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  1. Flipmatic

    Body basics + Sparx attendant

    I thought they liked you to contact the girl directly.
  2. I’ve been trying to get in touch with Lexi who works with body basics and sparx. I’ve tried to text her and have received nothing, for a couple weeks. I’ve triesd to text when she’s on the posted schedule but as I said, nothing. I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck getting in touch . https://www.bodybasic3000.com/theladies
  3. I'm wondering how to go about looking for MA's that provide SP services. Do you just ask the MA, or is there any way of finding out through ads?
  4. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_open_to_the_most_nas_ty_stuff-3902402 I've seen her ads for what seems like 2 years, wouldn't that kind of qualify as pretty legit?
  5. Flipmatic

    Malya LeoList

    She looks familiar from our old pals at BP, I never took the plunge as my outings are few. I'm wondering if anyone has any information about her because she looks fantastic. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-companions/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_malya_natural_blondie_incall_pretty_face_petite-3551470 Additional Comments: Sorry, please disregard, I just googled images, and she's stealing pictures from a twitch model.
  6. Flipmatic

    Devious on BP

    I'm wondering if anyone has any info on this lady going by Devious, http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/d-u-play-with-me/72622033
  7. Flipmatic

    Gatineau side

    Good evening everyone, I'm going to be on the gatineau side tomorrow around noon, and I was wondering if anyone had any reco's for any ladies ( preferred spinners, or large man-mades, if both possible, please let me know). Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  8. Flipmatic

    Steph on BP

    I haven't seen any previous ads for her though I've been a little out of the game for a bit and on mobile so I can't search images, any input is helpful . http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/steph-hull-incalls-only-613-604-6263-ready-and-horny-squ-rter/72063718
  9. Flipmatic

    Vancouver recommendations?

    I got a recommend you check the vancouver section:icon_cool:, but I also have no recommendations, sorry...
  10. Flipmatic

    Vibe East

    I legit would not have not thought of that, thank you
  11. Flipmatic

    Vibe East

    I've looked through the website, though it doesn't give me any information that I would like. What's the typical routine, etc?
  12. Flipmatic

    Vibe East

    I'm looking for information about vibe urban spa, though it's more of a generally inquiry. What does an appointment entail? Wwhat do you do, aside from a massage from a lovely lady, I know there are "rub & tug" places though I'm not bold enough to ask when I call or show up. Anyone with any information, please PM or reply here. Thanks!
  13. Flipmatic


    Thanks tips, the obvious sarcasm was lost on you I guess...
  14. Flipmatic


    How will I know who is on at Mirage???
  15. Have you tried to post in the toronto section? Maybe give a more accurate location of where you're staying?