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  1. I find the best thing to do is save a picture and use google lens to see if that picture shows up elsewhere. I do notice a few ads that will post in like 3 or 4 geographic locations in Canada over a week's time.
  2. Not Happy might be a bit extreme but I am curious why on a couple occasions when somebody posted what do you think of this ad, I would (reply)point out how I did a picture matching scan of her ads and it looks like it's a female named so and so on porn sites, and my response doesn't get posted. I figure that good information for guys to know
  3. Are they even there anymore? I was in the area last fall and a few weeks ago, later at night(like10-11 o'clock) and figred what the hell and took a spin down there just to check it out and both times it was empty
  4. Thank you very much for the tips. recently I been getting back in shape and once I am ready I am thinking of trying things out. I probably will use Leolist since most other sites seem like 95% scam). My question is how many of the "verified" accounts would somebody guess are actually verified because in theory somebody could steal used pictures. Also are the non verified accounts worth looking at(like what is the percentages there). When i look at some accounts it just seems like sometimes when something is to good to be true it most likely is.
  5. I saw her ad a few times myself. I was wondering if anybody has actually delt with her before and can confirm she is the girl in the pictures
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