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    Exquisite voluptuous beauty w/ a very friendly demeanor. I am very playful & love to have fun!

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  1. Should the person not happen to know how to-I will direct verbally. Always works out.xo
  2. Hi there! I am a beautiful and voluptuous indigenous sp w/o issues. Lol - apologies- just couldn’t resist.
  3. Ashley Ann

    Ashley Ann 2018

    Thank you!
  4. Hello Gentlemen of Lyla, Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post. I am a tall, well-curved and nicely shaped voluptuous sized woman who does not have any tattoos or body piercings. My skin is pale and soft and my curves are full and firm. For your information Age:38 Height: 5'8 (5'11 in heels) Bust: 40DDD (all natural) Waist: 34 Hips:44 Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Light Brown I am looking to get re acquainted with the gentlemen friends I have made special friendships with and also open to meeting new individuals (40+ of age) who may be interested in pursuing the same and who also consider confidentiality and discretion of prime importance. I will be hosting from a location this coming July 26 & 27 in the downtown core area. 1 Hour ... 250 1.5 Hours ... 400 If you would like to get in contact with me or to set up a time for an encounter, please pm me via your Lyla account. Bye for now, Ashley Ann xo
  5. A giant mixed green salad with some humus and pita on the side too. Meatless Monday :)
  6. More essentials for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean! Sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses, another swimsuit ;) and a really nice sun hat too!
  7. Sandals. 2 pairs, same style in different colors ;).
  8. Grilled chicken breast with green string beans and tiny new potatoes. Simple and tasty. :)
  9. Best to be safe rather than sorry, but I think you may be a little bit paranoid. I am certain other ladies can relate, but I cannot tell you how many times I have had clients indicate ( including both regular and first timers) that they would not come to see me once they reached the spot, because a police cruiser was nearby lol. Don't get me wrong, no one wants to be exposed, especially via police- but sometimes cruisers just happen to be parked close by for another matter. :)
  10. Homemade salsa and guacamole w/ lime & garlic marinated steak - and maybe just a little bit of rice too. :)
  11. Had the best sleep (it's been a while) and woke up with energy instead of misery lol.
  12. Hitchcock (2012) Really interesting movie about the making of Psycho.
  13. Going to Al's Steakhouse tonight! My favorite.
  14. As I said previously in my initial post - Ottawa sun days - did not have a contact number to reach him at other than the payphone he called me from. Thanks for posting!
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