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  1. jg24


    Haven't been but by text from the brunette she gave a tip menu
  2. jg24

    Barefax review

    Yea I knew the charge with a lady but to use bank machine is ridiculous
  3. jg24

    Barefax review

    Sounds funny they would charge to use the bank machine upstairs I do believe but makes me think someone was trying to make some extra cash I know daytime manager pretty good I'm going to ask him if that's a rule I'm betting I know the answer
  4. So saw on terb where Leah was coming to Ottawa tHis week.Had some free time today so thought I would see if she was free. To my luck she was so we made arrangements and I went o her hotel.This lady is sexy pics are definitely her read some reviews on her and they were all trueShe is a bubbly firecracker we talked and played and talked some more she is not a clock watcher at all she is a great kisser.She drove in from Kingston today so I treated her to some daty and boy is she responsive and loud I'm sure there could here her 4 doors away she returned the favour and she is amazing at bbbjShe said she wanted to ride which she did but wanted another position and asked if it was okay I said whatever you want well reverse cowgirl man can she ride infant long busting she is a sweet lady and maybe I will repeat before she leaves ThursdayIf anyone was thinking of seeing her I would say go for ithttps://www.leolist.cc/personals/fem...i_an4l-5664077
  5. jg24


    Man club 77 havent been in 20 yrs and I live 10 min away
  6. jg24

    Pigale's dancers

    Went for a few dances with Jasmine today lots of fun
  7. jg24

    Barefax review

    I was going but heard there was a big party going on so figured or would be packed any try tonight by what kirby said I made the wise choice
  8. http://mysite.myhostcenter.com/s8337b57/home.html
  9. jg24

    Pigale's dancers

    Was there also today lots new ladies and only wanted one thing
  10. jg24


    Well Rocky I'm sure the blond I saw around 1pm said she was Bianca
  11. jg24


    Hey no worries sharing is caring
  12. jg24


    There was a tall blond girl in green dress last Friday. Didn't get her name but she was a looker was going to get a dance but she was in VIP room forever didn't get a chance will go back this week see if she is still around
  13. Can anyone direct me as to where the chat went have looked everywhere