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  1. zorobaby


    Wasn't that pinks?
  2. zorobaby

    Brass ladies

    I've been a member at brass since they opened, I took a break and when I came back around the lineup had almost completely changed... So what I did is I sent a message to Jessica, requested a duo and had her pick the partner, and it has remained one of my favourite encounters I have ever had. I highly recommend that if you aren't sure who to see. The options are almost endless there lol
  3. zorobaby

    How to ask about services

    I've been doing this for a while now, although things have changed since when I started mind you. Your best bet is to talk to an SP or someone advertising as hybrid. If you're about to send a mass message to all the girls at brass or AT/PS or which ever spas, don't expect much of a response lol
  4. zorobaby

    Has this happened to you?

    So just to this point. The fact that you are seeing an MA doesn't mean that you aren't seeing someone that doesn't like to do this kind of stuff. As I have experienced many times, it's Very possible to see an MA and still drift to the kinkier side of the life style while keeping within MA limits. So to point out this specific part of the OP story is redundant because it's meaningless. To the OP, as has been said before, it's probably best to speak with her and clarify before potentially ruining someone's job over a misunderstanding. It sucks that you were put in that situation, but as someone else pointed out, there are in fact a few other ways to replicate that specific sensation pretty closely, therefore without the "matter of fact" knowledge of what went down, it's impossible to really say she did or didn't. I wish you the best sir, hopefully you aren't put in such a precarious position again.
  5. I've been away for a long time, but I seemingly remember someone posting before about manscaping and that some providers offered it. I remember the providers offering haircuts as well, wish they were still around. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. zorobaby


    Yeah, I'm from Ottawa. And was just seeing if there was anyone around closer to here so I didn't have to travel that distance for a bit of fun. I still go to Ottawa, but it's rare since I now live and work this far south.
  7. zorobaby

    Adverising Issues

    I don't want to make this political, but unfortunately certain parties want to do different things with the sex industry. One wants to crack down to make it "safer" which enevedably pushes it further into the shadows again and makes it way more dangerous then it has been, and the other wants to make it better, but has no idea how to. With the days of BP gone, this site seemingly dead and now LL charging out the wazoo, seems like the ladies of the industry should get together and make their own platform for advertising and have it be controlled by the people who need it the most and not by people just looking to make a quick buck off people trying to make a living.
  8. I've recently moved out to the 401, unfortunately it places me about an hour from my normal providers. I was wondering if there were recommendations for out here that weren't Cornwall or as far as Kingston. I've done a little research and haven't really had any luck. Thanks alot.
  9. zorobaby

    Alison at bliss

    Alison is a true gem. Check her recommendations. She's a true gem and am amazing girl to talk to. I'm looking forward to when I can see her again
  10. zorobaby

    highlights of the day

    Well I had my first trip state side. Wasn't eventful other then the destiny mall in Syracuse, that place is awesome lol. New 110$ shoes for 55 and a 70$ sweater for 22. I think I'm addicted to outlet shopping... Already planning on when to go again lol
  11. I'm excited to announce that in 2-3 weeks I will finally be a new rider. I've been taking about it for years, now I'm buckling down and buying a bike. I'm looking at a '05 boulevard c50t that is black with leather saddle bags. I'm so amped to get into the wind finally! If I find something else I'll be sure to update, and pics will come when I finalize the papers
  12. I bought enders game over the weekend... Amazing movie... I'm also getting set to see transformers when I come back from Watertown on Monday evening!
  13. Right now... Commando... Getting ready for an encounter with my new favourite MA! I'm thinking about buying some under armour ones though... But commando is soooooooooo... Much better lol
  14. What was the age demographic like? And ratio of males and females? I would try it as I have stated previously, but I don't want to be the only 20's guy in a room full of 50's + men and women, I may feel out of place to say
  15. zorobaby

    Twerk on me.

    What a helpful response to this guys question