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  1. I actually use Paypal all the time (a good portion of my income for the past 8 years is eBay sales), and it would still be safe for you to use (if you wanted to). All you'd have to do is pre-book those appointments (say two weeks in advance). When the payment hits Paypal, transfer to bank right away (takes 3-5 days). He won't be able to reverse the purchase when it gets deposited to your bank...he can only do that while it's still in Paypal or the bank transfer is still in "pending" stage.... Something for other SP's to think about if they're curious about accepting CC's without much hassle....
  2. Expensive Tastes

    NEW 055

    You are a stunning angel!
  3. Expensive Tastes

    You, Kinky Kendra are smoking hot...I'd start at the heels, and work my way up!
  4. Expensive Tastes

    God I love kinky outfits...you naughty girl
  5. Expensive Tastes

    IMG 0475

    Oh my! What do we have here? So hot Cynthia!!
  6. Expensive Tastes

    MG 2554

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Expensive Tastes

    So....what's it like being perfect???? WOW
  8. Expensive Tastes

    You are so incredibly hot, utterly gorgeous and stunning....I may have to move to your city!!!!
  9. Expensive Tastes


    Your body is fantastic...and you are a dreamgirl!!
  10. Expensive Tastes


    Hot body, Essie! Great pic!
  11. You look so tasty in this pic!!
  12. Expensive Tastes


    What an incredible booty...smoking hot
  13. Expensive Tastes


    Gorgeous in every way!
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