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  1. Say you were given 4K and had 3 days to spend it in ottawa for the hobby. What would you guys recommend doing?
  2. Hello hello, Im planning a trip to the OTown and was looking to have a personalized stripper CR experience with a few plusses... for a few hours. Any recos on ladies who are into this kind of thing?
  3. I too have been looking for this - pm me if you have any good suggestions
  4. Always wanted to playout a CR fantasy..... Any recos on ladies providing great dance lessons
  5. Hi all, I will be traveling to the Ottawa area in a few months and wanted to find out if there were any recos for providers who can also dance :) I have been wanting the opportunity to play out a CR fantasy all the way.
  6. Just having the best memories of some of the best experiences I have ever had in the O-town. Who remembers SarahMQ or Cleo? They had the best skillz in the business. Who should I contact for similar quality o-work?
  7. I've been looking at having an actioned packed weekend in Montreal in early May. I was just wondering if anybody has ever indulged in this city for a few days straight ... Any suggestions on independent ladies?
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