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  1. It's definitely legit don't listen to the haters you can be assured a good time and an awesome atmosphere
  2. Thos review section try the escort or massage section you may have better luck
  3. By your ad you are doing outcall only it should be a given that screening will be done there shouldn't be no discussion on this
  4. I heard Ford on news last night say strip clubs closed didn't hear mp https://windsorite.ca/2020/09/ontario-putting-limits-on-alcohol-sales-at-bars-restaurants-closing-all-strip-clubs/
  5. From a very reliable source it is closed when they reopened it was not good apperantley couldn't make enough in liquor sales to pay staff not sure if they will ever reopen but here's to hoping
  6. I saw Maya on her last visit to Ottawa. Booking was easy Maya is a sweetheart no issues all the fun on menu was provided. Was Maya's first time in Ottawa and hopefully not her last she is very accommodating and looks to please you second shot was offered hope to see her again soon
  7. They will reopen that's for sure they own nearly the whole block their father was a smart cookie before he died the kids boarded it up the day before the protest for black life matters as soon as they can doors will open
  8. They are opening the 27 club today was told couple lore weeks probably for the Fax
  9. Well building is not sold nor is the bussiness from what I'm told
  10. I'm sure they did it because of the protest last week for precaution
  11. It has been for sale for over a year it is reopening but I dont ask me how i know because its confidential
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