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  1. freese

    Samy in Bells Corners?

    Always check with the Cowboy when it comes to BP adverts.
  2. freese

    Adult Breastfeeding

    I believe "Dry Nursing" is where you pretend to nurse a breast but there is no milk in the breast. You're pretty much pretending. At least that's how I understand it to be, except I've always heard it refereed to as "Baby Heading".
  3. freese

    Adult Breastfeeding

    Nope. I have tried messaging and I have had no response.
  4. freese

    Adult Breastfeeding

    Nope, I messaged too as well. No response.
  5. dammit! I have to check this more...
  6. This will teach me for not checking this group more often!
  7. Ok, So here it goes. I've got this very long standing swimsuit/spandex fetish. I've been lurking trying to find an escort that can provide this fetish. One piece swimsuits are so hot but not every lady has one as bikini's seem to be all the rage. Can anyone direct me to an escort that even has a once piece swimsuit? Thanks,
  8. I'm interested and my feet are always warm!
  9. http://ottawa.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/good-times-with-ashley-early-bird-specials-till-noon-everyday-25/22217143 Her schedule suits mine. Has anyone been to see her?
  10. Dangit, I need to check these groups more often!