghan McLeod have now become full partners in this studio! Equal rates, equal shared expenses and equal decisions in how this Studio operates! We now will represent ourselves as a branded business, unified as we move forward together, we all share responsilities in all areas of our venture. With our affiliate Studio 199 by Mariska in Fredericton, we have an opportunity to provide you with a consistent and reliable service to both cities. We all look forward to taking care of all your desires for your Spa fantasy's in either Studio 110 in Moncton, or Studio 199 in Fredericton! Body 2 Body massages, slip and slide fun, Happy tantric touches and of course. naughty detours along the way ! Please feel free to Pm either of us ladies to arrange your session, visit OUR site https://www.ladysophiaclassic.com BUSINESS GENERAL NUMBER: 506 261 7313
  2. Now that the chill is in the air, you can once again request a hot stone massage to be added to your massage! This deep pentrating heat is just what you need to take the chill from your bones and set you into a deep state of relaxation! Enjoy all my spa has to offer! Massage, Jacuzzi for 2, romance and entertainment! See ladysophiaclassic.com 506 261 7313 20180917_190755.mp4
  3. Studio 110 by Sophia

    The Real Megan

    I follow her on twitter. I think she is sweet as a peach! Always upbeat and friendly. Dont miss this visit guys! She doesnt come this way often!
  4. Thank you Katherine! For your kind words! Hope we can connect soon! 😘😘

  5. I remember my beginning on this site! I had so much to learn! You see, I began here fresh from an agency style of working. At that time, I did not have a "Sophia" to help me. It's a story that I am happy to share, but still wish I had the chance to learn what I know, in a different light. Reflections can change sometimes. 8 years ago, I was learning to brand, to stand up for myself and still remain true to myself! You see, at that time I was alone in this industry. UNTIL one very remarkable woman in Ottawa reached out to me! She taught me that there are others who have self respect, who can support one another and help each other. THIS was the start my vision! To have a "Guild" of sorts. Now we call this a Collective! This adventure has allowed me to help many ladies begin new lives, even their own enterprises, and for that I feel I have succeeded! To celebrate this amazing milestone..... From Moncton to Fredericton we have special events for October 24th to the 28th. FROM THE HOURS OF 11 AM TO 1 PM : Bikini Hour 2 PM to 4 PM : Business Hour 5 PM to 8 PM : Cocktail Hour Details will be updated on my website shortly. This will better explain the details of our event.
  6. Mariska's fist visit! So happy to host her this week at Studio 110! Where sensuality collides with euphoria! 30/30 has been a my signature for several years, and now the newest eros pack! View my site for description of our services! ladysophiaclassic.com 506 261 7313
  7. Passing through Moncton ladies? But not sure of you want to spend money on hotels? I have space for rent in my comfortable home for 2 day or 1 week visits. You manage your own appts, run your own ads. Make yourself at home! Only available for touring ladies. No NB Please.  Must have credit card. 

  8. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Deleting albums?

    Ok well have to return to this thread and read carefully. Would be nice if we had a clear option in our drop box option to add and delete album. I honestly have not seen an option since we changed. I been using my staus ☺
  9. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Deleting albums?

    Hey, So I am trying to find out how to delete an Album. I cant even seem to find my albums? Lol. Is it because I am on my phone? There is no album button on my profile? Cam someone screanshoot what I am suppose to look for?
  10. Passing through Moncton ladies? But not sure of you want to spend money on hotels? I have space for rent in my comfortable home for 2 day or 1 week visits. You manage your own appts, run your own ads. Make yourself at home! Only available for touring ladies. No NB Please.  Must have credit card. 



  11. I know our Moncton Men will be thrilled to have such mature beauty like you! 


    1. Studio 199 by Mariska

      Studio 199 by Mariska

      Je t'aime mon ange ! xo 

  12. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Oh No He's Back LOL

    Nice to see you are back RG 🙂
  13. As of today, Tiffany Marie is no longer affiliated with Studio 110. I am no longer responsible for her bookings or space. It was a great year together and wish her success and happiness. With that said, the current photos that are being used by her and her new partner feature my personal spa space. I want to be clear that she is not hosting in this space. I do look forward to seeing new albums featuring her own private space soon 🙂 I now have an opening to rent space.
  14. I will be arriving Wednesday, accepting pre-booking now for 5pm to 8pm. Hosting in my beautiful home spa with yours truly Mariska! 30/30 combo is the best of both worlds! Begins with both of us giving you a loving massage. Easing all that tension you have been holding within for way too long! Relax then stimulate is the goal! THEN.... the remaining 30 min is with Mariska! One on one time for more TLC 🙂 EROS PACK is a 90 min session. Includes a Jacuzzi for 3 ( or 2 ) a duo massage then finishing with Mariska:) This is the ultimate spa pack! Of course I am offering my solo sessions as well! Please refer to my site for details on services and rates:) ladysophiaclassic.com 506 261 7313