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  1. Any further word on the return of "The Adele?"
  2. How does one locate this very special lady? Her website seems to be frozen, and I cannot find her on CERB. Thank you for your helpful reply
  3. Somebody out there who has the experience may enlighten us, but has this not been a very popular activity in Japan for many years post-war? I think it went under the heading of a "Snack". A distraught overworked business man may stop off in a cozy little cabana for a scotch and a cuddle before taking the train home to a (supposedly) cold wife.
  4. "High end" not that important. However, if the place looks like a crack house or has cockroaches, that is the clientelle you will attract. Neither do I want to chance getting mugged between parking lot and the door. Inside, tasteful simplicity and serenity will carry you far. All the best.
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