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  1. I'd say Judy is late 30s or early 40s. I like her crescent moon eyes.
  2. This is a great (even if hugely tangentializated [sue me]) thread. It can make me a better Gntlmn, for sure. I think my easy go-to example for wanting/getting consent to an act is digits play. Sticking my fingers in a nice, warm, moist place is fun. BUT it's obviously an invasion (intercourse is a more obvious discussion which is why I went with digits for more subtlety). Her fun place is obviously currently void of my digits before I would ever venture there. If a provider is happily la-di-da-ing providing a nice service to me and suddenly her happy place is being attacked by a finger (possibility of dirt, nails, Auntie visits, etc.) it's obvious, to me, that this is a serious line being crossed (I know, duh!). So adjust other examples along a graduated scale/continuum and that should help, I think. I once, long ago, licked a well-respected SP's (she's viewing this thread) asshole during DATY and she told me (I think, it was long ago and I continue to see her) that I can't do DATY if I do that. Hasn't happened since. And I actually don't really care to DATO much but I was in the vacinity, passionate, and I did it. Turning it around, I've had a few MAs suddenly stick a finger in my butt and I didn't like it but I wasn't mad. They did it to increase my release pleasure and I get that. And I also get that the service they've agreed to do is oriented towards me, and not in reverse. Anyway, like I said, great thread. Let's have mutually beneficial and consensual fun!
  3. Do they have rooms on the first floor or do you have to climb stairs?
  4. She did come back last year, around June, I guess. She wasn't in the same place but a few blocks away. I contacted her by phone and was going to go see her. But she apparently moved shortly thereafter to out of town somewhere (she told me where she was when I called her again but I didn't note it because I figured I'd still stay in touch, at least, by phone; but she got rid of her number). Email and phone doesn't work anymore so I completely lost contact with her. I'll miss her, she was good.
  5. You misunderstood, or took it too far. I meant by raising prices I would make less visits. And less visits means less $$ BY ME into the industry. Twaddling away now. And ... we were asked for our opinion.
  6. I am completely comfortable with $200/h (I don't do hh sessions) for SPs. I don't think I've ever gone over that because, to me, $200/h feels like it's still fun money. As soon as I go over that amount (because I do like to make multiple visits; MAs, too) I have to consider the "hit" too much. Over $200 would make cause me to make less visits, thus hurting the industry. BUT, you can, of course, set your own prices. Also, $200 > $0.
  7. I recently saw Emily for my 5th straight birthday visit with her. Her service is consistently top notch. And, of course, given the number of times I've seen her everything is very relaxed and comfortable between us. I love ���� with her (and have actually gotten carried away -- sorry, Em lol). Anyway, I'll repeat my previous opinions simply: She's great.
  8. Cherry from Pink Kitty is a redhead. Fairly petite and pretty, too, IMO.
  9. Cherry from Pink Kitty is fairly-complexioned. And she is a redhead if that helps.
  10. Dr. Darryl Ray has a book on the myth of sex addiction. Here's a Youtube clip
  11. Why not just ask "Who does things that can get themselves fired from an Agency or get a visit from LE?" Your motives are suspect.
  12. Quite a few of the women on this site would love to help you get thru your anxieties. In some ways I think they look forward to encounters with a man like you. One who DEEPLY appreciates their contact. But I think you should continue with Novarella since you've already developed a mutual trust. I look forward to hearing more about her approach with you.
  13. SpiralStaircase, a virtual HIGH FIVE to you!!!!! You sound like a seriously cool dude. For those who get to know you, of course.
  14. I just saw Kelly on Friday and she told me she has to go back to China to look after her dad for a year. But she is expecting to be back. So, if this is news to you, and you like her massages (if you've seen her this is likely), you might want to make sure you see her again before she goes. I think she plans to work until April 28 and then she's got to start packing things up. Normally I see her about once every 3-4 weeks but I'll be adjusting that so I get my proper fix. I'll definitely miss her.
  15. The answer to your question lies in the fact that there are still posts happening
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