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  1. Does she have an ad somewhere? How do you know she is an SP?
  2. Thanks for recommending yourself again Brooke. lol.
  3. Has anyone seen her? Is she legit? (ad on LL)
  4. I parked a little bit away from the apartment, told her I was there, she was "on the way out" for a good 15-20 mins. Meanwhile a couple other vehicles seemed to be watching me, maybe I'm just paranoid but it was late and unusual. I bailed soon after that. Seems to be working with this one, I had talked to her at the same number earlier: http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/sexy-curvy-22-year-old-blond-with-blue-eyes/82779028
  5. used to work mackenzie. need(les) i say more.
  6. Something strange about this one, I think she's using fake pics (pics of a porn actress). hxxp://pornpicture.org/galleries/419657.html I asked her if she WAS the girl in the pron pics but she denied it. Weird.
  7. I don't hobby often but this would certainly be appreciated. :ThankYou:
  8. Hi anyone see Jen (working mans special) on BP? Is she legit?
  9. Pictures look almost too good...anyone see her and confirm? Thanks!
  10. They make all kinds of claims about their restrictions then "forget" when they show up. Pass on these ones, straight up liars.
  11. There is a couple in town now offering duo, avoid. PM me for details.
  12. looks like she's here a few more days, did anyone see her? PM me, thanks.
  13. Anyone take one for the team and visit her? I'm guessing the pics aren't really her as if you tineye/googleimage them it comes back as modelling pics.
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