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  1. i have been seeing Valerie exclusively now about once a month since september 2011. will continue to repeat whenever i can afford to go over to vancouver. saw her this morning; great bbbj, cowgirl, then doggie. (all this after bubble bath and having my back, and other parts, gently washed.) + a great cup of coffee. thanks Valerie, i will probably see you in june. (earlier, in my dreams) Oh yes, new location since last recommendation. much nicer than the old place.
  2. handy not to have to go to vancouver.
  3. was in vancouver on monday and had a "three-peat" with VALERIE. her location now has been nicely furnished, still a bit to go though. the service still outstanding. we did everything we did did the first two times and then carried on with some cowgirl riding and finished off with missionary. i was exhausted and completely drained by the end. one thing i haven't mentioned is that Valerie is quite pretty.
  4. my experience was a little different. my tantrica was topless but was a no touch zone as was the rest of her. massage was Grrreat. the happy ending brought about with the help of oils and breasts messaging my lower regions. i could have done without the bells and chanting throughout. i think i will repeat but for the price can get get amazing oral from Valerie in vancouver (on erslist)
  5. massage was Great. gongs, incense, and ceremonial stuff i could have done without. as promised though non FS but with the help of oils and breasts a full and complete release. a very happy ending.
  6. does anyone have any experiences with tantric massage. i just made an appoint ment for friday and not sure what to expect.
  7. does anyone have any experiences with tantric massage? i just made an appointment for friday and wondering what to expect.
  8. she has only been in this location for 2 days and still has some decorating to do, but the work bench is there along with a gas fireplace and great music. a bit out of the way. i found valerie to be as advertized and will repeat. and, yes, she loves oral and swallows. very nice lady. very nice natural 44DD's. follows direction well. found valerie on erslist, north shore. Additional Comments: ok, i said i would repeat and i did this morning. i had forgotten my vest and had a quick blo and go for a verrrry reasonable price. didn't know i had it in me.:icon_razz: Additional Comments: just noticed i had put outcalls...should be in and out.
  9. i was visiting winnpeg from B.C. and had seen her on PERB. even though i knew she wouldnt answer a pay phone i phoned anyway and left a message telling her i would be phoning from my cell with a 604 number. Daria was super accommodating. when she opened the door all i could say was "OMG, you are even prettier than your photo on line" while having a nice cold libation with her on the couch i told her that it had been over a year and was concerned if i could still get it up and then hold off for a full hour. she put the first concern to rest real quick and the second worked out really well. if i lived in winnipeg i'm afraid she would become habit forming. Great Experience for a 69 year old guy!
  10. i am a senior but a newcomer to the whole SP scene. my first time i told the lady that i had two fears...that i wouldn't be able to get it up or i would explode too soon. she told me not to worry, that she had ways to make sure i was fine. OMG did she ever. just under the hour. anyway, i WISH i could worry about MSOG. i am proud (and happy) to be able to experience the one great one. :)., (70 yrs. next month. no viagra etc.)
  11. sounds exiting, but i would probably need a several hour appointment. would be nice to try though.:icon_wink:
  12. for sure make sure toy is covered. also someone who knows what they are doing.
  13. personally, i would like to pay in rolled coins sometimes but i would be too embarassed. unrolled...not a chance. if i were an SP i would worry about 50's and 100's. a lot of phony bills out there.
  14. great thread. i have always given the donation on arrival. i have been burned only once and just won't repeat. i had one sp in vancouver that said "oh, don't worry about it, i trust you. most times just do your homrwork and you should,'t have a problem.
  15. you know you are old when you remember hearing Elvis for the first time and saying "he will never catch on". (yup, that old)
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