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  1. I tried to book, but communication is very spotty, almost non existent.
  2. Could you PM me if you have any details about her?
  3. I am like yourself and find it very hard to find woman 50+ in NB.
  4. Nice Lady. Easy to schedule. Seen her a few times. Would repeat
  5. I am in my late 40's and have a thing for older woman. Would any of you have any recommendations for older ladies with curves. I am in the moncton area but travel the province for work so location is not a deal breaker. Almost all ad's I see are for woman younger than me, and I would love nothing more than to find a lady 50 plus. Thanks
  6. Dropped of $$ to her for 5 pictures (with special request) she sent 2 pics and not what was requested. Very disappointed. I like to purchase pictures prior to a first date to see if there will be attraction
  7. I am also very curious as she has curves that i like
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