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  1. I can whole heartedly say that allison is well worth it. I've spend many an afternoon relishing the opportunity to see this goddess, and I have to get back to the city soon to see her once again.
  2. I've been a member at brass since they opened, I took a break and when I came back around the lineup had almost completely changed... So what I did is I sent a message to Jessica, requested a duo and had her pick the partner, and it has remained one of my favourite encounters I have ever had. I highly recommend that if you aren't sure who to see. The options are almost endless there lol
  3. I've been doing this for a while now, although things have changed since when I started mind you. Your best bet is to talk to an SP or someone advertising as hybrid. If you're about to send a mass message to all the girls at brass or AT/PS or which ever spas, don't expect much of a response lol
  4. So just to this point. The fact that you are seeing an MA doesn't mean that you aren't seeing someone that doesn't like to do this kind of stuff. As I have experienced many times, it's Very possible to see an MA and still drift to the kinkier side of the life style while keeping within MA limits. So to point out this specific part of the OP story is redundant because it's meaningless. To the OP, as has been said before, it's probably best to speak with her and clarify before potentially ruining someone's job over a misunderstanding. It sucks that you were put in that situation, but as someone else pointed out, there are in fact a few other ways to replicate that specific sensation pretty closely, therefore without the "matter of fact" knowledge of what went down, it's impossible to really say she did or didn't. I wish you the best sir, hopefully you aren't put in such a precarious position again.
  5. I've been away for a long time, but I seemingly remember someone posting before about manscaping and that some providers offered it. I remember the providers offering haircuts as well, wish they were still around. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Yeah, I'm from Ottawa. And was just seeing if there was anyone around closer to here so I didn't have to travel that distance for a bit of fun. I still go to Ottawa, but it's rare since I now live and work this far south.
  7. I don't want to make this political, but unfortunately certain parties want to do different things with the sex industry. One wants to crack down to make it "safer" which enevedably pushes it further into the shadows again and makes it way more dangerous then it has been, and the other wants to make it better, but has no idea how to. With the days of BP gone, this site seemingly dead and now LL charging out the wazoo, seems like the ladies of the industry should get together and make their own platform for advertising and have it be controlled by the people who need it the most and not by people just looking to make a quick buck off people trying to make a living.
  8. I've recently moved out to the 401, unfortunately it places me about an hour from my normal providers. I was wondering if there were recommendations for out here that weren't Cornwall or as far as Kingston. I've done a little research and haven't really had any luck. Thanks alot.
  9. She told me that i was her very first massage, and honestly, it looks like shes been doing it for years. Absolute stunner with the body of a goddess and probably the sweetest ass I've ever seen. I was browsing this morning, looking through the adds when Selena's picture caught my eye. I noticed she was new, and was working with training duos in the evening. All it took was a few quick messages between the club and I, and the appointment was set. I got my appointment booked with Katinka and Selena, and what a memorable experience that was. They walked into the room, Kat has this glow about her, very confident and sexual, she oozed sensuality with every step. Selena walked in with the same confidence, you'd never guess that this was her first massage. Selena had this tight blue dress on, legs for days, met by an ass that would stop traffic, above that was a gorgeous body and a beautiful face with long blonde hair. We exchanged small talk, they both could tell i was nervous, i could barely speak after being graced by the presence of these gorgeous women. They made me feel at ease and comfortable right away with a big hug and some pleasantries exchanged, then it was shower time. Brass club has the best showers I've been in, lots of room for the three of us to get to know each other and explore each other to all of our hearts content. The massage was impressive, Kat was an amazing teacher, she lead for the massage, but Selena had her own vibe and her own ways, when she did her thing, it was amazing. The body slides from both of them, absolutely amazing, one down one way, then the other back up the other. Selena's touch was amazing, strong, confident, almost like she had years of experience, but again, this was her first massage. The flip is always between me and the girl(s), but it was by far better the the back massage. After we were done, and i lay there grinning like a buffoon, Selena lays beside me and Kat on the other, more small talk and laughs are had before we all get up to clean up once more. Again, no nook or cranny was missed on anyone, we all left sparkling clean and i had a huge smile on my face. Would i repeat? HELL yes! Would i see both together again? Lord help me, i need a bigger wallet. Thank you The Brass Club for assembling such a gorgeous roster or women, and allowing me the opportunity to get to know Selena on her first day. Selena, you will see me again as i promised, and i cant wait till that day comes.
  10. All i can say about this woman is WOW! I spoke to the brass club early this afternoon, after seeing their schedule posted and noticing a delectable new masseuse added to the roster. It was quick and easy to book, a few text were exchanged, i made sure that Selena and Kat were available together, and i booked a training duo. This is my second training duo, my first was at CMJ and this was better. Everything about the brass club is immaculate and new, the girls are warm and welcoming, and everything just works smoothly. They both entered the room together, and i was stunned, Kat was gorgeous, and Selena was absolutely stunning. We exchanged small talk and got comfortable with each other before its shower time. Showering with two gorgeous women, is soooooooooo much better then showering alone, every nook and crany on everyoe got scrubbed, some more then others. The massage was fantastic, Kat was a fantastic choice for a teacher. They both have a fantastic touch, I've never felt so amazing. The body slide were incredible, Kat started, Selena followed, and i fell into a state of bliss. The flip is something i like to keep to myself, but it was better then the back massage by far. Will i be back? of course i will. Will i see both? Together? Lord help me i need a bigger wallet. Katinka is for sure someone i will see again! Thank you brass club for assembling such an enticing roster of lovely women. Thank you Kat for such an amazing experience.
  11. Talking to Alison was quick and easy, spoke over pm and text to catch up after it being so long since i have been to see her. We set a time for tonight and i got excited. There is nothing quite like that anxious feeling you get in your stomach when you are on your way to see an absolutely stellar woman. I found Bliss easily, i'm familiar with the area. i walk up the stairs and knock... anticipation building with every second that passes. The glowing, radiant goddess that is Alison answers the door and immediately makes me feel at ease with a hug and a familiar greeting. She leads me to the room, very nice place, lit by candles to really set the mood and make it really sensual. The room itself had nicely placed mirrors, a comfy and new massage table, and a really warm atmosphere. The only downside to the rooms are the small showers. The massage was fantastic, there is a reason i am a repeat client of hers. She pays attention to all of the right places, teases all the right places, and generally makes you feel wanted. its a rare quality when a MA truly makes you feel wanted and appreciated. She is a class act and a great conversationalist, we chatted through the whole session and i had a great time. Will i repeat? Of course! Thanks Alison for the great session, see you again soon!
  12. Alison is a true gem. Check her recommendations. She's a true gem and am amazing girl to talk to. I'm looking forward to when I can see her again
  13. All I can say is wow... It was late, I was browsing and came across an add that peaked my interest, lone and behold, it turns out I came across a goddess. Booked my appointment at 9 and was there right on time, eagerly anticipating meeting someone new. I was met at the door by one of the most gorgeous women I have met in my life. She is not only beautiful, but she's smart, funny and knows how to keep the conversation flowing. She also has probably the best butt in the business. We started with a shower, it was something new for me to start with, but I liked it, I got to feel and explore and laugh and have a great time as she payed attention to all of me. She offers to dry off my back as I lay down, and then started one of the most sensual massages I have ever had. She has long nails, and knows how to use them that's for sure. She teased and tickled and massaged every part of me, then thw body slides, oh the body slides, started and they were just as memorable. The flip was equally amazing. Attention was payed to all of me and not just little me, but he left just as happy as I did. We had another shower, got all soapy and had some more laughs nd unfortunately my hour was up. I look forward to seeing her again, I would recommend anyone from a newbie to a seasoned veteran, if you haven't seen her, take time off work and go, she is worth it!
  14. After seeing her around for years, I finally found that our schedules marched! I called and thankfully she was available for an hour just before the end of her shift. So I hurried to angels to meet my new addiction! I was met in the room, while I stood there awkwardly half dressed, I could barely say hello as she walked in. I was totally blown away, her pictures do her no justice, she's everything you think she is and more, and it's all wrapped up in a lovely amount of sarcasm (which I love lol) The session was great, great massage and body slides, attention was payed to where it was needed and it left me so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. Then came the flip, and it was even better, her body felt amazing on mine as she gave me some mind blowing body slides. After the finish she had me lay there, and the massage continued for an extra 10 minutes, with some great and funny conversation to boot, then one of the best times I've had in the shower in a long long time. She left me wanting more! I can't wait till I have an opening and our schedules mesh once more to go back and see her. She is a true gem. Cherry, if you're reading this, thanks again! Edit: double post
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